komura pass (10:34)

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A recovery swim yesterday. Just to get the blood flowing. Nice and easy.

Today I planned to do asaren with Nishihiro san. But Luke wakes up at 2:30 (poor boy has chicken pox). A 4 am mail. DNS.

Later a quick ride. I want to test myself. A TT on Komura Pass.

I set my best time way back in 2008

This was my vintage year. 33 years old. I raced loads. On the podium at Kusatsu. Top 10 at Yatsugatake. A few wins in smaller races. In the JBCF - my best time on Tsugaike, leading before a flat at Norikura, good placings at the tough road races of Ishikawa, Iida, Ogawa, Wajima .... Ahhhhhh

So here I stand. At the foot of the pass. 39 years old. 32 degrees. Up since half past 2...

Can I beat it? Why not!

3,2,1 Go!

The first drag is the steepest. Best this way. It brings the heart rate right up. Swing around the first hair pin. Check the computer. In the zone.

The next steep section. Look down. Gears to spare. A good sign. But gasping for air. Careful not to over cook it.

The road evens. Then steepens. Then evens again.

Into the big ring. 50 × 25. Push, push, push. 50 × 23. Time is gained here.

The last steep hairpin. Up to the finish. All out now. Give it everything...

186 HR over the line. Stop the watch. 10:34.

  • 10:34, 177/186 HR, 82 cadence, 20.6 kmph

A new PB! 7 seconds up! Magic!

I'm happy to beat 33 years old me. Moreover, I'm happy I can get the HR right up there like 6 years ago. However, Norikura is a marathon at 18+ km...

This was a really hard effort. I can feel it in my hamstrings. I'll need a thorough warm up before Norikura next Sunday. Lots of rest too, so I can get in the zone again....

Monday's training: Swim (2 km)

Tuesday's training: Road (36 km, 400 m climbing)


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