build 2 week 2

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In the build phase I think the best training is two days of intervals in the week (Tuesday and Thursday), a rest day on Saturday and a a hard group ride on Sunday. The days in between (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) are recovery days of easy riding.


I did some VO2 max intervals on Tuesday and Thursday. On the Shindou climb. 3 mins hard / 4 mins easy. The intervals stop after a 5% drop in power:

strava data

These hard efforts produce a TSS of around 150.

At this time of year the hard training has to be done at dawn, the coolest time of the 24 h cycle.

Rest day

Saturday is the rest day. Breakfast down the beach. 3 days down the beach over the weekend. Great for recovery!

Race simulation

Some race simulation on Sunday. A 6am start in Niigata. 17 riders split into 3 groups. 7 laps of the hilly Kakuda circuit. We keep together on the first 5 laps. The last 2 are "free". Time for some tactical riding. Follow some moves. Ignore others. This is prep for JCRC Gunma in 2 weeks. I want to simulate my planned effort. With a long solo attack on the last lap. I get away from the group only to be passed on a climb by the flying Fuchita san. His power is amazing. Pure muscle. I get back to him. But I know he'll kill me in the sprint. More cat and mouse. I try to jump him with a few hundred to go. But once he has my wheel it's game over. Time to lead out Niigata's very own Griepel!

240 TSS for the ride.

Great training!

Rest days

Days inbetween hard efforts are spent enjoying cycling. Mostly in the small ring. Getting ready for the following days' hard efforts.

Total 16.5 h / 885 TSS


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