all you can do is pedal!

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June's rainy season has come. In July! Terrific thunderstorms through the night.

Asaren with Nishihiro san planned. At 4am it's a war zone out there!

A quick email. "Let's wait an hour."

5am. The rain has stopped. It's wet though. More puddles than a wet Wednesday in Manchester.

On the road we enjoy chatting. The skies look to be clearing. Our families are planning a day on the beach together...

Suddenly, after the first climb, 10 km into the ride, the heavens open.

Through and off. "All you can do is pedal!" Always fast in the rain. Mt. Yahiko by 6:35.

Start the climb. Into the small ring. The chain is jumping on the 23, 25. Stretched in the big gears. A week of riding in the rain has taken it's toll.

Play through the gears. 11 to 17 sprockets are okay. Stick it in the big ring. SFR time. Big ring climbing!

Push pull push pull. Enjoy the climb in light rain...

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Thunder at the top! Heavy rain on the descent. Heavy rain all the way home too.

All you can do is pedal!

It's fun though. The power station climb. 100 km on the clock. First big effort of the day. Big Gear. 70 cadence. Grind it up. 35 kmph / 180 HR up and over the top...

Saturday's training: Road (115 km, 850 m climbing)

Sunday: rest day


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