175 km on Saturday

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430 am start. Rolling R116 in the fog. Nishihiro san for company.

600 am group start in Bunsui. 4 starters. The first half is flat. Down the coast.

Hayakawa san is pushing his 53 × 12. My gear is much lighter. My cadence is much higher too. 95 to 100 rpm. Race cadence.

Part 2 - Kashiwazaki. The gateway to the mountains! Roll down the arm warmers. Dig in!

Each climb is the same.

Grind it up. An easy gear at first. High cadence. Hayakawa san on my wheel. He's pushing 350 watts. Me on the front, 10 kilos heavier. How many watts? Time for a power meter???

Drop the gears as we approach the summit each time. In the saddle. Hands on the tops. Push and pull.

Focus on the pull. 180+ HR over the top.

I've done lots of these big rides this year. They feel easy now. They've made the difference.

Fitter, lighter, stronger.

Friday: rest day

Saturday's training: Road: (175 km, 1,500 m climbing, 34.5 kmph, 136 / 186 HR, 88 cadence)

Sunday: rest day


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