power profile test

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After determining my Functional Threshold Power, the next test is to determine my “Power Profile”.

What we want to determine are my “maximal power output” (W/kg) for intervals of 5 secs, 1 min and 5 mins.

This is the basic test procedure:

45 min - easy riding
3 × 1 min 110 rpm (1 min Rest Interval)
5 min (5 min RI) - FTP effort
1 min - all out
10 min - easy riding
5 min (10 min RI) - all out 30kmph~
1 min (5 min RI) - all out
1 min (5 min RI) - all out
2 × 15 sec (2 min RI) - hard sprint 25kmph ~
15 min - easy riding

Total: 2h+

Here are my field notes, recorded on the go, plus some power values from strava

weather: beautiful autumn day, autumn jersey, undervest, long finger gloves, shorts

condition: need to get to bed earlier!

time: mid afternoon

45 warm up

200 w for the latter part on the coast

110 rpm 1 min x3

15 mins easy

5 mins FTP pace - 335W target (strava 338 W)

traffic signal start
feels okay, difficult to hold the effort looking at “real time” and “30s av” watts
next time need lap power to hold a steady wattage

5 mins easy

“lap time” only from now – blind testing

1 min all out no.1 (strava 606 W)
speaker tower no.2 start, 50×11, out of the saddle for 15s, remainder in drops
up to speed
but dieing after 45s
can’t keep good form, slowing at the end
start next 1 min effort in 50 × 12

10 mins easy

5 mins all out (strava 401 W)
signal start, try to build up
before 2:30 is tough psychologically, 5 mins seems long
dry mouth
50×11 for last 2 mins, low cadence, grinding at the end, all out on the line

10 min recovery

1 min all out no.2 (strava 555 W)
speaker tower no.2 start, 50×12, slow up to speed, small time loss?
seated after 10s in the drops, into 50×11
try to pace the effort
feels steady, no kick at the end

5 mins easy

1 min all out no.3 (strava 510 W)
50×12 start, seated after 10s, 50×11
after 30s legs are dead, wind got stronger?
into 50×12 from 35s
lighter gear, higher cadence - what happens to power?

maybe no.2 was the best effort? (strava says effort no.1)

5 easy

15s all out no.1 (starva 737 W)
50×11 start, out of the saddle, on the hoods
real dirty pedalling!

2 mins easy

15 s all out no.2 (strava 650 W)
50×11, out of the saddle, on the hoods
over the front of the bike
try to use the upper body too

the 15 s intervals are the easiest of all today's tests

Extended cool down of 90 minutes at endurance pace

I uploaded the data to Strava but it will require more detailed analysis by my coach using Training Peaks.

Today's tests were a real learning experience. Performing well in tests can surely be transferred to performing well in race winning situations. I'm looking forward to building my power profile and hearing my coach's feedback.

Tuesday’s training: Power profile test (106 km)


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