rest week / august coach meeting

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2001, my first year as a "cyclist", a steel Kalavinka on Komura Pass

After two weeks of hard training, I'm enjoying a rest week this week. Race tomorrow:

Mon: off
Tues: 3h easy (+1 × 3 mins strava KOM)
Wed: 2h easy
Thurs: 2 h easy
Friday: off
Saturday: race
Sunday: off

A meeting with my coach yesterday. It's always nice to catch up and plan ahead. Here are the things we talked about:

Analysis of JCRC data.

I was happy with the race and was happy that I could ride off the front for the majority of the race.

Next time I will split the data for warm up, race and warm down.

There was a gradual decline in NP for each lap after I attacked the group which is to be expected:

  • 370, 370, 348, 329, 318, 318, 309, 300, 299, 293, 284 W
  • The peak 30 mins power = 338 W, peak 60 mins = 316 W

Analysis of Build 1 and 2

I did two big weeks of training:

  • Build 1: Short intervals x 3 on the 3 climbs of Saturday's race course + big volume of easy riding
  • Build 2: 5 laps of the course at race pace + big volume of easy riding

I felt tired by the Saturday of the 2nd week. I noted the HR to be lower and sluggish.

We talked about the effects of overtraining on HR:

1. Overtraining with a large volume at low intensity often results in a depression in HR.

2. Overtraining with too much high intensity and without enough recover often results in an elevated HR.

A strategy for Saturday's event

This is a fun event really, not too serious. Last year I was in a break for the first half of the race. When the 2nd move went I couldn't follow.

One idea is to sit in and ignore the breaks. Try to go on the 8th (of 10 laps).

Another idea is to just go for it early again with a couple of guys. We're all friends, so it's easy to set up different things.

I'm expecting my freshness (a rest week this week and many of the other guys will race at Maze today (the day before)) will be an advantage this time.

So I'll go out there and try to ride aggressively and enjoy the race.


I sent the power meter to Canada to be repaired. In the meantime, I will borrow a powertap wheel from Doug. I'll do the upcoming power based intervals on this wheel.

Percentage drop off is useful for the intervals.

So we can determine TSS accurately, I'll also do an FTP test and we can adjust the power zones accordingly.

The lead up to Fuji 200

I didn't look into strategy too much yet. I will start getting information together. Doug maybe able to join me for this race too.

In the ATP I will have 3 weeks of Build, 2 weeks of Peak and 1 race week.

Build weeks:

During the Build weeks, I will focus on pursuit type intervals: 7, 8, 9 and 10 minutes. x 5 or 6 sets.

I will aim to go as hard as I can on the first set and study how power drops off for subsequent sets.

I will mix up the intervals, riding on the flat and on some of the 10 minute climbs like Komura and Ishikawa Toge.

Peak weeks:

During the peak weeks, we envisage I'll do some longer durations at higher intensity. I'm also interested in simulating the race effort in terms of time on the bike to determine the necessary fueling (bottles and food) necessary.

Getting excited about my 2nd big target of the season. Thanks to my coach I'm focused and more motivated than ever before!


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