build week 1

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The plan this week was to do 2 hard interval sessions. Riding at 95 to 100 % FTP, which is roughly equivalent to Lactate Threshold Heart Rate.

These efforts are aimed to increase my FTP. They are specific to my target races this year. They are also similar to the effort which will be required for the Uchinada TTT at the end of this month.

The plan was Monday/Wednesday. But a power meter battery failure on Monday shifted it to Tuesday/Thursday.

Tuesday: 20 mins x 2
Thursday: 15 mins x 3

These efforts take it out of you. Between interval days is all easy riding. With an eye on a track meeting at Yahiko on Sunday, I am also looking not to overdo it.

Just an easy roller ride on Wednesday. On Friday I ignore the asaren alarm clock. 2.5 more heavenly hours in bed... A rest day on Saturday... Ready to race on Sunday...

Monday's training: Road (zone 3 × 40 mins)3h 30,
Tuesday's training: Road (intervals) 2h 30
Wednesday's training: Rollers (zone 1) 1 h
Thursday's training: Road (intervals, zone 1) 3h 30 mins
Friday's training: Road 1 h, Rollers 1 h
Saturday's training: Rest
Sunday's training: Yahiko Keirin

total: 15h


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