build 2, week 4, rest week

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I've been training hard / resting hard this week. Too busy to write up last week's training. Here it is:

Last week was build 2, rest week. Friday was an FTP test so it was important to rest up for that.

A day off on Monday. I still have a sore back from the JCRC crash. The huge bruise makes it look worse than it is. Just a commute.

rest day, commute (30 mins)

On Tuesday I have time to do a longish ride. Beautiful weather (beautiful weather every day recently). A ride up the coast. Easy pace.

Tuesdays training:
Road (3 h)

Wednesday is a national holiday. Still I feel tired. I often feel tired in the rest week as I back off from training. I take another rest day.

Wednesday's training:
rest day

Thursday is the day before the FTP. A short spin in zone 1.

Thursday's training:
Road (1 h)

Friday is this week's focus, the FTP test.

I aim for 365 W. I have the power tap and the 4iiii for comparative purposes.

I'm flying at the start. 370 to 400 W. I feel like I'll hold 370 av.

But it's too hard, too early. The power drops off gradually. The strava data shows a gradual decline in power.

strava ftp 1

Ideally we should have a gradual increase or a controlled steady effort.

The high HR at around 180 shows how hard I was going from the gun.

Fighting a losing battle. I pull the plug after 15 mins.

Friday's training:

Road (3 h)

Saturday we head to Nagano for a few days. Leaving at 7am, the window for training is 4am to 6am.

A retest this early in the morning is not ideal. Minimum time to recover from yesterday's effort.

I plan a more conservative effort:

360 w for 10 mins > 365 w after 10 > full gas at the end

At first it feels easy. But I don't have the legs I had yesterday.

I'm determined to finish the test. A constant hard effort. But I can't get the power out.

strava ftp 2

Result: 353 W power tap, 322 W 4iiii

That's 10 watts lower than April's 365 W for the FTP test.

For the time being we'll reset the FTP and power zones based on this test.

I'll raise the mark next time...

Saturday's training:

Road (2 h)

Sunday is another rest day. The third this week. An onsen stay in Nagano. One thing I've learned this year is how to rest!

Sunday: rest day

weekly total: 10 h


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