JBCF Minami Uonoma race simulation

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In two weeks the JBCF Pro Tour and Elite Tour visit Niigata. A road race around the reservoir in Minami Uonoma.

A tough climb up the dam. A rolling loop around the lake. A fast and twisting descent.

Today 9 of us reccy the course. And then race it.

I arrive early. 1 loop solo. Another easy lap as a group.

We are 5 E3 riders, 2 E2 riders and 2 E1 riders.

The E3 race is 2 full laps. The finish is at the top of the dam. So 3 climbs in total. We'll do this at race pace.


3,2,1 Go!

A short descent. A bit of flat. Straight into the climb. It's a toughy. Like a mini hill climb.

Climb no.1

Saito san (all the way from Tokyo) shows his legs. He's riding well. He gets a nice gap.

The gradient changes often. A steep start. A steep mid section. And a super steep finish.

I'm surprised to be 2nd over the top. (182 HR max)

We regroup. Roll through the upper sections. Descend quickly. Ohno san's ski tuck - pedaling sat on the crossbar - is effective. My weight advantage is useful too.

Climb no.2

Here we go again. Saito san off the front. Tazaki san follows. I share the pace with Adachi san and Ohno san. The last steep section. I feel myself easing away from them. Closing in on Tazaki san and Saito san at the top. (189 HR max)

3 together at the top. No waiting this time. A 3 man breakaway. Rotating through and off. 2 chasing behind.

At the turn we ease off a little. Regroup as a 5. (Me E3, 2 E2s, 2 E1s).

Climb no.3

In the E3 race this will be the last climb. I thought that the E3 race is too short. But at this pace it's plenty.

I go hard from the bottom. Get a gap. Halfway up I'm joined by Tazaki san. Then Saito san. As the road steepens at the top I pull clear.

Max effort. I have nothing more. Tazaki san and Saito san will do another climb - so no attacks from behind.

Feels great to be first over the top. (191 HR max)

My race simulation is done. But I join them for the rolling section on the top. Other riders are all singled out now. You don't want to be alone up here. Our advantage increases.

I put in one last big effort before the descent. "Ashikire jyonnobi!"


  • Disappointed at Yahiko last week, I was on form today. Need to be ready like this on race day.
  • Good warm up.
  • Start line position.
  • Position at the base of the climb.
  • Easy gears / high cadence for the climb.
  • Need to be in the front group over the top.
  • Worst case - second group. DON'T be alone.
  • Minimum work around the lake.
  • Move to the front on the long wide straight before the descent.
  • Half a bottle.
  • AJ!

Sunday: rest day

Monday's training: Road (60 km, 1,100 m climbing)


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