Uchinada TTT and RR 2014 race report

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This is a great event. This year I entered the team time trial and road race.

The team time trial was our main focus. We’ve been training hard for this. Training in the wind and rain. So we are happy that it’s raining on race day…

Team Time Trial

4 member teams (3 have to finish). Two laps of a 10 km circuit (20 km). Pancake flat. A few technical corners.

We do 2 laps of the course as a warm up. Get used to the circuit. Look for any danger spots. The best parts of the road to ride on.

Each group goes off at 30 second intervals. We are late starters. A few carrots up the road.

The order is Hayakawa san < Adachi san < Morikawa san < Andy.

Lap 1

3-2-1 GO!

A good start. Up to speed quickly. We are passing a few groups.

Through the first 90 degree corner.

The second 90 degree corner. I overcook it. The gear is heavy too. An effort to get back on.

On the back straight. Morikawa san is fading. I remember last year. Almost the same spot. Where I couldn’t hold Tazaki san’s wheel.

“Hold his wheel! Hold his wheel!” We keep together here. But at the end of the first lap we are a 3.

We are making good time though. The first lap is race winning pace.

Lap 2

No mistakes now then. Adachi san and Hayakawa san are strong. They take the longer pulls. My pulls are shorter. No room for ego in a TTT.

It’s raining heavy now. Lots of spray. Visibility is really poor.

The first 90 degree corner. The second 90 degree corner. Adachi. Andy. Hayakwa….. crash!

His bike slides from under him. We wait. We have to wait. We need to finish as a 3…

The clock is ticking. Is he okay? We are waiting. Waiting. Here he comes…

Adachi san takes the responsibility. A super long pull. Hayakawa san is struggling. We just need to get to the finish.

We finish 7th. About 50 seconds off the top. We probably lost 30 to 40 seconds with the crash. Next year we’ll go back and win!

Road Race

The road race was a bit of an after-thought really. The Champions Road Race is 5 laps (50 km) on the same circuit.

The start is delayed due to crashes in the race before. The race is cut to 4 laps (40 km) because of the delay.

Lap 1

3-2-1 GO!

The road is dry now. But the wind is strong. Down the home straight. It’s fast. But the size of the group makes it easy.

Crashes always happen on the first corner. I put in a little attack. Just to get me first through the corner.

On the back straight. A small group breaks clear. I watch as they get about 100 m.

I’ve always thought if 5 or 6 get away and work together, they could time trial to the finish on this course.

This could be the winning move?

Got to be in it to win it!

I jump the main group. Before I know it I’m in no-man’s land. Stuck between an escape and the pack. This is make or break time. The biggest effort of the day. I pass another guy who’s given up. Somehow I bridge the gap. Onto the back. Into the rotation.

Lap 2

The home straight. Lap 2. Time to get organized. 6 of us. Two guys in yellow from the same team. It’s a headwind here. No time for messing around. We start to rotate.

One of the yellow guys wants a free ride. His mate goes through and off. But he sits on the back. He’s watched too many TDF videos. I take Bernard Hinault’s role. I give him an earful. But he thinks he’s Greg Lemond…

It takes a Chris Horner special to get rid of him. His mate fades too.

Lap 3

By the third lap we are a 4. We are rotating smoothly. Like a well-oiled machine. The guy in blue is the weakest link. The guy in black (Trek?) is using his head – saving something? And the guy in green is really strong – the one to watch.

I think we can make it. Everyone is working. I’m even thinking how to jump them at the end…

But on the back straight they are coming. First a couple of JPT guys. Then the bunch. I look back to see Adachi san well placed near the front.

Soon enough he’s off the front. A Team Fins’ counter Attack!

Lap 4

Into the last lap. I enjoy a chance to breathe in the bunch. Exchange a few words with Trek’s David. I think I can go again…

But on the back straight there’s no way through. I’ve played my cards. On the last corner I can see Adachi san go through in 3rd spot. He’ll hold that to the line. Congratulations!

I role in at the back of the bunch. Satisfied with my ride….

Next up is Norikura Skyline Hillclimb in July. Can’t wait!


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