ogami dake TT (43:26)

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3rd day in a row to take on Mt. Ogami Dake. It's a tough climb. At 45 minutes in length, you have to pace your effort.

It's really hot today. But I have a tail wind for the first part of the climb.

The traffic lights in Nota. 3,2,1, Go!

Up Nakayama Pass. Like yesterday, gears to spare. Up to 170 HR at the top.

Drill it through the village. I really believe that this is where bigger riders have to take advantage. On slight gradients. Stick it in the big ring. Push, push, push.

Sakurazaka Pass. Constantly changing gears. This is were experience comes in. 180 HR over the top.

Ogami Dake. No deer today. But a big eagle in the road.

The heart rate is responding well. 180 HR on the steep sections.

Push harder than yesterday on the easier sections. Get into the big ring as much as possible.

The final concrete section. Slippery yesterday. I can get out of the saddle today. 184 HR over the top.

  • Ogami Dake TT (17.8 km, 690 m climbing, 163/183 HR, 79 cadence, 24.6 kmph, 43:26 )

This is good training for Shiori Pass Hill Climb. 2 weeks to go...

Friday's training: Road (60 km, 950 m climbing)


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