peak week

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Late to write the blog again. This is more to do with resting than training! Trying to get an early night every night.

Last week was the peak week. I planned to do two big rides in preparation for Tokyo〜Itoigawa.

Monday is asaren. On the aerobars. I try to simulate the effort. 3 × 35 mins in zone 3.

I'm flying. 38 to 40 kmph regardless of wind. A big 215 TSS ride.

strava data

Monday's training:

Road (4 h)

Tuesday is the big one. I leave at 3 am. 75 km solo.

As a group we ride fast through and off.

Komura Pass comes with 140 km on the clock.

From here it's up and down all the way. I should have checked the course beforehand. I don't have enough fuel. Me without enough fuel! I'm fading, losing time on the climbs scraping it back on the descents.

At last a 7-11 after 210 km!

A master of fuel injection, I come good after that. Sore neck and shoulders for the last 10 km, the finish couldn't be timed better.

Home for lunch with 260 km on the clock.

strava data

Tuesday's training:
Road (9h 30)

Wednesday has to be a rest day. Breakfast down the beach.

rest day

Following my plan after Tuesday's big ride, an easy ride on Thursday. Can't beat an easy ride in the sun!

A new aerobike came in time for Tokyo〜Itoigawa. I'm very lucky to have the support of gs astuto.

The build begins on Thursday night.

Thursday's training:
Road(2.5 h)

Some easy riding on the aerobars on Friday.

Friday's training:
Road(2.5 h)

I take Saturday off in preparation for a big ride on the new bike on Sunday.

rest day

The build of the new bike takes a long time and I'm at Enosan's till midnight on Saturday night. No point getting up early on Sunday. Rest is the most important thing at this stage.

Just a test ride. There are lots of small things to deal with when setting up a new bike.

Sunday's training:
Road (1h)

weekly total: 19 h 45

Next week is race week. Easy riding. Lots of rest. Bring on Tokyo~Itoigawa!


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