build 2 week 1

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Last week was about recovery after Uchinada (x 2 days). When I was ready I did some intervals (x 3 days). Between interval days I did recovery rides.

Monday (1 h):

Uchinada was a big effort on Sunday. A TTT and a RR. 2 years ago I did the TT as well. Killer!

I needed rest after the race. A short recovery ride on Monday.

Tuesday (2 h):

Fall asleep with the kids on Monday night. More recovery is necessary. Roll out at 5 am on Tuesday morning for 90 mins in the small chain ring. Chance to enjoy cycling.

Wednesday (1 h 30):

By Wednesday I'm ready. Some VO2 intervals in the rain:

My facebook post:

On a steady grade I did some 3 minute efforts. The first effort is at 125% FTP target (390 W). After that it's a case of hill climb interval repeats. Of course the power drops each time. When the power drops by a value of 5 % you are finished! This time the cut off line was 370 W. I managed 8 repeats (398, 390, 386, 387, 383, 377, 376, 369 W). By the last interval my legs were like wood. This was a great workout, producing a TSS (training stress score) of 150 in just 45 km riding. I'll be doing some more of these next week. Bring it on!

この間はじめてVO2MAXインタバルをしました。坂道で3分のインタバルをやりました。一本目はFTP125%(390W)をターゲットでした。その後はヒルクライムインタバルリピートをしました。もちろん毎回パワーが落ちることです。VO2MAXインタバルでは5%のパワーが落ちるんだったらアウトです!今回は370Wのラインはアウトになることでした。8本(398, 390, 386, 387, 383, 377, 376, 369 W)ができました。足がパンパンになって、とてもハードトレーニングでした(45キロで150TSS)!

My coach commented that this was a very good work out:

"Yes, it looks like a "real" workout.... I would sat the power targets were just about perfect too.... For today's intervals, it is easy to see that you go neuromuscular at the start of the intervals, then settle right into the VO2 zone...."

Thursday (4 h):

Time to recover from yesterday's intervals. A big volume of training spread over a few short rides. All at low intensity.

Friday (2 h 30):

Ready to go again. 2 × 20 min FTP intervals. The power meter is reading high. I know the perceived effort though.

Saturday (rest day):

On the bike at 4am. 10 mins in. A downpour. U turn. Shower. Back to bed. I'll do today's training tomorrow...

Sunday (4 h):

2 rides. First some more VO2 intervals (3rd interval session of the week). Second a recovery ride.

Take the kids to the beach, enjoy onsen and ice cream, not a bad life....

Total 15.5 h (700 TSS)


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