biggest training week

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Yesterday marks the end of Build 1, Week 3 in my annual training plan. This week was probably the hardest week of training I've ever done. I've done big volume before, but never at this intensity.

Long times in zone 3, intervals after intervals, morning, noon and night.

This week is a rest week. Next weekend I'll do an FTP test to evaluate the progress so far.

After that it's build 2 weeks 1, 2 and 3, a rest week, a peak week, and then the first race target Tokyo〜Otoigawa.

I'll give it everything!

All my training last week was bike work. A combination of road riding and rollers. 3 times a day on most days:

Monday's training:

Road 2h 45
Rollers 1h 30

Tuesday's training:

Road 2h
Rollers 1h

Wednesday's training:

Road 3h
Rollers 2h 15

Thursday's training:

Road 4h
Rollers 1h

Friday's training:

Road 1 h 10
Rollers 2h 40

Saturday's training:

Rollers 1h

Sunday's training:

Road 5 h 45

Within this time I was doing high intensity intervals of 20, 15, 10 and 8 minute duration. I was also doing mid intensity intervals, staying in zone 3 for around an hour. A lot of my night time rollers were in zone 2, watching cycling races, keeping the legs fresh for the next day.

I wanted to:

  • increase the volume (try to do the biggest total number of hours)
  • spend a big chunk of time in zone 3 (at "race pace" for my target events)
  • raise the volume of high intensity work, at or close to FTP / LTHR

Rough break down:

  • High intensity total volume: 3 h
  • Mid intensity total volume: 6 h 45
  • Low intensity total volume: 18 h

This week is a rest week. I'll do a few short rides. Low intensity. Bounce back for the weekend...


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