base line meeting

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This is a rest week. Up to 10 hours or 400 TSS. All zone 1 on the rollers today.

I get angry when the HRM displays zone 2. "No way!" Rip off the strap. Reset the computer. Urrgh!

How I've changed! Thanks to the coach!

A skype meeting last night. Here are the notes:

progress made in base 2

The training done in the last 4 weeks looks very good. We have achieved our aims of increased volume, increased TSS and increased intensity:

base 1 rest week: 400 TSS, 0.58 intensity
base 2, week 1: 650 TSS, 0.59 intensity
base 2, week 2: 730 TSS, 0.62 intensity
base 2, week 3: 815 TSS, 0.61 intensity

training to be done this week (base 2, rest)

10 hours are targeted. I will reduce the intensity as well as the volume. A TSS of around 400 is desirable.

Early in the week, some lower zone 2 is okay. 2 days leading into next weekend's FTP test will be zone 1.

a strategy for the ftp test

I will perform a 2nd FTP test on Saturday 7th February.

Looking at the weather forecast, I'll probably perform the test on the stationary trainer.

Training in 2 days leading up to the test will be spinning in zone 1.

Garmin display: I will display lap power, 30 s power and time elapsed. I won't look at HR. I will base my cadence on "feel".

Warm up: I will try to duplicate the warm up I did for FTP 1 (on the road)

20 minute test: I will start at 360 watts. After 5 mins, if I feel good, I will raise this to 365/370 watts. After 15 mins, I will push harder if possible.

ftp test results

The results of the FTP test will be the first baseline for the training this season.

We envisage that we will adjust the power zones and HR zones based on this test.

I became to understand that we are not hoping to just increase the power value. The relationship between power and heart rate is important. For example, if I can produce the same FTP as in November (335 w) at a lower HR, this is progress.

It is hoped that the large volume and periodization of training will help me to achieve this.

training in base 3

The training in base three will be determined by the results of the FTP test. We will talk about this in our next meeting.

Astuto TT frame for Tokyo〜Itoigawa

I have been talking a lot with Tim at Astuto about riding a TT frame for Tokyo~Itoigawa. We are looking for a set up which will be aerodynamic but a set up / position which can be used for 8 plus hours. It will also need to be a set up which is okay for the steep climb out of Nagano.

We agreed that I should be riding this bike at least 3 weeks before the event.

the power vs. heart rate vs. cadence relationship

On the rollers, I found our estimations for HR and power zones to correlate closely. We looked at this a little closer. As we collect more data, we can start to think about an optimum cadence. We may do some specific tests for this too.

falling cadence on the road

I've had little chance to ride on the road this year but I've noticed my cadence has been low compared to usual. We talked about the importance of training at high cadence for improving pedal efficiency. This is important for trained athletes who are looking for marginal gains.

I will pay closer attention to cadence when riding on the road.

next meeting

Next week we will discuss the FTP test and the training in base 3. We will also discuss nutrition and some weight loss strategies and targets.

Thanks to the coach, I'm enjoying my training more than ever before!

Tuesday's training:

Leg loosener: Rollers (zone 1, 102 HR av, 140 W av x 1 h 42 mins, 33 TSS)


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