too much espresso

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A wedding party on Saturday. Rollers before breakfast. Shinobu was on the beer by 930 am!

I was the driver. A long day. Free drinks. I went a bit daft on the espresso!

So much so I couldn't sleep! Lieing in bed. Like Bez minus the maracas!

Not a wink!

On the bike at 4 am. Old red eyes is back!

October now. 90 minutes in the pitch black. No street lights on the coast. No cars either. How dark is it? So dark the wind gets lost. Just my flashing light. Reflecting on the road posts.

6 am group ride start in Nagaoka. 50 kms on the clock. I feel okay. Surprisingly.

6 riders start. Through and off. Adachi san is strong.

The pass upto the Yahiko Dairo Gate. 170 ~ 180 HR. The others make it look easy.

I'm surprised they make the turn. 100 km on the clock. 5+ km at 10 percent? At race pace? I accidentally miss the turn...

I do the easier Nozomi skyline approach. Catch them on their way back down.

Back on the coast. More through and off. I'm suffering now. On the front it's difficult to keep the pace.

Watch the heart rate rise quckly to 170. Peel off.

On the back it's difficult to recover. That's a lack of sleep for you.

I do my pulls. Say "good bye" in Kashiwazki. "REST UP!" says Hayakawa san.

Good advice!

A hard ride. I'm glad to throw the towel in early.

Home. Breakfast. Bath with the kids. Time for a few beers...

Rest day tomorrow.

Saturday's training: Rollers (1h)

Sunday's training: Road (170 km, 1,200 m climbing)


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