holding back

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Rest week. Getting ready for an FTP test. But what a beautiful day!

This is more of a test for me. To hold back. Both the duration and the intensity.

An easy snow shoe today.

An easy spin on the trainer too. Try to get a feel for it. I've borrowed the trainer from Enosan for my upcoming FTP test.

It's a bit wobbly on the balcony (balconies are purposely not flat). Need to set it up right. Get the computer set up right too (lap power, 30s power, lap time).

I do a couple of short hard efforts at 360 W, just to get a feel for it. 50 × 21 is probably a good gear. 50 × 19 will become too heavy over 20 mins I think.

My intial plan was to start at 360W but I'm wondering whether to drop to 350W...

One thing is for sure, it's a really hard test which requires:

1. proper rest
and 2. a proper warm up.

Looking forward to it!

Wednesday's training:

Snow shoe (90 mins)
Trainer (45 mins)


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