analysing FTP data

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I've never looked at my data too much. How long does it take me to climb that pass? Sure I look at that.

But really look at the data? Really look at it?

I uploaded my data from Saturday's FTP test to Training Peaks for my coach to take a look at. 17:24 at 360 W is as much as I looked at it. Waiting in anticipation for his feedback.

FTP value:

Ideally I would have done a 20 min TT and we would have set the 95% value as the FTP value. Due to the shorter test we dropped this to 93%.

  • FTP value = 335 W

More than the actual value, I'm interested in the comments on the test.


  • there were big variations in the power outputs at times
  • the HR was above 170 bpm for the duration (175 / 183 av/max) = my LTHR estimate of 170 HR is perhaps too low
  • the cadence vs power vs HR relationship - when I dropped my cadence from 85 to 80 at one point, my HR went down and my power increased = this is an area for further analysis & I need to reconsider my ideas of "optimum cadence" for flats (90 rpm), and climbing (80 rpm)
  • next time I should look at the meter and try to ride a steady 370W for a full 20 minutes

Basic training levels:

So 335 FTP and an esitmated 174 LTHR helps me to produce my power based training levels:

1 Active Recovery 183 W (up to 141 HR)
2 Endurance 183 W to 250 W (142 to 157 HR)
3 Tempo 250 W to 300 W (158 to 164 HR)
4 Lactate Threshold 301 to 351 W (165 to 174 HR)
5 VO2 max 352 W to 400 W (175 to 186 HR)
6 Anaerobic Capacity 402 + W
7 Neuromuscular Power

These values are the basis for my training program.

Tomorrow I will do some shorter, more intensive tests to get more data for my "power profile". Looking forward to it!

Sunday's training: Rollers (90 mins)

Monday's training: Road (45 km, 500 m climbing)


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