gunma CSC race report

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JCRC at Gunma CSC today. 80 riders. Some strong guys in the mix. Including J Pro riders and National MTB champion Takei san.

A big warm up. Raise the HR a few times. Feeling good.

By 830 on the start line it's warming up nicely.

3,2,1 Go!

Takei san is aggressive from the start. Bumper to bumper with the lead motorbike!

On the first climb he goes up it like a motorbike too! Looking back. Trying to make a selection.

The 2nd lap.

I'm off the front on the downhill. Looking for a selection of my own? Swallowed up after the hairpins.

Takei san is off the front again. The bunch has no control of him. Swinging his arms like a footballer as nobody joins him.

Into the home straight. About 10th man. And...


Two guys in front touch wheels. Down they go. Nowhere to escape. Straight over the top.

Head over heels. The helmet takes the impact. Then my lower back. A few curses. But what's the point? The risk you take and all that.

Lieing on the grass verge. Race over. Only 15 mins on the clock. It takes a while but I think, sod it, I'll ride on.

Back on the bike

I can't walk. But pedaling is easier. Can't stand out of the saddle though. Gears mashed up too.

The derrailleur is bent. Pull it back by hand. Spin easy waiting for the group to come around again.

Here it comes. Latch onto the back.

1 lap down now

It's easy on the back. Until you come out of the corners! I can't follow the accelerations.

Sit up.

I think I'll climb off. But then a slower group comes by. Jump on the back. This is more like it. Enjoy chatting about Tokyo〜Itoigawa. Sunday riding pace.

A couple of laps nice and easy.

On the home straight the spectators are getting excited. Look back. The break is coming!

Maybe. Just maybe...

In the break

Jump on. The 5 man break becomes 6. All the big hitters. Plus me. 2 laps down!

I take my pulls.

"Where did you come from?"

The pace is fast but easy on the climbs. Up the hairpin climb. I think I'll have to go full gas.

"Andy. Slow down. Tempo. Tempo." says Takei san in English.
"Gomennasai (I'm sorry)" I reply in Japanese.
"Don't worry!" comes the reply...

International racing in the Gunma mountains!

I sit on the back for the next lap. This is how a break works. They're a well oiled machine. Not too hard on the climbs. Drill the descents. A steady constant effort.

As we enter the last half hour the pace rises a little. Pain in the leg. Pain in the back. I'm done...

Sit up again

Next comes the group. I cling on at the back for a while... until the elastic snaps...

Climb off in the home straight. Off the bike I can barely walk.

Going home

Just want to get home now. Change of shoes. Jump in the car. Don't even take the gloves off.

Back in Kashiwazaki Enosan checks the bike over. Maybe I'll need a checkover tomorrow too.

Arrrrgh. Not the best race! But what can you do?

I'll be ready for Tokyo〜Itoigawa in May!


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