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Last week was my biggest training week this year. This week was a rest week.

This week I was off work and the weather was great... In the past I'd have rode my legs into the ground...

They say the rest week is when you become stronger. The muscles repair and build, the engine recharges. Ready for the next step up in training load.

2 days off. Short spins on the rollers. Zone 1. Keep the legs fresh.

Monday, Tuesday: rest

Wednesday's training:
Rollers, zone 2, 45 mins

Thursday's training:
Rollers, zone 1, 30 mins

At the end of the rest week comes the 3rd FTP test this year. After the last build phase (and the next build 2 phase) we hope to see the FTP increase.

Resting and preparing for the FTP is like getting ready to race. The focus required. The pain it involves. This in itself is good training.

Like a race, with the FTP test, you know in the first few minutes if this is your day or not.

Friday's FTP test

I try the FTP on Friday morning. I want to hold 365 Ws. Beat last time's result of 361 Ws.

But it's not my day. I can't hold a steady effort. Power is up and down. Averaging 355 W. I decide to pull the plug after 7 minutes. Best to stop now. Try again tomorrow.

I talk with my coach He agrees it is a good decision. "Somtimes it's just not your day..."

A 1 or 2 percent loss in performance. What was wrong?

Here are my ideas:

  • not enough sleep
  • chesty cough (cold or hayfever)
  • poor warm up
  • warmer conditions than expected
  • need to recalibrate the power tap at the start line

Like Graeme Obree, a good night's sleep and I'll nail it tomorrow!

Friday's training:
Road, FTP test aborted (2 h)
Rollers, zone 1, 30 mins

Saturday's FTP test

A spin on the rollers Friday night. Early to bed.

Saturday morning. A decent warm up. 400 W x 1 min x 3.
At the start line. I'm ready.

3,2,1 GO!

As always, it's important not to overcook it. Best to have something to kick out at the end.

Lock onto 365 W. It feels easy at first. But it gets harder. It always does.

A purple patch in the middle. A change in the wind. A slight descent. You love these in training. Despise them in the FTP test. The watts trickle away from you...

Averaging around 360 W now.

All is not lost. If I hold this and hammer out the last 2 minutes, I can beat last time's effort.

Count down. 4 minutes to go. 3 minutes. 2 minutes. Here we go!

50 × 11. Push. Pull. Push. Pull. 450 W? Eyes closed. Who knows? The Grinderman.

This ain't pretty. But I'm clawing it back.

361, 362, winning now!, 363 come on! everything! everything! everything! 364 W on the line...

A new PB. This year's results:

357 W > 361 W > 364 W

strava ride data

It's nice to raise the bar a few watts each time.

After the test I enjoy a group ride. The highlight is 3 climbs of Yakushi Pass. My first climbing this year. Head to head with team ace Adachi san. Max effort at the top each time.

Saturday's training:
Road, FTP test & group ride (5h 15, 300 TSS)

I'm really enjoying my training this year. Looking forward to analyzing the FTP test with the coach tomorrow!

Sunday's training:
Rollers, zone 1, 2 (2h 20)

Total: 11 h 50


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