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Another skype meeting with my coach on Monday. Usual time, 10 pm. Always so generous with time and advice.

I think we've come a long way since we first sat down and skyped last year.

Here are the notes I made:

The FTP test analysis

I did my third FTP test of the year on April 4th. The average power for the duration was 364 W (normalized power 365 W). The average HR was 169 bpm.

Here are the results of the FTP tests so far:

FTP test November 2014: 360 W (17 minutes)
FTP test February 2015: 357 W (20 minutes)
FTP test March 2015: 361 W (20 minutes)
FTP test April 2015: 365 W (20 minutes)

  • My observations

I thought I started and finished strong. Maybe there was a lull in the middle? I thought this might be related to recent efforts of holding say 150 HR (where there is an initial power surge, ease off as the HR settles, power again as the HR starts to get comfortable).

I could go hard and hold it hard at the end, perhaps thanks to the recent higher intensity training.

  • Data analysis

The power profile was similar to my on the road observations. It was around 365 at the start. It dropped to 360 in the middle until the 18 minute mark. With a big push at the end, I raised the average to 365 W.

We think if I can push that hard at the end, maybe I wasn't pushing hard enough earlier in the test. An ideal strategy would be to increase 5 watts over 5 minute periods.

  • The effect of standing

At one point I stood up. This is matched by a peak in power. However, the power drops after this. The heart rate dropped too from 171, 172 to 168. It took 2 minutes for the HR to come back to the trajectory. I also made these observations on the road. Wind and ups and downs in the road played a part. However, this also reaffirmed my feeling that when I stand (particularly during a hard effort) there is a negative effect on performance for a short period afterwards.

Modification of the zones and a new FTP

The previous FTP was 343 W. We adjusted the FTP based on the test to a new value of 347 W.

365 × 95 % = 347 W FTP

We adjusted the power zones in accordance with this:

1 Active Recovery 193 W (119HR)
2 Endu 194 - 263 W (120~145)
3 Tempo 264 - 315 W (146~164)
4 Lact T 316 - 367 W (165~183)
5 VO2 max 368 - 419 W (184+)
6 Anaerobic 420 -2000 W

Analysis of the last build phase 1

  • My observations:

I thought I increased the volume and intensity over the 3 week period. The final week was a big big week.

I think I used the rest week well to recover. I'm happy with how I performed on Saturday.

  • Data analysis:

Without looking at TSS (affected by stages data), there was a progression through the build phase:

Week 1: 13 h / 438 km

Week 2: 18 h / 530 km

Week 3: 27 h / 890 km

We looked in detail at the workouts done in Build 1, week 3.

  • Zone 3 workouts

Some workouts seemed steadier than others with a low percentage of "decoupling". Weather and the course plays a part in this. Also, tiredness on different days of the week. My general observations and "Perceived Exertion" seemed to correlate closely with the data.

  • Intervals

There was a general feeling that the intervals were not hard enough. After an interval session, I should only be good for zone 1 spinning. This is something we will target in the Build 2 phase.

Training for build 2

In the last build phase I did lots of work at mid intensity (zone 3) and intervals at higher intensity.

In the next build phase we want to make the intervals harder. Using the same "A to D" type intervals, we will increase the intensity:

  • specific workouts

•Type A: 2 × 20 mins at 90 ~ 95 % FTP (310 to 330 W), 5 mins R.I.

•Type B: 2 × 15 mins at 95 ~ 100 % FTP (330 to 347 W), 5 mins R.I.

•Type C: 4 × 10 mins at 100 ~ 105 % FTP (347 to 365 W), 5 mins R.I.

•Type D: 4 × 8 mins at FTP test pace (365 + W)

Because of the harder intensity intervals, we think more time will be necessary at low intensity for recovery.

To keep the volume up, I will do some zone 2 riding with some zone 3 intervals.

  • A simple template would be:

Day 1: Intervals (road), recovery (rollers)

Day 2: Zone 2 (some zone 3)

Day 3: Intervals (road), recovery (rollers)

Day 4: Zone 2 (some zone 3)

Day 5: Intervals (road), recovery (rollers)

Day 6 / 7: weekend ride (volume, some high intensity), weekend rest day

Gunma JCRC ED class (2h)

This is a "B" race so I will train through it. This race comes at the end of build 2, week 2. The hours will be shortened from 16.5 to 11 target hours.

  • We envisage this kind of lead in:

Thursday: last intervals

Friday: rest

Saturday: zone 2, raise to zone 3 briefly

Sunday: race

The lead up to Tokyo Itoigawa

This is the basic plan leading into my first "A" race:

Build 2, week 1 (16.5 h)

Build 2, week 2 (11h including 2h race)

Build 2, week 3 (bumper week, max hours and intensity)

Build 2, week 4, rest week

Peak (10 h, recovery, zone 3 maintenance, FTP test, long ride)

Race week (16 h, including 9 h race, zones 1 and 2)


I will do a big training week in Build 2, week 3 (similar to Build 1, week 3).

After Build 2, week 4 (rest) I will perform an FTP test on May 2nd or 3rd.

During the Peak week I will do a long ride on 4th or 5th. We envisage this will be:

•50 to 70% race distance (150 to 200 km)
•At slightly less intensity than race pace
•After the long ride > day off > zone 2 > zone 3

The need for a stationary trainer?

It is apparent that it is difficult to mimic power work on the road using rollers. Unnaturally high cadence is required to produce the desired power targets.

A stationary trainer is necessary to provide resistance.

I hope that as the weather changes I will be able to do most high intensity on the road. I envisage that I will use the rollers for zone 1 and 2 spinning for recovery and freshness.

Weight loss?

Today I am 77.2 kg. I feel I may have more muscle mass than last year. However, I want to lose some excess weight.

I will aim to get down to 75 kg for Tokyo~Itoigawa in 6 weeks time. I hope that checking my weight daily and a shift to early morning training will help me to achieve this.

I'm really happy with my athlete-coach relationship and how my performance is progressing this year. Cheers!


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