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I always ride better in the morning. Fresh out of bed. An empty stomach. 2 bottles on the bike. 2 bananas in the pockets.

5am meet with Nishihiro san. The skies are threatening. We head to Sabaishi dam. The mountains look driest for a change.

The first few pulls are hard. Slightly uphill and into a headwind. But the legs start to feel good. The gears start to feel light. The cadence is high.

With Nishihiro san on my wheel I'm motivated. Driving hard. Too hard to take a drink.

The ride to the dam is a good one. First it's the wind (always a headwind in the morning). After Takayanagi there is some shelter. But 3 steep ramps have you pushing hard...

"You're riding well" "Yeah, I don't know why!"

  • Sabaishi Dam Out: 33.4 kmph (149/174 HR)

The ride home is a treat. Downhill. Tailwind. Rain slicked roads.

The goal sprint. No cat and mouse today. I push as hard as I can to stop Nishihiro san coming around. In the saddle. Push and pull. 56 kmph.

  • Sabaishi Dam In: 39.6 kmph (145/179 HR)

Nishihiro san, thank you every time!

Later a commute let's me clock up 100 km for the day.

Thursday: rest day

Friday's training: Road (100 km, 650 m climbing)


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