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Need to be back for 7am for breakfast today. On the road at 5am it's still dark.

Take care on the winding descent from the hotel. Turn left onto R51.

This is nice warm up. A steady climb to the top of the pass. A short descent and a right for the climb up Mt Myogisan.


The climb eases you in. A few steep ramps. And winding hairpins to the finish.

Try to hold 170 HR all the way. I'm short of hill climb practice. 7.5 km to the parking area at the top.

Splendid views are my reward. The mountain all to myself.


Drop down the other side. Take care as there are patches of gravel to stop cars slipping. The irony!

Start the climb of the north side from the michi no eki. The length is the same at 7.5km but it's an easy climb. Kind of like the easy side of Yahiko.

A chance to shift gears. Seeking that elusive gear and cadence combination that gives you most power. Again I'm lacking practice.


Drop back down the steep side. Over the pass. Climb back up to the hotel. In time for breakfast at 7am on the 11th floor.


Hope to get in some more climbing tomorrow morning before breakfast too.

Saturday's training:

Road: Mt Myogisan x 2 (42 km)


We've come to Gunma for the weekend. I'm always amazed how different the weather is on the other side of the mountains from Niigata. Really warm at the Safari Park today.


We're staying in the hills right at the foot of the Miyogi rock formations. Hopefully I'll be up with the sun tomorrow for a bit of hillclimbing....

Friday: rest day


A beautiful spring day. Shed some layers. Push a little harder. The gloves are off.


Thursday's training:


  • warm up x 15 mins
  • 140 - 150 HR (zones 2 and 3) x 1h 25

(57 km, 34.2 kmph, 139 / 161 HR, 81 cadence, 1236 kcal)


Some people get up at the break of day
Gotta go to work before it gets too late
Sitting in a car and driving down the road
It ain't the way it has to be

But that's what you do to earn your daily wage
That's the kind of world that we're living in today
Isn't where you wanna be
And isn't what you wanna do










Just give me one more day (one more day)
Give me another night (just another night)
I need a second chance (second chance)
This time I'll get it right (This time I'll get it right)

Wednesday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - New Order's Singles

1. "Blue Monday 1988" 40 kmph 4:09
2. "Fine Time" 45 kmph 3:10
3. "Round & Round" 48 kmph 4:00
4. "Run" 50 kmph 4:31
6. "Regret" 52 kmph 4:10
7. "Ruined in a Day" 54 kmph 3:59
8. "World" 56 kmph 3:40
9. "Spooky" 58 kmph 3:45
10. "Crystal" 50 kmph 4:21
11. "60 Miles an Hour" 52 kmph 3:50
12. "Here to Stay" 54 kmph 3:57
13. Krafty 56 kmph 3:47
15. "Waiting for the Sirens' Call" 58 kmph 3:52
16. "Turn" warm down 4:13

Total: 55 mins


Last night we had the pleasure of Neil Pryde's Mikey for company. Mikey was checking out this years TOITO course on his way to Niigata city. The plan was to ride up there this morning but unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate.

Anyway, Mikey is a really nice guy and the bikes look really nice too:

Neil Pryde bikes

I was worried that I was going to lose my "Biggest bike in Japan" title, but I beat him... just...

mevs1.JPG mevs2.JPG

Tuesday's asaren: Teradomari loop + Minami Sabaishi loop

(102 km, 31.2 kmph, 135/160 HR, 85 cadence 2276 kcal)


What's the secret to a good training plan? Dedication? Certainly. Routine? Of course.

You also need hunger. At this time of year, with so many false starts to the season, it's easy to lose that hunger.

Over the weekend, I took two days off. I could have hit the rollers but I just wasn't hungry for it. Half hearted training is a waste of time.


Back to it today, and I'm as hungry as Luke. Two goes on the steeping machine. 2 runs on the treadmill. And some night time rollers.

Saturday / Sunday: rest

Monday's training:

  • Stepping machine: level 20 × 20 mins (400 m climbing, 2250 steps, HR 120s)
  • Treadmill: 150 HR x 20 mins (4 % grade / 10.6 kmph, 135 m climbing, 3.5 km)
  • Stepping machine: level 20 × 20 mins (400 m climbing, 2250 steps, HR 140s)
  • Treadmill: 4 % grade / 10.6 kmph x 20 mins (135 m climbing, 3.5 km, HR 158)
  • Rollers: 10 mins warm up, 150 HR x 40 mins, 5 mins warm down (55 mins)

Nobody likes to start out a ride in the rain. But being caught in the rain isn't half as bad. That's rain psychology for you.


So long as you have the right wear, it's just a case of head down and push on.

Same R353 / R252 loop as yesterday.

Friday's training:

Road (65 km, 29.7 kmph)


Sometimes on the bike everything just clicks. The ride is smooth. Almost effortless. Rider and machine in perfect harmony.

harmony 2.JPG

Today was one of those days. A puncture (the third in three rides) and the howling wind didn't put me out of my stride.


The standard R353 / R 252 じょんのび loop. A bit of everything. Stiff climbs. Fast descents. Rolling terrain. Hammering it in the drops into a headwind all the way home...

Thursday's training:

Road (70 km, 29.5 kmph)


I rode my bike in Takayanagi yesterday. Today I was working in Takayanagi. No choice but to drive today. What a difference a day makes!

Like deepest winter today. March 21st is supposed to mark the start of spring. Heavy snow through the night and through the morning.

Another chance for an hour on the snow shoes. The beauty of snow shoes is that you don’t need a trail, you can just explore. Lots of climbing in the Kurohime foothills.


At night on the rollers, some speed intervals. It’s really interesting to observe how the heart rate reacts. Slow to respond at first. But after you’ve pushed hard once, the heart rate responds quickly. A second interval at 56 kmph has me kissing the aerobic ceiling at 170 HR.


Monday's training:

1. Snow shoes (1h)

2. Rollers – speed intervals

  • 40 kmph
  • 45 kmph
  • 48 kmph
  • 50 kmph
  • 52 kmph
  • 54 kmph
  • 56 kmph
  • 52 kmph
  • 48 kmph
  • 50 kmph
  • 52 kmph
  • 54 kmph
  • 56 kmph
  • 48 kmph
  • warm down

Total: 55 mins


I often think Kashiwazaki has a kind of microclimate. Mt. Yoneyama drawing in the rain and the snow. Niigata city up the coast always fairs better weatherwise.

Today I headed up the coast. Half a mind to beat Andrew to be the first up Yahiko. Looking over the sea I can see storms brewing and sure enough I meet snow at Ishiji.

Look back at Mt. Yoneyama, it's beautiful white peak surrounded by blue skies. Like a Swiss chocolate box.

Strange! The same thing happened last week at this exact point. A real sense of deja vu.


I head in land for Takayanagi. A quick stop to check out the swans. Fewer in number than last time. Is spring around the corner?

A strong headwind up R252. Time to dig in.

The problem once you pass through Takayanagi is the road gets dirtier and dirtier. Another puncture today. The price you pay I guess.


Enjoy the wind on my back all the way home. Snow storms in Niigata city apparently.....

Tuesday's training:

Road (82 km. 29.5 kmph)


Snow in the morning. Sunshine in the afternoon.

On the rollers tonight. Work on leg speed.

Why are 40s intervals so much harder than 30s intervals? 10s is a long time in the pain cave!

Monday's training:


  • warm up x 10 mins
  • tempo 140 HR x 20
  • 30s sprint intervals / 60 s easy (3 sets)
  • 40s sprint intervals / 80 s easy (3 sets)
  • 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross (3 sets)
  • warm down x 8 mins

Total: 55 mins

Max values: 170 HR, 70 kmph, 125 cadence


A real wet weekend. "The kind of rain that soaks you through". Like a wet weekend in Manchester...


We went to stay with Andrew and family in Niigata. Good food. Good booze. And great fun for the kids.


It's great to see the boys playing with their toys together. The big boys' toys will have to wait till next time...


A night, in the rain, in the dark, in the garage, Nick Cave is my midnight man....

Sunday's training: Rollers - ride to the music - Nick Cave and the bad seeds' Dig Lazarus Dig

"Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" – 4:10 (40 kmph)
"Today's Lesson" – 4:41 (45 kmph)
"Moonland" – 3:53 (48 kmph)
"Night of the Lotus Eaters" – 4:53 (50 kmph)
"Albert Goes West" – 3:32 (52 kmph)
"We Call Upon the Author" – 5:12 (55 kmph)
"Hold on to Yourself" – 5:51 (50 kmph)
"Lie Down Here (& Be My Girl)" – 4:58 (57 kmph)
"Jesus of the Moon" – 3:22 (50 kmph)
Midnight Man – 5:07 (59 kmph)
"More News From Nowhere" – 7:58 (50 kmph)
"Accidents will happen" - 5:00 (warm down)

Total: 55 mins


With a full day of rain forecast from 9am, the early bird catches the worm today.

Riding up R252 there's a strong headwind. A chance to dig in.

The walls of snow get higher. The road dirtier. Saltier.Icier. Take extra care.

Ishikawa toge, Komura Toge, Isonobe, it will be a good while before these passes open up.


Shiba toge, linking Takayanagi and Matsudai, is open 365 days a year.

Up and down through the snow sheds, the climb proper starts at the 10% sign.

Steep at first the gradient eases off. A chance to use a few different gears. My kind of climb.

2.5km to the turn for Shiba toge onsen. From here the road picks up, winding at 10% plus. Great views of Mt Kurohime.

The road levels off past the onsen before a steep ramp to the finish at 4.5 km.


I'm not going to kid myself that I've got hill climbing legs or fitness. The only way to do this is to climb, climb, climb.

2 climbs and 9km in total is a good start today.

Rain starts at the top of the second climb. Head down. In the drops. Race the rain all the way home...

Saturday's training: Road (83 km)


A gentle ride today. R252 to Takayanagi and back.

Going inland the road is gently climbing all the way. A step up from the coast road it makes you work a little. But not too much.

Coming back in the drops you can enjoy the speed. Don't push too hard though. Keep the cadence high. Keep the heart rate low.


Back home I took Luke to Satogaike for some bike handling skills. The BMX course is still covered in snow. We enjoyed zooming around the big car park instead. Uphill, downhill, kerbs, puddles. The boy has no fear!

Friday's training:

Road (47km,31.5 kmph)


Inspired by a thread on cadence on the TCC website, I decided to do some Ivan Basso style SFR training.

So what’s SFR?

  • Slow
  • Frequency
  • Revolutions

Kind of like weight lifting on the bike!

For my first hill training of the year, SFR is a good place to start. It’s not rocket science really. Just climb in the big ring.

The pass between Shindou and Kujiranami is perfect. A near constant grade of 5/6 %. About 100m elevation gain.

  • Climb1 50 × 23 (sitting)
  • Climb2 50 × 23 (standing)
  • Climb3 50 × 21 (sitting)
  • Climb4 50 × 21 (standing)
  • Climb5 50 × 19 (sitting)
  • Climb6 50 × 19 (standing)
  • Climb7 50 × 17 (sitting)
  • Climb8 50 × 17 (standing)
  • Climb9 170 HR peak
  • Climb10 170 HR peak

Ten climbs today. Each time focus on smooth pedaling. Increase the load by dropping a gear.

In the 50 × 17 gear, I’m grinding a cadence in the 40s near the top. Any less than this and form will be lost to mashing the pedals.

The last two climbs I try to peak at 170 HR at the top. In the small ring, I feel like a baseball slugger with the donut removed from his bat. I feel like I’m overspinning but look down to see a cadence in the mid 70s.

The lack of top end training is always evident at this time of year as the heart rate is reluctant to rise above the mid 160s mark.

Finish today’s session on the rollers. Peel off a few layers and enjoy the music.

Thursday’s training:

1. Road – hill climb repeats

2. Rollers – ride to the music – LCD Soundsytsem’s sound of silver

1. "Get Innocuous!" 40 kmph 7:11
2. "Time to Get Away" 45 kmph 4:11
3. "North American Scum" 48 kmph 5:25
4. "Someone Great" 50 kmph 6:25
5. "All My Friends" 52 kmph 7:37
6. "Us v Them" 54 kmph 8:29
7. "Watch the Tapes" 50 kmph 3:55
8. "Sound of Silver" 50 kmph 7:07
9. "New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down" Warm down 5:35

Total: 2h 35


The heavy snow last night made way for a warm sunny day today. Perfect snow shoeing conditions.


I took in some of the foothills around Mt. Kurohime. No route planned. Just up and up and along the ridge. Snow shoes can take you anywhere.


Only an hour to spare today but I could spend all day exploring the wilderness on our doorstep...

Wednesday's training:

1. Snow shoe (1h)

2. Rollers - ride to the music - Delphic's Acolyte

1. "Clarion Call" 2:56 warm up
2. "Doubt" 4:06 warm up
3. "This Momentary" 4:35 150 HR
4. "Red Lights" 6:11 160 HR
5. "Acolyte" 8:51 150 HR
6. "Halcyon" 4:43 160 HR
7. "Submission" 5:33 150 HR
8. Counterpoint 6:18 160 HR
9. "Ephemera" 1:56 150 HR
10. "Remain" 6:33 160 HR
11. "Red Lights" 6:11 warm down

Total: 55 mins


There was a nice dump of fresh snow in Niigata today. A chance to have one more go on the snow shoes.

Mt. Hachikoku again. I got a lucky break with the weather at the foot of the climb. Blue skies and sunshine.


The fresh snow feels great under foot. A nice brisk pace.


Through the forest, the only way is up.


In the clouds at the top. And a blizzard on the way down...


Tonight I skipped the rollers in favor of some bike maintanence at CS Enosan. A trued wheel. A fixed tubular tyre. Fine tuning of the gears. And a new team jersey. エノサンいつもありがとうじょんのび!

Tuesday's training:

1. Snow shoe (1 h 20 mins)


Luke and Mark, you give me everything I need....

With mixed weather last week, I was lucky to get in 5 rides and over 500km of riding into my legs.

Snow is forecast for the next few days before (hopefully) the weather picks up again.

“Season in” is what everyone is waiting for in Niigata. Until that time I’ll just keep things ticking over. Strength training and rollers today.

Monday’s training:

1. Gym

•stepping machine level 10 × 20 mins

•leg press 141 kg x 30, x 27, x 20
*lunges (BB) L/R 65 kg x 10 (3 sets)
*shoulder press (DB) 10 kg x 10 (3 sets)
*biceps curl (DB) 10 kg x 10 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

Total: 50 mins

2.Rollers - ride to the music - Underworld's Barking

1. "Bird 1" Warm up 6:51
2. "Always Loved a Film" 50 kmph 6:52
3. Scribble 52 kmph 6:58
4. "Hamburg Hotel" 54 kmph 5:18
5. "Grace" 56 kmph 5:11
6. "Between Stars" 58 kmph6:06
7. "Diamond Jigsaw" 59 kmph 5:36
8. "Moon in Water" warm down 5:42
9. "Louisiana" warm down 5:05

Total: 48 mins


I was heading up the coast this morning to meet Andrew for a loop of Yahiko.

Andrew reported snow showers so I headed inland in search of blue skies.


The rolling hills around Nishiyama. The swans are still here, so not spring yet...


All the way to Matsudai. A bit of climbing to test the new carbon wheel.

The wheel feels good but a puncture on a brand new tubular tyre is bad luck.

Still a great ride under beautiful blue skies.

Sunday's training:

Road: 111 km, (29 kmph)


As a parent with two young kids, you can never have a "rest day". Not that I'd ever complain. Our weekends are always action packed.


Up at dawn. Breakfast. Nappies. Clothes. No.1 Coffee shop.

Hop on a train to Nagaoka. Senshu shopping mall. Lunch. TekuTeku kids play hall. Super Sento.


Home. Dinner. Beer. Cards. Sort out tomorrows kit. Photos on the blog. Time for bed....

Saturday: rest day


Fourth day on the coast this week. That's 400 km+. Not bad at all.

The benefits of long rides at this time of year are in dropping that bit of winter weight gain. At 2000 kcal + per ride, the weight should start coming off.


Each day there has been a strong headwind heading out up the coast. Today I got in the drops for 95% of the ride. Not a TT. Keep an eye on HR at around 140 ~ 150 HR. Cadence on the heavy side at around 80 rpm.

I'm trying to target the muscles in the bottom and lower back. These muscles are neglected in the winter while spinning high cadence on the rollers. These are the muscles that often ache on long spring rides.

The hard ride out is rewarded by another session cruising all the way home.


I get home just before the rain starts. Perfect timing.

Friday's training:

Road (93.2 km, 31.2 kmph)


This year I’m very privileged to have the chance to work with GS Astuto. GS Astuto are pioneers in cycling kit. Titanium frames, carbon frames, lightweight components, you name it.

I had a good long chat with GS Astuto’s Tim on the phone a week ago. He has many ideas up his sleeve. In short, the goal is to make things stronger, lighter, faster and of course affordable. All exciting stuff.

Today I received some of the latest prototype hill climbing wheels to test. Tim describes them like this:

This is a very light 24mm - 400g wheel. Actually, I can make lighter - but this wheel is also very economical and easy to service with any standard bearings, etc.

It also has enhanced braking surface so you can go downhill as well as up. In short, it's designed for those situations where you want to attack hard hills even in a group situation like a circuit race with hard climbs. Or just as a lightweight TT HC and especially for courses where average gradient exceeds 10-12% and / or wind conditions require minimal interference.

I’ll be testing the wheel on the road soon. Can’t wait!


Another chance for a ride today. I keep thinking I’ll do some hill work but with time and weather on my side, it’s a chance to put some miles down.

From no outdoor riding to 3 in a week. 300 plus kms on the clock.

Again the coast road is the best place to be. The air is warmer. The roads are drier.


There’s no reason why you can’t do intensive work on the flats.

I did 10 intervals today. 1 minute flat out. 2 minutes recovery.

On the rollers, intervals are all about leg speed. On the road, it's all about power and strength.

Out of the saddle. Over the front of the bike. Accelerate for 20 seconds. Sit down. Shift up. Power 80 cadence for the last 40 seconds. 10 of these is good training indeed.


Enjoy the tail wind on the way back. Cruising all the way.

Thursday’s training: Road ( 92 km, 30.0 kmph)


Commuting forms a very important part of my training. It's when I get the miles in. I'm lucky to commute over varied terrain. Up the coast and inland in the mountains.

I think time spent in the car is "dead time". I'm itching to dump the car for the bike each morning once spring is here in earnest.

Commuting, like all kinds of training, is all about routine. Having the bike ready. Your kit ready. The bag packed.

The weather today was raining on and off but I decided to take the plunge. Chance for a long ride at low intensity. HR zone 2. 120 ~ 130 HR. LSD paced stuff.

I want to do a few longish rides just to get back into it. Compared to the rollers, it's a different kind of tiredness that you feel after 3 or 4 hours on the road.

Tomorrow looks a bit better weatherwise so I'll try to squeeze in some hill work too...


Wednesday's training:

Road (101 km, 31.2 kmph, 126 HR)


I was talking to Maruyama san the other day about the benefits of swimming for cycling.
1.  Swimming is a great stamina builder.  An hour in the pool is worth 2 or 3 on the road.
2.  Swimming is a good upper body workout.  A couple of months of swimming in the off season and I can notice the difference. Muscles in the back and shoulders are useful on the bike for holding good position and for longer rides.
3.  Swimming is a good recovery workout.  Using all the leg muscles, supported in the water, and aerobically, swimming is a great way to refresh.
I didn't have a chance to swim last week, so I really enjoyed it today.


At night on the rollers. Some speed intervals. Riding at speed is easier than riding at heart rate. Choose the gear and cadence to lock on to the speed. Wait for the heart rate to respond.

On the way up, 53 kmph takes me to 150 HR, 58 kmph to 160 HR.

The second interval at 58 kph to “Said the people” is long and I can feel it, peaking at 166 HR.

On the way down, the heart rate stays high at 53 kmph and 50 kmph. I'm glad to reach the last song, “I don't wanna go there” and warm down....
**Tuesday's training:** 

1. Swim 25 m x 140 laps ( 3.5 km)
2. Rollers – ride to the music = Dinosaur Jr's Farm

1. "Pieces"   45 kmph 4:34
2. "I Want You to Know"   48 kmph 4:32
3. "Ocean in the Way"  50 kmph 4:22
4. "Plans"  53 kmph 6:43
5. "Your Weather"  55 kmph 3:08
6. "Over It"  58 kmph 3:49
7. "Friends"  55 kmph 4:34
8. "Said the People"  58 kmph 7:43
9. "There's No Here"  53 kmph 3:41
10. "See You"  50 kmph 5:49
11. "I Don't Wanna Go There"  warm down 8:45

 Total: 55 mins


Dark nights in the garage on the rollers. I'm always looking forward to the music as much as the training.

Who should I listen to tonight? Sparklehorse? Super Furry Animals? The Pixies? The Strokes? The Flaming Lips?


They're all on this album. Flaming Lips start things off. “Pain, I guess it's a matter of sensation...”. A beautiful a lyric as he's ever written.

A few songs later and the theme's the same. Iggy Pop drolling “Pain, pain, pain. Pain is all that will remain”.

Yeh it's a dark album. But for dark nights in the garage it's great. It's quite apt that David Lynch makes an appearance as this whole training session could be a David Lynch movie. Drifting in and out of HR zones 3 and 4....

Monday's training:

Rollers – ride to the music – Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse's Dark Night of the Soul

1."Revenge" (featuring The Flaming Lips) – 4:52 warm up
2."Just War" (featuring Gruff Rhys) – 3:44 warm up
3."Jaykub" (featuring Jason Lytle) – 3:52 150 HR
4."Little Girl" (featuring Julian Casablancas) – 4:33 160 HR
5."Angel's Harp" (featuring Black Francis) – 2:57 150 HR
6."Pain" (featuring Iggy Pop) – 2:49 160 HR
7."Star Eyes (I Can't Catch It)" (featuring David Lynch) – 3:10 150 HR
8."Every Time I'm with You" (featuring Jason Lytle) – 3:09 160 HR
9."Insane Lullaby" (featuring James Mercer) – 3:12 150 HR
10."Daddy's Gone" (featuring Mark Linkous and Nina Persson) – 3:09 160 HR
11."The Man Who Played God" (featuring Suzanne Vega) – 3:09 150 HR
12."Grim Augury" (featuring Vic Chesnutt) – 2:32 160 HR
13."Dark Night of the Soul" (featuring David Lynch) – 4:38150 HR
14."Revenge" (featuring The Flaming Lips) – 4:52 160 HR
15."Just War" (featuring Gruff Rhys) – 3:44 warm down
16."Jaykub" (featuring Jason Lytle) – 3:52 warm down

Total: 55 mins

2012 road debut today. 3 months since rubber last hit tarmac.

It's always exciting to get back on the road. How's my form? Where do I stand? How effective is the winter mix of cross training, strength training and bike specific rollers?

On the road at sunrise. Wrapped up warm. Take the coast road where there's less snow, less chance of ice. The road is drier and cleaner.

50 km to Maze. There's a stiff headwind. Keep the cadence high. The heart rate in zone 2. LSD mode.

Over the pass behind Yahiko. How I love to climb! Don't push too hard though. 164 HR at the top.

A loop of Yahiko. Back onto the coast. 40 km back to Kashiwazaki.

Chance to push on. This is where cold dark nights on the rollers pay off. 150 HR, 90 cadence, 40 kmph.

By the time I reach Kashiwazaki I'm almost done. The best time to stop.

I'm happy with where I am for early March. Once we enter spring I want to do a few more long rides and work on my climbing strength. Looking forward to it!


Clothes, food and stats

I don't get much chance to ride outdoors at this time of year, but when I do, I always prepare well.


  • Feet: wool socks, shoes, Ozzo neoprene shoe covers
  • Legs: Assos shorts, Heat Tech tights, Santani fleece tights
  • Uppper: Heat Tech x 2, jersey, X2U winter jacket, Campagnalo windbreaker
  • Head: 100 yen neck warmer, Chapak hat
  • Hands: Thinsulate gloves


  • Pre – ride: muesli, orange juice
  • On the road: banana x 2, jam sandwich x 2, soy joy x 2, water bottle x 4
  • Post – ride: Protein shake (milk 1 litre), yakisoba, vegetable nabe x 2

Ride data

  • 3h 56 mins
  • 139 / 164 HR av / max
  • 2888 kcal
  • 118.3 km
  • 30.0 kmph
  • 87 cadence

My dream is to one day race Luke and Mark up Isonobe. With my stamina and their mother's power, I imagine they'll be first class climbers.

Luke is already fast on the flats. Fast and fearless! It's difficult to keep up....


On the rollers today. A mix of HR zones 3 and 4. Increased intensity. And increased duration. It's all quite comfortable really. Cadence is high. And the heart responds well.

A chance for my 2012 road debut tomorrow????

Saturday's training:


  • warm up x 10 mins
  • 150 HR x 10 mins
  • cruise intervals 160 HR x 6 mins / 2 mins easy (6 sets)
  • 150 HR x 20 mins
  • warm down x 5 mins

Total: 90 mins


Back in the gym today. Today's main focus is lunges. Isolate each leg. One at a time. Focus on form. Bring the target muscles into play. Slow and smooth. A great cycling specific exercise.


At night on the rollers the focus is on sprint intervals. Last time I did 30 s on / 60 s off. Tonight 45 s on / 90 s off. It's only 15 seconds more but what a difference it makes. The last 10 seconds or so seem to last an eternity.

Max values were: max HR 172, max speed 70.2 kmph, max cadence 126 rpm

Time for a beer...

Friday's training:

1. Gym

•stepping machine level 20 × 20 mins

•leg press 141 kg x 20 (3 sets)
*back extensions 30 × 2 sets
•chest press 39 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•latt pull down 41 kg x10 (3 sets)
*lunges (BB) L/R 45 kg x 15, 55 kg x 12, 60 kg x 10
*shoulder press (DB) 10 kg x 10 (3 sets)
*calf raises shoulder press (BB) 60 kg x 30 (3 sets)
*biceps curl (DB) 10 kg x 10 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

Total: 1h 15 mins


*warm up x 10 mins
*150 HR x 10 mins
*sprint intervals – 45 s hard / 90 s easy (10 sets)
*warm down x 10 mins

Total: 50 mins


First ride on the road today since early December. I was joined by Luke on his Strider. Watching him on the bike and the fun it brings is priceless.


The real training is on the rollers tonight. The majority of my winter training on the rollers is based on ME2 Tempo Interval 1 from the “Workouts in a binder” book.

Since the new year I've done 2 solid months of this.

30:00 – 40:00 Z3 “This workout is used as a staple during the base period”

Zone 3 for me is 148 ~ 156 HR. I usually pick 150 HR as my target.


Tonight I did ME5 cruise intervals

4-5 × 6:00 Z4 “this will help to increase your speed and lactate threshold”

Zone 4 for me is 157 ~ 168 HR. I usually pick 160 HR as my target.

After a rest day yesterday, the body responds well to the increase in intensity...


Thursday's training:


  • warm up x 10 mins
  • 160 HR x 6 mins / 2 mins recovery (5 sets)
  • warm down x 5 mins

Total: 53 mins



前のアーカイブはandy: 2012年2月です。

次のアーカイブはandy: 2012年4月です。





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