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A brief meeting with my coach on Monday. A chance to talk before Toito. We'll talk in more detail after the race.

Here are the notes I made:

May's FTP tests

I did two FTP tests on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd.

Friday's test was aborted. My feeling was that I went too hard on at the start. I thought I could go the distance holding around 370 W. I felt great for the first 5 mins or so. But I blew up and pulled the plug after 14 mins.

We looked at the data from Friday's test.
First 3 mins NP = 386
First 5 mins NP = 380
Last 2 mins NP = 330

The HR was very high from the start, around the 180 range. In previous tests I have built to around LT 170 to 175 HR before a big push at the end. This data supports my feelings that I went too hard.

Personally I feel that I was very well rested (which is why the HR was so responsive?) so I got a bit overexcited.

On the second test I tried a more conservative effort, but I feel I was tired after the hard effort the day before. It felt like a good steady effort. But the power wasn't as high as I was aiming for.

FTP value and power zones

We will adjust the FTP to:

  • 312 4iiii / 342 power tap

The power zones (4iiii) will be:

1 Active Recovery 174 W (119HR)
2 Endu 175 - 233 W (120~145)
3 Tempo 234 - 283 W (146~164)
4 Lact T 284 - 330 W (165~183)
5 VO2 max 331 - 377 W (184+)
6 Anaerobic 378 -2000 W


We talked about the lead in to this year's first big target.

Tuesday: road (I did 2.5 h in zones 1 and 2 on the aerobars)
Wednesday: easy ride
Thursday: equipment check
Friday: rest
Saturday: race

We looked at the long ride data from May 5th. There was lots of variety in this ride. We are looking forward to analyzing the TOITO data.

3 days to go!


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