build 1, week 3

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This week was build 1, week 3. Lots of hard training this week. I was in contact with my coach almost daily. Getting advice and feedback.

Monday: 90 minutes in power zone 3. Interestingly HR is in zone 2. A sign of improvement? I did the ride for fun, a mid intensity endorphine burner. Any use at this stage? Not really, my coach says. A combination of hard/easy workouts is more appropriate.

Road (2 h 15)

Tuesday: Hard training. Early morning intervals. 2 × 20 mins. 330 W for the second effort. My coach senses my FTP is increasing. Later a ride for fun in the hills.

Road (3 h 45)

Wednesday: Easy training. This should be an easy day. A commute and an easy ride over Shiba Toge. I have time on my hands though.

Hard training. I decide to bring the VO2 max intervals forward a day. Overconfidence is a bad thing!

The first interval is the unknown: as hard as you can for 3 minutes. Then hit 95% of this power for as many 3 minute intervals as you can.

I can't get the power out for subsequent efforts. Not ready I guess. The coach reaffirms this. 100TSS before the intervals even started. Too hard on the first interval too. Lessons learned.

Road (5 h)

Thursday: Hard training. Feel surprisingly good in the morning. FTP intervals. 3 × 15 mins. A solid 320 W for each effort. Really happy with those. My coach too.

Later a zone 1 ride to Teradomari for an ice cream.

Road (4 h 30)

Friday: Easy training. Including last Sunday's TTT training, I have 5 consecutive days of hard training in my legs. Small ring recovery ride today.

Road (1 h 30)

Saturday: Hard training. TTT training no. 2. We are going good. Faster than last year. Really smooth too. 4 guys on form. Quietly confident with one week to go.

Laps 6,7 and 8

90 minutes solo after the group training. Zone 1 recovery.

Road (3 h)

Sunday: Recovery ride. An hour in the small chain ring. Back home everyone is still sleeping. Quick shower. Rare chance for a post ride nap!

Road (1 h)

toal 21 h (17.5 target), 930 TSS

Next week is a rest week. I'll rest before a midweek FTP test. Then rest again before Sunday's TTT and RR.

Loving the focus in my training this year!


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