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Physical strength includes the uneasiness, but restarts it little by little. I was too final and vomited... The adjustment is difficult!

This music is Prodigy - Firestarter (Live) Official Video.

Wednesday's training:
Bicycle commuting(15kmx2)

Thursday's training:
Bicycle 30×2set
Frog Kick (30+Beating10+10)x2set
Bulgarian Squat 12.5kgx(20+Shake10)x2set
Arnold Press 6kgx26,15
One Leg Calf Raise 30×2set
Back Extension 20,24
Chest Press 59kgx18,15
Lat Pull Down 38.5kgx20,45kgx15
Lo-Row 61kgx16,15

Total: 30 mins


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Influenza developed. Of 38.6 degrees ran a fever. The exercise had nothing. Everybody please be careful!


These days are rest days...

the test

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"Is a physical fitness test possible!?" I did a physical fitness test yesterday.

anteflexion in long stay:51.5cm(8evaluation/10phases)
the upper body derrick up(abdominal):25times/30sec.(7evaluation/10phases)
vertical jump:57.0cm(7evaluation/10phases)
repetition side hop:53counts/20sec.(8evaluation/10phases)
bicycle ergometer(VO2max):42ml/kg/min(3evaluation/7phases)

"The body age is top"(20 years old - 24 years old)
(I did it!)
"However, stamina is below the average"
"I recommend jogging and a bicycle"

I try a bicycle hard jyonnobi...

This music is The Chemical Brothers - The Test.

When I am not in time for a gym, I train in a house. It is a muscular pain in the house.

This music is House of Pain - Jump Around live at Kendal Calling 2011.

Friday:rest day
Saturday's training:

TRX Lunge 30×2set
TRX Abdminal 30×2set
TRX Hover 30sec.x3set
TRX Bulgarian Squat 23,25
TRX Hip Press 15,16
TRX Hamstring Runner 20,24
TRX Atomic Push-up 10,12
TRX Chest Press 20×2set
TRX Rowing 30×2set
TRX Y Deltoid 20×2set
Push-up 20×2set

Swim 40 mins(crawl)
Sunday's training:

Slow Jogging(50 mins)
Swim 35+15 mins(crawl)
Monday's training:

TRX Lunge 30×2set
TRX Abdminal 30×2set
TRX Bulgarian Squat 25×2set
TRX Hover 45sec.,35sec.,30sec.
TRX Hip Press 15,15
TRX Hamstring Runner 20,15
TRX Atomic Push-up 15,10
TRX Chest Press 30×2set
TRX Rowing 30×2set
TRX Y Deltoid 20×2set
Push-up 20×2set


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I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium after a long absence yesterday. The recent training raises load. It is done inspire by Andy! I challenge 100 kg of Leg Press next time!?

Thursday's training:

Bicycle 30×2set
Frog Kick (30+Beating10+10)x2set
Bulgarian Squat 12.5kgx(20+Shake10)x2set
One Leg Calf Raise 30×2set
Arnold Press 8kgx21,16
Leg Raise 30×2set
Back Extension 30×2set
Chest Press 59kgx23,12,10,50kgx17
Lat Pull Down 38.5kgx25,16
Lo-Row 61kgx16,15
Leg Press 82kgx21,91kgx22

Total: 50 mins

Cross Trainer 65 mins

I commuted by a bicycle after a long absence yesterday. It was overtaken a lot by a cross bike and a mountain bike. All are fast! There are weight loss and improvement of stamina and output, a lot of doing it. がんばるじょんのび in February.

Tuesday's training:
Bicycle commuting(15kmx2)
Slow Jogging(80 mins)

I was going to go to the gym on Monday, but was over. I have just slept when I arrived at the house because I was tired. So I did がんばったじょんのび on Tuesday. "Gambatte Gambatte Asobi!"

Monday: rest day

Tuesday's training:

Bicycle 30x2set
Frog Kick (30+Beating10+10)x2set
Bulgarian Squat 10kgx(20+Shake10),(20+Shake20)
Leg Raise 30,30
Back Extension with 3kg Ball 20,26
Arnold Press 6kgx26,7kgx17
Hip Joint Rotation 30x2set
Chest Press 50kgx22,12,21
Lat Pull Down 41kgx23,16,15
One Leg Calf Raise 30x2set
Leg Press 85.5kgx26,94.5kgx13

Total: 55 mins

Stair Master 80 mins(60steps/1min:159W)
Swim 15 mins(crawl)



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