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Because motivation was high, on Friday, I ran a little too much.

Friday's training:
slow jogging(115 mins)
I went to the swimming pool with families on Saturday. I drank with a friend afterwards. I ate and drank too much.

Saturday's training:
Slow Jogging(50 mins)

TRX Lunge 30×2set
TRX Abdminal 30×2set
TRX Hover 35sec.,30sec.
TRX Hip Press 15×2set
TRX Hamstring Runner 20,15
TRX Atomic Push-up 15,15
TRX Chest Press 20×2set
TRX Rowing 30×2set
TRX Y Deltoid 20×2set

Swimming pool
Swim 20 mins(crawl)
Walking 10 mins
It is a hangover. I only watched a game of professional wrestling on Sunday. The others lay down all the time.

Sunday: rest day
This music is Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullabies.

I left a swimsuit(one out),swimming cap(two out),and goggles(three out) in the sports center two days ago. It was necessary to go for taking care of. "I will just swim!" "I will do aerobic exercise incidentally!" I was going to do aerobic exercise while listening to music. I left iPod shuffle in the company this time when I went to the sports center. Three Out Change!!!

THREE_OUT_CHANGE.jpg Thursday's training:

1.slow jogging(50 mins)
Aero Bike 45 mins(90cad.:120W)
Stair Master 45 mins(60steps/1min:159W)
Swim 20 mins(crawl)


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I imitate sentence of Andy and write it in English recently. (I use the translation software...) This is because it wants to increase opportunities to speak English. AJPW World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega speaks fluent Japanese. I think that this is because it studied hard. I do my best, too. At first I must learn a lot of words. がんばるじょんのび!


Wednesday's training:

Bicycle 30×2set
Frog Kick (30+Beating10+10)x2set
Bulgarian Squat 10kgx(20+Shake10)x2set
Back Extension with 3kg Ball 20,23
Leg Raise 30,23
Hip Joint Rotation 30×2set
Arnold Press 5kgx30,6kgx22
Lat Pull Down 41kgx21,50kgx12
Chest Press 59kgx13,12
One Leg Calf Raise 20×2set
Leg Press 76.5kgx20,85.5kgx16

Total: 45 mins

Stair Master 60 mins(60step/1min:159W)

Swim 30 mins(crawl)


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I wanted to go to the gym, but was not in time. But it becomes the gym if there is "TRX" if there is even a door. I can training in a human trunk in "TRX". While being in the house, "AJ"!


Tuesday's training:

TRX Lunge 30×2set
TRX Abdminal 30×2set
TRX Hover 45sec.,30sec.x2set
TRX Hip Press 20×2set
TRX Hamstring Runner 20,15
TRX Atomic Push-up 10,12
TRX Chest Press 30×2set
TRX Rowing 30×2set
TRX Y Deltoid 20×2set

Step going up and down 75min.

It was cold and was not able to snow patrol...


Monday's training:Rest day...

Effects decrease when they continue the same training. This is because the stimulation to muscle decreases. I want to perform plural training for one muscle. Various training is seen when they go to the gym. I seem to look at the Muscle Museum.


I did it for appearance by commuter cross bike on Sunday.I was caught in the rain and was cold!


Saturday's training:

TRX Hip Hinge 30×2set
TRX Abdominal 30×2set
TRX Jumping Squat 30×2set
TRX Crunch 20×2set
Back Extension 20×2set
Leg Press 70kgx15,80kgx15
Calf Raise 70kgx20,80kgx15
Smith Machine Bench Press 26.8kgx15,31.8kgx15
Assist Chinning 15×2set
Side Raise(3secs Stop and Normal) (10+5)x2set

Cross Trainer 30mins

Sunday's training:

Middle Slow Distance (50km:2h 40+50km:2h 50)

I rest muscle on the next day of the weight training. However, I do aerobic exercise to burn fat. The favorite is the slow jogging that the burden of the knee is small. Burn Baby Burn!


Wednesday’s training:
slow jogging 85 mins

I went to the Minato-ku sports center for the first time yesterday. I did a thing called "Stair Master" for the first time. I hate to be cold, but I give motivation and try training hard because I did an entry in "Tour de Kusatsu". We can do it!


Tuesday's training:

Swing 10kgx30×2set
Bicycle 30×2set
Frog Kick (30+Beating10+10)x2set
Bulgarian Squat 8kgx20×2set
Back Extension 30,20
Chest Press 41kgx30,50kgx15×2set
Lat Pull Down 32kgx30×2set,20
Leg Raise 30,23
Seated Row 49.5kgx15,40.5kgx15

Total: 50 mins

Stair Master 30 mins



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