base 3 rest week & ftp test no.3

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After 3 weeks of progressive volume increases, this week is a rest week.

A rest week means less volume (10 h target), less intensity (zones 1 and 2) and less stress (no strength work, no speed drills).

During this week, the body recovers, repairs and comes back stronger.

The end of the week is when the body is freshest and ready for testing.

The third FTP test today.

course and conditions

The conditions couldn't be better. Blue skies. Cool not cold. A nice headwind.

Weather changes, but the course is the same. A Tenryo Sato 〜 Teradomari TT.


My plan is to hold 360W and squeeze it all out at the end.

On the Garmin I'm watching:

  • lap power
  • 30 s power
  • 3 s power
  • lap time

I added 3 s power to the display this time. Viewing the 3 sets of power data helps me to do a steadier more controlled effort.

Power data is from a Powertap hub. For comparative purposes, I have a 2nd Garmin unit recording power data from a Stages crank arm power meter.

warm up

The same standardized warm up. 30 minutes easy. Raise it a little on the power station climb. 3 short hard efforts. 10 minutes easy.

I'm ready.

ftp test

3, 2, 1 Go!

Careful not to overcook it. Lock onto 360W. Good sensations.

The wind is good. Easy to stay in the zone. Control the effort.

Last time I was stuck in the biggest 50 × 11 gear. I have gears to spare today. Glad of the headwind. I can shift more for the subtle changes in gradient. Dig a little when the power drops.

It hurts. Of course it hurts. But I'm enjoying the ride. I know this road like the back of my hand.

Just a few minutes left now. Time to burn all the matches. Throw all the logs on the fire. 400w+ all the way...

Here comes the line. 3, 2, 1 STOP!

All out. Couldn't have gone any harder.


361 W for the 20 minutes.

4 watts more than last time. The pain we go through for a few watts!

Talking with my coach before the test, we weren't expecting any performance gains yet. So the few watts are a bonus. We are hoping to see FTP improvements after the next "build" phase of training.

I've never been organized like this. Everything is mapped out. Keeping me motivated for the season ahead.

Bring it on!

Monday's training:
Road (2h 15)

Tuesday's training:
Road (30 mins)
Rollers (1 h)

Wednesday's training:
Road (30 mins)
Rollers (1 h 30)

Thursday's training:
Stepping machine (1 h)
Rollers (1 h)

Friday's training:
Road (FTP test) (3 h)


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