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Looking back at my training diary (i.e. this blog), I've done 10 days back to back training. That's too much really. Especially as I'm starting to up the intensity.

A rest day today. Beautiful outside. Resist the urge to snow shoe. Resist the urge to ride on the road.

There's no need to resist the beers though! Nothing like a cold one!

Wednesday: rest day

2012 road debut tomorrow!?

msr 5.jpg

Tuesday's training:

1. Mt. Hachikoku snow shoe (1h 20)

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


I took a break from the gym last week after getting a sore back.

What was the cause? Snow shoveling? Free weights? Perhaps a combination of both.

I rested up and did some good back stretching exercises.

I feel fine now. Back to the gym today. Best not to overdo it though. A few exercises. All on machines.

I usually break off from the gym around this time of year. Just waiting for the weather to change.....

Monday's training:

1. Gym

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

•leg press 141 kg x 20 (3 sets)
•chest press 39 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•leg curl 68 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•latt pull down 41 kg x10 (3 sets)
•leg extension 77 kg x 12 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

Total: 1h

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 30 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 45 mins


This weekend was a weekend of snow festivals, onsens and karaoke. And asaren on the rollers....

Today I trained with speed.

Training at a set speed or a set heart rate might sound similar, but it's actually quite different.

Training at heart rate you are teaching your body how to produce a constant effort. Useful for hill climbing or time trialling.

Training at speed you are teaching your body how to maintain a constant speed (or power) while minimising effort.


It's interesting to see how your body reacts.

From cold, 40 kmph feels like a hard effort. It's hard to imagine that I'll be holding 58 kmph later in the session.

Each increase in speed is marked by a surge in heart rate. The red lights are flashing. Once the body gets used to the effort, the heart rate drops and settles down.

At 58 kmph the heart rate maxes at 166 HR. Still aerobic.


Raising the heart rate once makes it much more responsive to subsequent speed intervals. This is why it is important to raise the heart rate once or twice in a prerace warm up.

The second interval at 58 kmph produces a similar heart rate, around the 165 mark. For the cardiovascular system this is sustainable and it's in the legs that I can feel it most.

Great training!


Sunday's training:

Rollers – ride to the music – The Stone Roses's Second Coming

1."Breaking Into Heaven"   40 kmph 11:21
2."Driving South"   45 kmph 5:09
3."Ten Storey Love Song"   48 kmph 4:29
4."Daybreak" 50 kmph 6:33
5."Your Star Will Shine"   52 kmph 2:59
6."Straight to the Man" 55 kmph 3:15
7."Begging You" 58 kmph 4:56
8."Tightrope"  50 kmph 4:27
9."Good Times" 55 kmph 5:40
10."Tears"   58 kmph 6:50
11."How Do You Sleep" 50 kmph  4:59
12."Love Spreads" warm down 5:46

Total 1 h 5 mins


The time of day you train is important. Train at the same time each day and you can maximise (24h) the recovery period between sessions.

But you have to juggle things around your schedule. Today I have just 8 hours before being back on the rollers this morning.

Today's menu? Sprint intervals. 10 × 30 second blasts. This is all about leg speed.

I alternate between being on the hoods (forearms parallel to the floor) and in the drops.

Which is faster?

On the hoods I feel like I have greater power transfer and better weight distribution (and control) over the bike.

The drops perhaps offer better aerodynamics but I feel less power is going to the pedals.

I'll repeat this session on the road in the spring to compare the two.

Saturday's training:


  • warm up x 10 mins
  • 150 HR x 20 mins
  • sprint intervals – 30 s hard / 60 s easy x 10 sets
  • warm down x 5 mins

Total: 50 mins


Friday afternoons are spent with my boys in Teku Teku, Nagaoka.


Once they are tucked up in bed, it's time to hit the rollers.

The Flamin' Groovies - Teenage Head.jpg

Tonight's choice? Flamin Groovies. This is a concept album of sorts taking in the Stones, Dylan and even Elvis. It sounds great too.

I pick out another 5 songs to go harder too. Have you seen my baby starts things off.

4 songs at 160 HR. Louis Louis at 140 ~ 170 criss cross HR. I have to push at 63 kmph to get the heart rate up. It drops quickly too. Things are coming along nicely...

Friday's training: Rollers – ride to the music – Flamin Groovies' Teenage Head

1."High Flyin' Baby" warm up
2."City Lights" warm up
3."Have You Seen My Baby?" 160 HR
4."Yesterday's Numbers" 150 HR
5."Teenage Head" 160 HR
6."32-20" 150 HR
7."Evil Hearted Ada" 150 HR
8."Doctor Boogie" 160 HR
9."Whiskey Woman" 150 HR
10."Shakin' All Over" 160 HR
11."That'll Be the Day" 150 HR
12."Louie Louie" 140 ~ 170 criss cross HR (3 sets)
13."Walkin' the Dog" warm down
14."Scratch My Back" warm down

Total: 50 mins


Second pool session this week. Another 3 km. Like on the bike, sometimes everything clicks. It feels effortless today. I'm feeling strong.


On the rollers I want to do a slightly harder session every other day. Another ride to the music. Tonight's choice? The Stone Roses.

I pick 3 songs to ride at 160 HR. I could pick any really. They are all so strong. But I choose stuff post first album.

Ten storey love song starts things off.

When your heart is black and broken
and you need a helping hand...

Love Spreads

Let me put you in the picture
let me show you what I mean

Finishing with a 10 min 12” version of Fools Gold.

Winding through the hills for fifteen days


Thursday's training:

1.Swim 25 m x 120 laps (3 km)

2. Rollers - ride to the music – Stone Roses' Very Best of

1."I Wanna Be Adored" – 4:53 warm up
2."She Bangs the Drums" – 3:50 warm up
3."Ten Storey Love Song" – 4:23 160HR
4."Waterfall" – 4:39 150 HR
5."Made of Stone" – 4:16 150 HR
6."Love Spreads" – 5:47 160 HR
7."What the World Is Waiting For" – 3:51 150 HR
8."Sally Cinnamon" – 3:25 150 HR
9."Fools Gold" – 9:54 160 HR
10."Elephant Stone" – 4:51 warm down

Total: 50 mins


What a beautiful day. I was working in Takayanagi today. A chance to ride!? Where's my helmet? Gloves? Shoe covers?


I haven't ridden on the road for over 2 months, so I'm not ready to roll like I usually am.


Nevermind. I always have my snow shoe kit ready in the boot of the car.


The snow is really deep in Takayanagi. But the mixed weather recently makes the snow compact and snow shoeing easy.

Wednesday's training:

1. Snow shoe (1h 10)

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


All animals can swim right? Horses? Humans? 3 km in the pool today.


I've done a big block of training on the rollers at 150 HR. This is my foundation. As we approach March, it's time to up things a notch. Time to ride to the music.

Today's choice? Sparklehorse. How I love this album. To sum it up in one word? Beautiful.

It's a quiet, loud, quiet, loud album. Slow numbers, Fast numbers, Experimental numbers, all sewn together perfectly. The man was a genius.

Today, I go a little harder on the five fast numbers. Rainmaker kicks things off at 160 HR. “Someday I will treat you good” finishes things at 165 HR.

The songs come along like hills on the road. A great ride in the dark, in the garage, with a heart of darkness

Tuesday's training:

1. Swim 25 m x 120 laps (3 km)

2. Rollers - ride to the music - Sparklehorse's Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot

1."Homecoming Queen" – 3:36 warm up
2."Weird Sisters" – 5:00 warm up
3."850 Double Pumper Holley" – 0:36 warm up
4."Rainmaker" – 3:47 160 HR
5."Spirit Ditch" – 3:24 150 HR
6."Tears on Fresh Fruit" – 2:08 160 HR
7."Saturday" – 2:27 150 HR
8."Cow" – 7:05 160 HR
9."Little Bastard Choo Choo" – 0:47 150 HR
10."Hammering the Cramps" – 2:49 160 HR
11."Most Beautiful Widow in Town" – 3:19 150 HR
12."Heart of Darkness" – 1:52 150 HR
13."Ballad of a Cold Lost Marble" – 0:45 150 HR
14."Someday I Will Treat You Good" – 3:42 165 HR
15."Sad & Beautiful World" – 3:33 150 HR
16."Gasoline Horseys" – 2:40 150 HR

Total: 55 mins


I decided to take a break from my usual Monday weight training today.


I haven't been on the snow shoes for a while. Today was a great day for it.


The trail that has been carved up Mt. Hachikoku is straight up. I was glad of my climbing heel on the snow shoes.


I get a good sweat on and can feel my heart beating in it's cage. Good work out for the legs too.


Coming down is great fun. Like a man on the moon. Giant leaps into powder snow....


Monday's training:

1. Snow shoe (1h 15)

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins









The other day a new Tokyo~Itoigwa route was announced.  After 40 years, the route will change.
I’ve had time to look at the course.  My first impression is that it looks like a good one. It cuts out all the major tunnels which is a plus.  We should also pass through Matsumoto earlier than usual which hopefully means less traffic.

The course is still the same through Matsumoto before heading towards Nagano (instead of veering off towards Omachi). 

The climb from Nagano to Shinanomachi is quite a tough one. I usually come down it the other way as part of our team's 200km TOITO training route. It's a 70 kmph chin on the stem drop for a good few kilometres. Coming up, I imagine it will be a case of finding a good climbing rhythm. Maybe this year I'll do the 200k loop in reverse to practice it.

From Shinanomachi down to the coast it's downhill all the way. And very fast. Even with a head wind, you can get good momentum going on this stretch.

Certainly much easier than the route down from Omachi to Itoigawa which has a few nasty bumps that feel like big climbs after 250 km.

As for the final section of coast road, there will likely be a wind (there usually is). This direction often changes during the day too so it's difficult to predict which way it will be blowing.

This could be a key point of the course.

Anyway, really looking forward to it. じょんのびTIME guys, ganbarimashou!


There seems to be no end in site for all this snow. When it finally does stop, it will take a long time for the roads to clear and even longer for the mountains to open up.

Like a bull at a gate, I'm raring to go. Two days off and I feel great. A chance for my weekly intensive session.

It's important to follow the same routine each time. The songs are like hills. Reference points where I can compare form over the coming weeks.


The build up is easy today. At 56 kmph and sky starts falling I'm cruising. Think of doing a few more intervals at higher speed but stick to the plan.

6 criss cross intervals. Lock onto 60 kmph each time. The heart rate builds slowly. Fitness is improving. 166, 167, 168, 169. It always seems to hold here. A couple more kicks to break through to 170 HR.

The off interval is as important as the on interval. The heart rate drops quickly. Again a sign of improving fitness. Drop a few gears. A drink from the bottle. Time to go again.

With the hard work out of the way, I do 20 minutes at 150HR. I could go on and on at this intensity but you have to draw the line somewhere.

I can feel my form coming on nicely....


Sunday's training:

1. Snow shoveling (1h)

2. Rollers – ride to the music - Doves

Some cities:

1. "Some Cities" 40 kmph / 3:22
2. "Black and White Town" 45 kmph / 4:15
3. "Almost Forgot Myself" 48 kmph / 4:42
4. "Snowden" 50 kmph / 4:12
5. "The Storm" 52 kmph / 4:52
6. "Walk in Fire" 54 kmph / 5:34
7. "Sky Starts Falling" 56 kmph / 4:11

Last Broadcast:

1. "Words" 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross / 5:42
2. "There Goes the Fear" 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross / 6:54

  • 150 HR x 20 mins
  • warm down x 5 mins

Total: 1h 10 mins


I've had a sore back these last few days. A sore back deserves respect. Rest up. Wait it out.

Working in Takayanagi today. My plan was to snowshoe up Isonobe.


I jumped in じょんのび onsen instead. A long soak. Stretching. And a massage.

Another long soak tonight and more stetching under the guide of my stretching sensei Emi chan.

How you rest is as important as how you train...

Friday / Saturday: rest

lance swim.jpg

Swim time, Lance Armstrong style.

2.5 km in the pool today. After 4 km on Tuesday, today's training is a breeze. Dive in. 100 laps. Home.

Thursday's training:

1. Swim: 25 m x 100 laps (2.5 km)

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


Lance Armstrong style!


AW style!

Wednesday's training:

1. Gym – training session no.11

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

•squats BB 70 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•shoulder press DB 10 kg x 12 (3 sets)
•1 leg squats BB L&R 30 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•biceps curl DB 10 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•calf raises BB 55 kg x 40 (3 sets)
*front raises DB 5 kg x 12 (3 sets)
*side raises DB 5 kg x 12 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 20 mins

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins

Three red roses from three boys.


Happy Valentine's Day. We love you mummy!


No Long Slow Loving for me today! LSD in the pool.

Tuesday's training:

1. Swim

25 m x 160 laps (4 km)

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


Training indoors. It's all virtual. The speed. The distance. The elevation gain. None of it's real!

Still, you need something to aim at. Today I climbed a virtual Mt. Yoneyama. 1000 m of climbing on the stepping machine.

It's been a while since I used the stepping machine for more than warming up and warming down. It's a great training tool and a great cross training exercise for cycling.


Tonight I rode 50 virtual kilometres on the coast road (i.e. on the rollers). At 150 HR the speed is well above 50 kmph. This is only virtual speed though. In the garage there is no wind. No hills. And the road surface is fantastic shiny blue plastic!

Another day of sunshine forecast tomorrow. One of these days I'll do some real training on the road!

1. Stepping machine

  • level 20, 1000 m climbing, 49 mins

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


I love music. Live music especially. Today we were treated to a private concert at Tekuteku children's play hall in Nagaoka.Luke and Mark seemed to enjoy it too.

I even got a couple of requests in. "As time goes by" from Casablanca and Just the way you are

That one brought a tear to Shinobu's eye. Who says romance is dead!?


I need something a bit stronger to get my legs going on the rollers tonight though.

I remember the first time I heard the Pixies. The winter of 1989. Radio 1's late night John Peel show.

As a 14 year old the sound of Black Francis screaming out of the radio opened up my world. This band had so much energy. The drums. The bass. The guitars. And so much confidence in what they were doing.

Wanna grow up to be, be a DEBASER!

Still sounds great in 2012. I enjoyed it so much on the rollers tonight that I played the whole album again for a second time!

Sunday's training: Rollers: ride to the music - The Pixies' Doolittle (x2)

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 60 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 1h 15 mins


Today's training was all about resistance.


Asaren snowshoeing up the Kenno Rindo. We've had so much snow recently. It's really thick. Really heavy. Pull up. Push down.


I time the climb from the bottom. 50 minutes and I'm still not at the top. A banana. Some photos. Head back down. Usually I make new tracks on the way down too but I'm glad to use the trail I blazed on the way up today.


In the afternoon we head to the snow festival in Takayanagi. Lots of fun activities for the kids. For me personally, there's no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than “tyre tobogganing”!


Pulling two tyres up the hill, Luke in one, Mark strapped on to me, is hard work indeed. Still the thrill of the slide is worth it.


In the evening I continue the resistance theme on the rollers. Let a bit of air out of each tyre. Turn off the cadence. Turn off the heart rate. Me Vs. the resistance. Try to keep good form. Nice circles.

A fun packed Saturday. Time for a few beers now....

Saturday's training:

1.Snow shoeing (2h)

2.Tyre pulling (1h)


  • 40 kmph x 10 mins
  • 45 kmph x 10 mins
  • 48 kmph x 10 mins
  • 50 kmph x 10 mins
  • 58 kmph x 1 min interval (x3)
  • warm down x 5 mins

Total: 50 mins


Squats - Chris Hoy style!

I decided to take the step up to free weights today.

Machines target specific muscle groups. Easy to move around and change the weights, machines allow you to work quickly. Moreover, set up properly, machines are relatively safe to use.

Free weights are less controlled. More muscle groups come into play for a single exercise. Often an antagonistic pair of muscles are used, making a more balanced work out. Minor muscles or stabilizing muscles are used too. You can see your legs twitching as the muscles work out the best way to carry the load. For this reason, you can cover more muscles with fewer exercises.

However, because of this, form is very important, and the risk of injury greater.

As a cyclist, the squat is king. Bringing the whole lower body and much of the core into play. I don’t want to push too hard today. Go for a weight that I can lift comfortably 15 times. Step by step.

Other good free weight exercises are lunges, 1 leg squats and calf raises.

Just a few different exercises but I can really feel it in my quads. This is why a good warm down and stretch are important. I hope to spin the legs on the rollers tonight too....


Friday's training:

1. Snow shoveling (1h)

2. Gym – training session no.10 - free weights

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

  • squats BB 65 kg x 15, 70 kg x 15 (2 sets)
  • shoulder press DB 10 kg x 12 (3 sets)
  • lunges BB L&R 55 kg x 10 (3 sets)
  • biceps curl DB 10 kg x 10 (3 sets)
  • calf raises BB 55 kg x 40 (3 sets)
  • bench press BB 40 kg x 10 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

3. Rollers (plan)

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


After 2 days of rest, I'm raring to go today. And there's nothing like Calexico to get me in the zone.

This is not the driving or pounding music of the Underworld or Chemical Brothers variety. This music takes you places.

My usual album of choice is "Carried to Dust" but tonight I go with "A Feast of Wire". This one is darker. Deeper. Musically there is a huge variety; a waltz, guitar pop, futuristic sounds and even a jazz piece. But the mood doesn't waver. It captivates you. Keeps you in the zone. From start to finish.

It's hard to choose a song, but I'll go with "Guero Canelo" and how low can you go?

Tuesday / Wednesday: Rest

Thursday's training:

1. Snow shoveling (30 mins)

2. Swim: (25 m x 100 laps) 2.5 km

3. Rollers ride to the music - Calexico's A feast of wire

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 30 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 45 mins


Chris Hoy style!

Monday's training:

1. Gym – circuit training no.9

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

•leg press 141 kg x 20 (3 sets)
•back extensions x 30 (3 sets)
•chest press 39 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•leg curl 68 kg x 10 (3 sets)
•latt pull down 41 kg x10 (3 sets)
•rotary torso 32 kg x 15 (2 sets L/R)
•leg extension 77 kg x 12 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

Total: 1h

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


I'm not a big fan of long sessions on the rollers. I believe you can get all the work you need done in 40 to 50 mins. Longer than this is time better spent doing more interesting cross training.

I did a longer session today though. Just for the hell of it. Supported by the wonderful Propellerheads. Even my dad likes this one!

Sunday's training:

Rollers: Ride to the music - Propellerheads decksanddrumsandrockandroll

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 75 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 90 mins


You can't hide!


Oh no! Still you can't imagine lonely!

Saturday's training:

Rollers: Ride to the music - LCD Soundsystem's 45:33

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins


A few years ago I really focussed on weight training in the winter. 3 or 4 sessions a week. Mostly free weights. Reducing the reps. Increasing the load. Serious body building stuff!

This winter I'm looking for a more general strength gain. Trying to focus on all muscle groups. Going heavier gradually but keeping the reps high.

I'm at the maximum weight for the leg press and leg extension machines so I'm thinking of stepping up to free weights next week.

Today I had a free hour, so I made my third visit to the gym this week.


Back on the rollers after a day off yesterday, I did my weekly "intensive" session. Just one a week of these babies!

Compared to last time the heart rate responds better.

At 50 kmph for Snowden, the HR is 155. For Sky Starts Falling it's right up there at 170 HR.

For the criss cross intervals I lock onto 60 kmph / 30 kmph for the on / off interval. Intervals no.5 and no. 6 really hurt!


Spent a few hours this afternoon playing in the snow with Luke.


And some "Setsubun" fun....

Friday's training:

1. Snow shoveling (1 h)

2.Gym – circuit training no.8-

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins
•leg press 141 kg x 15 (3 sets)
•back extensions x 25 (3 sets)
•chest press 32 kg x 15, 39 kg x 10 (2 sets)
•leg curl 64 kg x 12, 68 kg x 10 (2 sets)
•latt pull down 36 kg x 12, 41 kg x10 (2 sets)
•rotary torso 27 kg x 20 (3 sets L/R)
•leg extension 68 kg x 12, 73 kg x 12, 77 kg x 12
•shoulder press 23 kg x 10 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

Total: 1h

3. Rollers – ride to the music - Doves

Some cities:

1. "Some Cities" 40 kmph / 3:22
2. "Black and White Town" 45 kmph / 4:15
3. "Almost Forgot Myself" 48 kmph / 4:42
4. "Snowden" 50 kmph / 4:12
5. "The Storm" 52 kmph / 4:52
6. "Walk in Fire" 54 kmph / 5:34
7. "Sky Starts Falling" 56 kmph / 4:11

Last Broadcast:

1. "Words" 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross / 5:42
2. "There Goes the Fear" 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross / 6:54
3. "M62 Song" warm down / 3:48
4. "Where We're Calling From" warm down / 1:24

Total: 45 mins

vertical breaststroke.jpg

My aim for this winter was to swim once a week. These last few weeks I've been twice on Tuesday and Thursday. These swim sessions compliment Monday and Wednesday's strength training very well.

There are so many benefits of swimming. As cardiovascular training goes it's great training for getting oxygen into and then around the body.

Breathing technique too. The all important rhythm of going down and coming up for air ...

Thursday's training:

Swim 25 m x 120 laps (3 km)


These days I've been visiting the gym twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Each time focussing on a full body workout. Use my time effectively. In and out in about an hour.

I'm gradually increasing the weight on the leg work. A decent warm up, warm down and stretch means I feel fine afterwards.


On the rollers tonight I was in a blizzard. It took a while to warm up, to get the gloves off and get the heart rate up. I used the wonderful Dinosaur Jr to pick me up and get me in the zone.

Later on
I will find you
Not too strong
Not inspired

I've been holding off so long
Can't admit that I was wrong
I've been stung when I've been weak
In the end I disappear.....


Wednesday's training:

1.Gym – circuit training no.7 - a little heavier on the legs

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins
•leg press 141 kg x 15 (3 sets)
•back extensions x 25 (3 sets)
•chest press 32 kg x 15 (3 sets)
•leg extension 64 kg x 15 (3 sets)
•shoulder press 18 kg x 12 (3 sets)
•rear delta 23 kg x 12 (3 sets)
•pectoral fly 27 kg x 15 (3 sets)
•leg curl 59 kg x 15 (3 sets)

•stepping machine level 20 × 10 mins

Total: 1h

2. Rollers

•warm up – build to 150 HR x 10 mins
•150 HR x 40 mins
•warm down x 5 mins

Total: 55 mins



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