going to the TT races

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On Sunday I'll do my first ever racing on the track. A 2 km Time Trial. And a 6 km Scratch Race

I've never raced on the track before.

2km on the smooth track is a totally different prospect to 310 km on the rough and tumble of national highways.

For the TT I think it will be a standing start. And perhaps gear changing won't be allowed. So the choice of gear is all important.

Last night I put the TT bike together. For the TT I'll use aerobars and a new disc cover. The super lightweight deep rim wheel is by GSAstuto The disc cover is by wheelbuilder


How to race it?

The nearest thing to the TT is perhaps the "kilo". This is how the BBC describes it:

  • This an individual race against the clock from a standing start.
  • It is probably the most painful of all the track events.
  • The 'kilo,' as it is commonly known, requires the rider to have an explosive start, devastating speed and superhuman strength and stamina.
  • The rider must also be able to judge their pace so they do not run out of steam at a crucial point of the race.
  • But every single part of the race is crucial because the medals will be decided by a fraction of a second!
  • And there is no second chance, so you have got to nail it first time.
  • The start must be smooth but explosive - time lost coming out of the starting gate means time is lost at the other end.
  • If the rider tries to make it up too quickly they could go into oxygen debt.


I also called on Enosan for some advice:

  • find a gear that is not too heavy to start with but won't cause you to overspin
  • however, be prepared to spin at a high cadence
  • time is lost due to overgearing at the start and finish
  • the 3rd lap will probably be the hardest
  • the pacing over 5 laps is important
  • compared to track bikes, road bikes accelerate quickly. Once at full speed, the bike relies on the strength of the rider to keep it there
  • a track bike takes longer to get up to full speed. However once at full speed, it is assisted by the momentum of the fixed gear

the perfect gear?

Today I experimented to find the perfect gear. A gear that is not too heavy to start with but won't cause you to overspin. Also a gear that can be pushed all the way to the finish.

  • 50×16 is easy to start with, but once at full speed the cadence is very high at 120+ rpm
  • 50×13 gives a good "road style" cadence at around 90 rpm, but is too heavy to get a fast start
  • 50×14 or 50×15 seem like the best choice.

A strong wind today. I want to compare these two gears before the race on the sheltered keirin track.

the perfect start?

I also practiced standing starts. I came to the following conclusions:

  • right foot at 1/2 o'clock is the best starting position
  • shoes need to be strapped tight
  • out of the saddle and use the upper body to get up to speed

track racing in general?

  • it's all about power!

Friday's training: Road (35 km)


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