end of build / beginning of peak (coach meeting)

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A rare sunrise!

Recently it seems to be raining every day.
After a while you start to like it!

Recently my focus has been on interval training.
Who knows, maybe I've come to like that too?

This week is Peak Week 1.
Last week was Build 3. The hard training is finished.
2 weeks to Fuji Challenge 200.

This is my 2nd target of the year.
How was my recent training?
What should I do leading into the race?

I talked these things through with my coach.


The recent training

  • Build Week 1.

I did 5 x interval sessions. 2 sessions on the rollers, 2 sessions on a climb, 1 session with Yamada san. There was a very big training load this week.

19.5h / 560 km / 750 TSS

  • Build Week 2.

A bigger volume. TSS is about the same. I did two interval sessions on the flat. I did a session of 2up TT riding with Yamada san too.

22 h 41 / 595 km / 730 TSS

  • Build Week 3.

More volume again. A slight increase in TSS. I did 2 × 2 up TT sessions with Yamada san. We were both notably tired for the 2nd session. We refreshed ourselves with a mountain ride on Saturday. On Sunday, we did a 3 man ride out to Yahiko - the climb was 20 mins at around 170HR with a push at the end.

24 h 29 / 600 km / 785 TSS

With the TSS reading lower than normal, these are 3 very big weeks of training. I was starting to feel tired by the end of the 3rd week. I'm looking forward to tapering off.

The training from now

We talked about tapering. Usually athletes look for a 25% linear taper.

However, I did a bigger volume than targeted in the Annual Training Plan each week. So we are thinking of aiming for more than 25%

We also talked about the difference in tapering for well trained and less well trained athletes. Well trained athletes can back off more without a drop off in fitness. During the winter for example, I felt I maintained fitness with little intensive training.

In addition we felt the tapering before the jyonnobi marathon was not sufficient.

With these things in mind I will do a big cut back in training volume and intensity.

  • Peak Week 1 (11 h)

This will be all about rest and recovery. 11 h are targeted. All easy riding.

I will do one 2h ride in zone 3 on Saturday or Sunday. This will simulate race pace. I will include some short bursts.

I feel a solo effort or pair ride on the flat will be good for this purpose.

  • Peak Week 2 (8 h)

I will drop the volume off further (this is an exponential as opposed to linear taper). 8 h are targeted. Again I will do a 2h ride in zone 3. I'll do this one week before the event on Wednesday or Thursday.

All the hard training is done. It's time to rest up. Get myself ready. Mentally and physically. For the 2nd big goal of the season...


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