mid build 2 coach meeting

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Another skype meeting with my coach last week. Looking back and looking forward. I've never been so organised. My whole year of training mapped out for me.

Here are the notes I made:

Uchinada analysis

I felt strong on the day. The recent training was very beneficial for this event.

Unfortunately the power data is not clear for the TTT. The HR increased progressively and steadily. The speed of the 4 riders was also nice and steady.

In the RR I made 2 attacks of 13 to 14 minutes. These were largely solo efforts. The HR rose to about 180 HR. The power was around 300 W for both attacks. I was targeting this power for much of the duration.

The RR was an after thought really. My performance this year has given me confidence to try one big effort in the race next year. Tony Martin style!

4iiii data

The data seems to be measuring high. We will keep an eye on this. It may be necessary to run the 4iiii in tandem with the powertap for the next FTP test.

10 minute intervals

We talked about how to perform these mid-length intervals. These are best performed on the flat.

Intensity should be at around FTP. 4 × 10 min intervals with a 5 min RI. RIs don't need to be too long as the lactate build up should not be significant (compared to VO2 max intervals)

If there is a big drop in power on the 3rd interval, it is okay to extend the RI.

To make the intervals more interesting I can add a 10~15 s surge (out of the saddle) in the middle and at the end of the third and fourth interval.

Upper HR zones

When analysing recent VO2 max intervals, it was noted that the HR was not entering zone 5 (despite a significant amount of time in power zone 5).

We looked back over the data we have collected in training peaks. For example, HR max at 190 HR. 5 mins max at 185 HR.

We lowered the HR zones and will monitor this. The HR zones are particularly relevant when calculating TSS from HR alone.

Confirmation of the training leading into Gunma CSC RR

This week is Build 2 week 2. Next week is Build 2 week 3. I'll make this a very hard week. If I feel good enough, I'll try to add an extra interval session.

In Build 2 week 4 I'll do an FTP test mid week, followed by the race on Sunday.


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