build week 1

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Three weeks of build before peaking for Fuji 200.

These three weeks are all about intervals.

Last week was a big volume of training. 19.5 h, 560 km.

But more important was the intensity. Interval training on 5 count'em days.

Monday: 6 mins intervals x 6 (rollers)

Tuesday: 12 + mins intervals x 4 (Komura Pass)

Wednesday: easy riding

Thursday: 8 mins intervals x 5 (R73 climb)

Friday: 6 mins intervals x 6 (rollers)

Saturday: rest day

Sunday: 7 mins intervals x 8 (coast road)

These interval sessions are all planned focused workouts.

The power should drop off gradually. Fade out slowly.

Mon to Wed I was without a power meter.

On the rollers I looked at speed. On the climbs I looked at time.

Even without power, the principle is still the same. Each effort should feel harder than the last.

On Sunday I did intervals with Yamada san.

On the flat. One rider pulls the other for 7 minutes. The other rider follows. We share a rest interval after 2 hard efforts each. The data shows the power slowly dropping off. The data also shows the benefit of a true rest period:

7 minute intervals

front (343 W, 167 HR)
follow (267 W, 158 HR)
front (338 W, 170 HR)
follow (281 W, 163 HR)

front (split 339 W, 317 W 166 HR, 172 HR)
follow ( 253 W, 153 HR)
front ( 310 W, 165 HR)
follow ( 258 W, 152 HR)

front (332 W, 164 HR)
follow (260 W, 151 HR)
front ( 313 W, 167 HR)
follow ( 267 W, 153 HR)

front ( 315 W, 161 HR)
follow ( 247 W, 149 HR)
front ( 295 W, 165 HR)
follow ( 235 W, 151 HR)

Autumn is around the corner. Fuji Speedway 200 km next month. Time is on my side to get the training and preparation just right...


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