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3rd meeting with my coach on Wednesday. Each time we put more pieces of the puzzle together. We started with the corners. On Wednesday we completed the sides. Next it's time to start filling in the middle...

Annual training plan:

I made an annual hours estimate of 800 hours. Based on this estimate, the weekly hours would be quite high. We decided on a new figure of 700 annual hours.

We will use the hours in the training plan as a rough guide. We will look more closely at the TSS value. The TSS is a better guide as it combines intensity and duration.

Base and Build:

The hours allocated to base weeks increase each week.  This is increasing the volume at low intensity.

The hours allocated to the build weeks are constant for each week in the cycle. The intensity will be increased for the same volume of work each week.

Target races:

We agreed my 3 A races were good targets for me based on my abilities. They are also good from a motivational standpoint. These are 3 races that I can potentially win.

The races sit well together on the calendar. There is a nice build up to A1 and A2. Between A2 and A3, it is likely that we will be trying to maintain form.

Training races:

The training races are generally suited to my target A races. Uchinada and Maze fall on "rest" weeks now, so the schedule may need some tweaking.

For races which fall close to A races, we will analyze my form at that time and think about a strategy to make the race beneficial to the upcoming A race.

Race strategy:

Tokyo~Itoigawa is likely a TT effort.

Fuji and Motegi will require more strategy. These races need to be looked at in more detail.

Winter training:

Some of my training hours will be made up of cross training. I will wear a heart rate monitor for all activities including weights. I will do a 1000 m swim TT so we can estimate an intensity level for swimming.

In January and February, we may have to scale the hours down a little based on time availability and weather.

Most of my winter training will be in Zones 1 and 2.

Rollers are good for Z1 and 2 work. If higher intensity work is required I will use the road or a stationary trainer.

Types of training to meet my targets:

For the three types of races I have selected, our main objective is to increase FTP.

Exercises are likely to include:

  • Long efforts at 80 ~ 95% FTP
  • Shorter efforts at 105 ~ 110 % FTP.

Work on shorter duration efforts may also be important, particularly for the autumn races (to bridge a gap to a group, to get back on after a fuel stop etc.)

We envisage 2 hour training sessions of specific intervals. Complimented with low intensity riding.


We are particularly interested in the "cadence Vs power Vs. heart rate" relationship.  We hope to examine this relationship to achieve maximum performance.

We earmarked the following dates for FTP testing:

February 2nd

March 2nd

August 17th

October 12th

Recording data with training peaks:

In addition to the data I am recording now, I will record weight, sleep quality, sleep hours and overall "mood".

Power meter:

I have orderd the 4iiii crank based power meter. Delivery is scheduled for February 2015.

Next meeting:

We will discuss weekly details of the training and the prep phase.


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