build 2 week 3

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Last week was build 2, week 3.

This is the biggy. All weeks in the build phase are hard training. Importantly they should be progressively harder.

You can look at hours or kilometres. But this only tells you about volume.

I want to increase the intensity. This is measured in the weekly TSS or Training Stress Score.

Build 2 week 1 15.5 h / 700 TSS
Build 2 week 2 16.5 h / 885 TSS
Build 2 week 3 22.5 h / 1075 TSS

The increased intensity comes from intervals:

Tuesday: VO2 max 3:45 × 8
Thursday: VO2 max 3:45 × 8
Saturday: intervals 1 min hard / 1:30 〜 2:00 easy x 8

All other riding is easy. In the small chain ring. Recovery and volume.

Sado trip

We are on Sado Island from Friday to Monday. One of the most beautiful places to ride a bike. A single guy could ride all day long.

My time is limited to 4am to 630am. Structured training on Saturday plus the lower slopes of the big skyline.

A chance to enjoy the beautiful coastline on Sunday morning.

On Monday I wake up before 4 as usual. But this is the start of the rest week. 2 extra hours in bed are more beneficial at this stage.

Time to rest up. FTP test midweek. Race on Sunday...


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