Gunma CSC - JCRC 120 km race report

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Gunma CSC today. The JCRC S class race. 20 laps (120 km) of the hilly circuit. 2,700 metres of climbing.

Some strong riders in the mix. Adam making a return to road racing. Ovest’s Bandai san. Eqads’ firecracker Koyama san. Fin’s ace Adachi san. Fin’s team captain and fast man Hayakawa san.

Gorgeous weather. A nice 12:30 start time. A summer skinsuit for me. I got a message from Hayakawa san the other day:

“Will you be wearing the Fins’ jersey?” This is code for “Will you be racing with us or against us?”

My reply: “Forget the Fins’ jersey! I’ll wear the Fins’ skinsuit! Gonna put it all out!”

3 of us for Team Fins then.

Just one lap for a warm up. Raise the HR once on the climb.


3,2,1 Go!

I like this course with this kind of group. Slowly up to speed. Down the descent. Along the rolling section at the bottom. Koyama san (just like last year) attacks on the first lap. Firecracker! But it doesn’t work.

He’s restless though. Attack no. 2! This time Adam goes with him. An Eqads team mate too.

Lap 2

Into the second lap. 3 up the road. I attack on the descent. Faster through the 2 hairpins than ever before. I’m almost there. Adam’s setting the pace.

“WAIT! WAIT!” I shout. Hardly code in any language! The Eqad duo raise the pace.

I get on but the group is still lively. Soon we are swallowed up.

4,5 laps

About 4 laps in, the Eqad guys and Adam are off the front again. They are not working though. Young kids? Adam is a wiser rider. He drops back to the group. A few steady rotations bring the break back.

9,10 laps

The key move is made on the 10th (?) lap. Eqads’ Kodama san, Adam and team ace Adachi san. Ovest’s Bandai san will join them too but is suffering with a cold and throws the towel in early.

3 of them up the road.


In the group Hayakawa san says “Adachi san is in the break, let’s slow it down”. “Yeah, Adam too.”

Slow it down we do. The pace drops dramatically.

The two of us on the front. It’s like a training ride. Sat up and chatting. When others take the job on. We slot in 5th or 6th man. Keeping out of the rotations. “Controlling the group” is what they call it.

Lap 15

We get regular time checks on the steep hairpin. “1 min 50 seconds” we are told. “It’s decided then”.

A Team Fitte guy and a Nalsima guy encourage us to help. A team mate and a friend up the road. “No choice. Sorry.”

The Fitte guy and another rider lose patience and go it alone. It takes a few attempts. Eventually they make it stick.

Lap 17

The steep climb. Adachi san! He’s dropped off the back. “Those two are too strong”.

Just Adam holding the cards now.

Lap 18

Rolling along the bottom. Adam! He’s off the back too. Much to his credit he can get on to our group.

Lap 19

Chance to chat to Adam. He’s raced an amazing race. I have nothing to hold back for now.

"3 riders up the road". Too far gone.

Lap 20

The last lap. The last race of the season. Now or never!

I know where to attack. Down to the millimetre. Under the red bridge. The second ramp. The crack in the road.

The timing couldn’t be better. Haykawa san on the front. Me second man. Adam on my wheel.

Drop two gears. Out of the saddle. “Like a rocket!” I’ll joke later.

Look back. Got the gap. Hammer time!

The next rolling section. I’m faster than the group here. Hug the side of the road. Every second counts. Need to get out of site. Out of mind.

The last steep climb. I’ve got the gap. Give it everything here. Over the top. Hammer it down the back straight. The home straight.

Get in! Only me in the photo! Shame it’s for 4th!


I put everything out on that last few kilometres. Rode it like it was for the win. Enjoyed it like it was the win too!

Happy with my performance. Happy with the result. A great way to end the season.

I’m lucky to be able to ride my bike, race a bit and have the support of a wonderful family. Bring on 2015!


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