blue monkey magic

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The hottest day of the year today. I find myself on Shiori Pass. A steep 14 km climb. Exposed to the sun. Hot, hot, hot. 40 degrees plus.

My partner in crime? Adam Cobain. First time to meet in 6 years. He's back in Japan. An exciting new hotel / cycling project in Minakami, Gunma prefecture.

Adam has been in Australia for 6 years. He transformed himself from a grimpeur climber, to a crit racer and then a MTB stage racer. He's been back in Japan for a month. A month to rediscover his climbing legs.

We'll race the Shiori Pass Hillclimb on Sunday. Today is a course reccy.

We enjoy chatting on the ride up to the onsen start area.

Grab some water at the start line. The first 3 kms are easy. We take it easy.

The climb changes dramatically. A series of steep switchbacks. Adam 's terrain. Out of the saddle. Gapping me easily.

The road eases at the top. "What's your heart rate?". "183" "Me too".

I'll stay at 180~185 for the majority of the climb. This is the zone for me. On the limit. I can't really attack at this level of intensity. Respond to attacks either.

Adam shows his dancing prowess on some steep sections. But the heat is intense. He has a purple patch. "Go ahead Andy". But he can hold my wheel.

At the 10 km mark there are two short steep ramps. 17 percent. These are a hammer blow to me. Release for Adam. Off he goes....

Now it's hard to get the 80 cadence sweet spot. 50 to 60 at times. I've got a 25 on the back. Should I dust off the 27? Mmmm. Maybe give it a try this week.

A hard slog all the way to the top. I've been doing 45 min climbs of Ogami Dake to prepare for this. But this is a beast of a climb. Head feels like it's about to explode.... Goal!

Points before the race:

  • Good rest.
  • Hydration.
  • A 27 gear?
  • Draft the first 3 kms.
  • Take the outside line on steeper corners.

We enjoy chatting all the way back. So much to catch up on. See you Sunday mate!

Tuesday's training: Road (52 km, 950 m climbing)


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