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Second ride on the road this year. What a beautiful day!

Wednesday's training: football x 2 (2h 30)

Thursday's training: Road (75 km)


Broke my snow shoes at the base of Mt. Hachikoku today. Bummer!

MSR snow shoes have a lifetime warranty, but I guess I'll be without them for a while.

I hiked the trail anyway. Even without snow shoes it's good fun. I run back down, keeping the exercise levels up.

Tonight on the rollers the legs feel good. Cruising at 45 kmph...

Tuesday's training:

  • Hike and trail run (1h)
  • Rollers (45 mins)

warm up x 10 mins
45 kmph x 30 mins (45.2 kmph / 104 cadence)
warm down x 5 mins

swimming badges.jpg

As kids we'd collect swimming badges. Sewn on to your trunks in a crazy patchwork. 10 metres, then 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600. After that, diving for bricks in your pyjamas: bronze, silver and gold.

The ultimate badge was the "mile". I remember the feeling after completing a mile. My dad bought me two mars bars that night!

Nowadays I feel like I could swim all day long. An extra kilo on my usual routine today....

Monday's training: Swim x 140 laps (3.5 km)


Last time we stayed at Andrew's house we were too hungover to do our planned asaren. This time we made it. A big bowl of porridge to fuel us up Mt. Kakuda.

There is much less snow here than on the mountains in Kashiwazaki. But like all hiking routes in Japan, it's steep. Hike the steep sections. Run the easier sections. Great training, if a little dangerous.

Half way up, the snow shoes come out. A nice steep climb to the top.

An even steeper descent has me on my bum at times. Great fun.

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's training: trail run & snow shoe (2h)

rage against the machine.jpg

The stepping machine is a great cross training tool for cyclists. It works the leg muscles and those around the bottom and lower back.

60 minutes at level 20. That's over 1200m of virtual climbing.

Virtual speed on the rollers tonight. It's so cold and windy that I can't even break a sweat...

Friday's training:

  • Stepping Machine (L20 × 1h)
  • Rollers (45 mins)

35 kmph x 10 mins
41 kmph x 10 mins
44 kmph x 10 mins
46 kmph x 10 mins
warm down x 5 mins

massage pillow.jpg

“koshi ga itai” (“my lower back is aching”). You often hear this in Japan. “toshi da yo!” (“it’s your age!”) is the usual response.

Certainly as I get older, I get the odd day of back pain.

Pain in the lower back is often a result of pain elsewhere. After some strength work and some intensive roller sessions, I suspect it’s coming from my hamstrings or quads.

I often hear swimming is a good way to relieve muscle pain. Of course a hot bath. Some stretching. And finally massage of the legs and lower back.

Feel much better today…

Thursday’s training:

  • Swim x 100 laps (2.5 km)
  • Stretch / massage

These last few days we've had mixed weather. A wet start followed by some nice sunshine.

Maybe I'm getting old? Getting soft? But I just don't fancy taking the risk with a commute.

There's plenty of time for road riding when spring comes...

Wednesday's training:

Strength: lunges x 40 ea leg (3 sets)

Rollers (warm up > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 55 kmph > warm down) 52 mins


No chance to ride outdoors today

I've moved my training up a notch this week. More volume. And a bit more intensity today.

Tuesday's training:

  • Swim x 100 laps (2.5 km)
  • Rollers (warm up > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 50 > 40 > 55 kmph > warm down) 45 mins
sunnymonday.JPGFirst ride on the road today since early December. Don't quite feel at one with the bike. But that's to be expected.

A ride on the road in January is a rare treat. Just enjoy it...

Monday's training:

  1. Strength: lunges x 40 (3 sets ea. leg)
  1. Road (65 km)
  1. Rollers (warm up x 10 mins > 40 kmph x 30 mins > warm down x 5 mins) 45 mins
snowy weekend.JPG

On Friday night, the first ride on the rollers for a week. In a blizzard on the balcony. Hat and gloves time...

On Saturday morning, Mt Hachikoku with Nishihiro san. I’m happy to be feeling much better after being sick. About 90 % now. The going is tough. On our hands and knees much of the way...

Back on the rollers on Sunday morning. Then to Takayanagi for skiing and onsen…

Friday’s training:

Rollers (warm up x 10 mins > 40 kmph x 30 mins > warm down x 5 mins) 45 mins

Saturday’s training:

Mt Hachikoku snow shoe (2.5h)

Sunday’s training:

Rollers (30 > 35 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 kmph > warm down) 45 mins


No bike work this week. Aerobic swimming and football. A bit of strength work too with some squats tonight.

Tuesday's training: Swim x 100 laps (2.5km)

Wednesday's training: Football (2h)

Thursdsay's training:

  • Swim x 100 laps (2.5km)
  • 1 leg squats x 20 (5 sets ea. leg)

Body weight: 78.1 kg


I visited one of my favorite snow shoe trails on Monday. The little pass between Nota and Tanne. After a sunny Saturday and a rainy Sunday, the snow is hard.

Progress is quick and it’s a chance to cover the full route. Start at the fishing pond in Nota. Up to the top of the pass in about 45 minutes. Descend to Tanne. Fill up at the spring. Ascend back up the pass in about 50 mins. Descend back to Nota.

3 hours at this brisk pace is great training.

Sunday’s training:

Rollers (30 > 35 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 > 40 > 45 kmph > warm down) 45 mins

Monday’s training:

Snow shoe (3h)


Last Sunday I paid another visit to Fudo Falls. But something wasn't right. Difficulty breathing.

As the day went by things got worse. I was admitted to hospital with a high fever (41 C).

My heart rate and blood pressure were very low. This isn't a problem on it's own but the oxygen concentration in my blood was also too low.

X-RAY, CT Scan, blood tests. Influenza and mild pneumonia. I was hooked up to oxygen, steroids, a regular drip and nebulizer treatments.

I recovered quickly. 2 days in hospital. 3 days of total rest at home.

This morning I feel about 80%. No mountains today. The rolling terrain of Kurohime Country Club is challenge enough.

A thick cover of snow makes it hard work. Slowly does it...

Sunday's training: snow shoe (3h)

Monday ~ Friday: total rest

Saturday's training: snow shoe (3h)


Snow shoe asaren on Mt. Kurohime. The approach from the foot of Ishikawa Toge is supposedly the hardest.

My third time from this trail head today. Each time as the snow gets deeper, the climb gets tougher.

Finding the way relies on memory, instinct (the only way is up) and animal tracks (rabbits always take the easy route).

I'm on my hand and knees a lot of the time. Clawing my way up. A full body work out.

Nothing beats the feeling of reaching the summit.

Saturday's training: Mt. Kurohime snow shoe (3h)


Two early morning asaren sessions on the rollers.

In hat and gloves in a blizzard? I love it!


A snow shoe session with Mark.


The forest rindo is ideal.

Not too steep, safe and sheltered from the wind.

Thursday's training: Rollers (45 mins)

Friday's training:

  • Rollers (45 mins)
  • Snow shoe (2h)
happy new year1.JPG

Happy New Year!



Monday's training: Rollers (45 mins)

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday's training: Snow shoe (3h)



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