build 1 week 4 and coach meeting

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Last week was a rest week. All easy riding. The only hard riding was an FTP test on Wednesday (new PB) and the Uchinada TTT and RR on Sunday.

Monday: Road (2h)
Tuesday: Road (1h 30)
Wednesday: FTP test and commute (3h 40)
Thursday: rest day (commute 30 mins)
Friday: Road (1h)
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: Race (5h)

Total 14 h 30

On Thursday evening I had a skype meeting with my coach Here are the things we talked about.

FTP test analysis

  • av 350 W over 20 minutes

I felt that I was confident in the data as I have seen a progression during the 3 weeks of Build 1.

The power was smooth with a last effort at 400W

New FTP value

350 × 0.95 = 332 W FTP

New power zones

Zone 1 ~185 W
Zone 2 186 ~ 251 W
Zone 3 252 ~ 301 W
Zone 4 302 ~ 351 W
Zone 5 352 ~ 401 W
Zone 6 400 W +

TTT training analysis

The data looks good. On the front, I was pulling for 1 minute at around 390 W.

VO2 intervals

I will aim for 120 ~ 125 % FTP, so 390 ~ 400 W.

I have a big aerobic base, but the VO2 intervals will use different muscles.

I will aim to do a progressive build. It is important to be able to complete the exercise sets. My first target will be 390 W. I will build on this on subsequent interval training days.

Next race

My next race will be the Gunma JCRC S class (12 laps, 70 km) on July 26th.

We talked about a race strategy. We talked about how to structure the training in Build 2 for this.

Build 2 training

With Gunma in mind, I will introduce some VO2 intervals. In the 4th rest week I will perform an FTP test midweek and race on Sunday.

  • Build 2 week 1: FTP 20 mins x 2, VO2 3 mins, weekend group ride
  • Build 2 week 2: 10 mins x 4, VO2 3 mins, weekend group ride
  • Build 2 week 3: VO2 4 mins, VO2 3 mins, weekend group ride
  • Build 2 week 4: rest, FTP test, race

Right time to test the legs at Uchinada!


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