Yahiko track meeting

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I went to Yahiko Keirin today for my first go at racing on the track. There was a full day of racing available. I missed the morning 1 km TT and 200 m flying start TT races, which made me illegible for the overall TT points.

I checked out the course from 12:00. My first time on the track. It’s quite scary at first up on the banks but you soon get used to it.

I was surprised how much wind hits the Yahiko Keirin track. Head wind / Tail wind. With views of Mt. Yahiko behind the stadium, it must be one of the most beautiful track circuits.


I tried out a few different gear combinations while warming up. I decided on 50 × 14. All the regular track riders were really friendly and gave me lots of advice. A real nice community feeling.


First up, the 2 km TT.

Looking at the results of the morning 1 km event, it will take a speed of about 45 kmph to win it.

A standing start. 5-4-3-2-1. Go! “Ohh that’s heavy!”. Not the fastest of starts! I was advised later to sit over the back of the bike and then push your body forward to get the bike moving.

The guy setting out on the opposite side of the track was gaining time on me already in a “pursuit” kind of situation.

On the aerobars quickly. Up to full speed. The first two laps at about 47 kmph. But it’s too fast. Wise men say, only fools rush in….

I can feel myself fading. But I’m loving the sensation of me Vs me. All eyes on the two white lines. Vaguely aware of shouts of encouragement from Shinobu and Andrew and family. Thanks Sean!
Into the last lap and I’m now catching the TT rider who started on the other side of the track. Nothing like a carrot!

One last kick for the line. 2:44 was enough to get me 1st place by a few hundredths of a second.

Lessons learned:

  • I need to practice standing starts.
  • Pacing is absolutely crucial – in order to do well in the Uchinada 10 km TT I have to rehearse my race to find the right intensity to ride at.
  • I love time trialling!

Next up, the scratch race.

Again 2 km (5 laps). This is a qualifier. The first 4 go into the final. No point finishing first. But you don’t want to finish 5th either!

First a neutral lap. Then the pistol fires. Race mode. I try to hold 4th or 5th position. Using the bank a little. Avoiding being on the front. Remembering not to touch the brakes. Despite little group riding this year I feel quite comfortable.

On the last lap, the winner makes his move. I push hard enough to gap the group and roll in 2nd.

Lesson learned:

  • This is a real tactical race. Poker on a bike. But you need the speed at the end.

Next up, the scratch race final.

This time 4 km (10 laps).

I sat last man or second to last man for most of the race. It’s really easy here. But you have to watch carefully. I closed a couple of gaps as the first two or three riders tried to get away.

I believe you have to make a plan and stick to it. I wanted to hammer it from the back on the last lap.

There’s nothing like the sound of the bell of the last lap. The dogs turn into wolves. Here we go. I start to move up. Two guys hit bars (later to be disqualified) and I’m forced up the bank. Still time to go. Count the riders off 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, ….. 2 and 1 cross the line before me.

3rd over the line. Not a bad result and confident I can do better next time.

Lesson learned:

  • Track racing is fantastic for honing your bike handling skills and giving you that top end speed – there is a reason why Cavendish is as explosive as he is.
ytra6.JPG ytra7.JPG

I really enjoyed today. Gonpei san of Niigata’s JCF is really pushing to make good events and I’m really happy to have the chance to be involved.

Sunday: Track: 2 km TT (1st) / Scratch qualifier (2nd) / Scratch final (3rd)


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