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After a road race, the legs always respond. Fast and fluid. You really notice this on the rollers.

Alternate 55 / 60 kmph intervals. And 3 × 70 kmph intervals.

The Velvet Underground and Nico is the back up. The best album ever? Possibly...

Tuesday's training: Rollers (55 mins)

  • Sunday Morning @ 48 kmph
  • I'm Waiting for the Man @ 55 kmph
  • Femme Fatale @ 60 kmph
  • Venus in Furs @ 55 kmph
  • Run Run Run @ 60 kmph
  • 140 ~ 170 HR @ 70 kmph x 3
  • All Tomorrow's Parties @ 55 kmph
  • Heroin @ 60 kmph
  • There She Goes Again @ 55 kmph
  • I'll Be Your Mirror @ 60 kmph
  • The Black Angel's Death Song - warm down

A fun-filled weekend in Gunma. By the time we got to bed last night it was 1:00 AM. The body wakes up naturally at 5 AM these days. To ride or not to ride? A quick look out of the window. I can't resist.

Find some clean gear. A banana in the back pocket. A note to Shinobu. "Back by 7".

The 353 / 252 loop is the staple diet of all Kashiwazaki cyclists. A 60 km loop around Mt. Kurohime. It takes in two climbs. Some great rolling terrain. And a fast return from Takayanagi.

I can't believe it's the first time to do it this year!

Frost on the ground. A bit chilly. I'm glad when the climbing starts. 170 HR on Nakayama Toge.

Take some water from the spring in Ukawa. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride to Takayanagi. The wind on my back now. Cruise home....

Monday's training: Road (60 km)


2nd race of the season at Gunma CSC on Saturday.

JBCF E3, 6 laps, 36 km.

An early start for the Wood team. Reminds me of when my dad used to shove 4 kids (me in the boot) of his Austin Allegro and drive 8 hours straight to Newquay....

We arrive to heavy snow and wind. This'll sort the men out from the boys.

Before the race, lots of fannying around. Uketsuke registration. Race numbers (no pins!). Take off the brake block to put on the daft number holder. Stand in a que to sign. That's the JBCF for you. Want everything to look pro but couldn't organise...

It's a short race. Almost 200 down to start. The plan? Keep near the front. Attack after the bridge on the 5th lap.

No time for a real warm up... Once up the hill in the snow....

Race time! A neutral rolling start. Doesn't stop some idiots. Two crashes before the race even starts. Half a tree in the middle of the course! The JBCF! Wacky Races!

I follow the safe wheel of team captain Umiguchi san. The flag drops. The acceleration starts. In a race like this, the two hardest laps are the first and last.

On the climb it starts to break up. No room through. By the top a group has gone.


A big effort to get across. It's not rocket science. You need to go faster than the top group if you want to catch them. I'm glad of the 60 mm deep rims. I pass small groups of riders. Some seem unaware of the race slipping through their finger tips. The home straight. Almost there.....

You can't just latch on though. The back is a dangerous place to be. Riders fail to close gaps. And fall off like cherry blossoms at the end of April...


To the front then. Check the competition. A couple of guys in blue and white shirts look useful. Another strong rider in orange. He attacks on the 2 lap. I go with him. Anyone else fancy it? A couple of rotations. A break doesn't form...

Lead the group through the home straight on the third lap. Just for a photo.

The 5th lap comes before I know it.

Attack! Just like last week. Under the bridge. The road rises. Out of the saddle. Full gas.

Feels harder than last week. Just glad to reach the top.

Look back. A decent gap. A rider chasing too. I signal him to take my wheel. Through the rolling section. Can we make the climb? Now in front, he's dancing out of the saddle. Just the carrot I need.

Into the hairpin. Here they come. Swarming us up. Left and right. A big effort not to get dropped here. Back in the front group.

I tell myself I'll go again on the last lap.

In reality though the last lap is always the hardest. The pace rises. The group strings out.

I'm locked in about 20th. I know I need to be top 10 on the final climb. The race is decided here. But I can't respond to the fireworks. Boom boom! Lights out!


Cross the line 13 seconds back. Happy with how I raced it. Took a chance. Didn't work. Next up Tokyo~ Itoigawa!


Just a commute yesterday. Almost a rest day.

Today rev the engine:

  • Nakayama Toge 170 HR / 80 cadence x 3

A rest day tomorrow. Then I'll be ready to go again on Saturday. Another race at Gunma CSC...

Wednesday: Road (15 km)

Thursday's training: Road (75 km)


A rest day. A tempo day. Time to go hard today.

It's amazing what a race does for you. The first race of the season is the "pipe opener". I feel like I'm flying today.

On the flat I do some intervals into a head wind. Out of the saddle. 50 × 11. Raising the HR to around 180 HR each time. Collapsing over the top tube after each interval.

  • 45 s hard / 90 s easy x 10 sets

In the hills I do some controlled climbing.

  • Nakayama Toge 170 HR / 80 cadence x 3 climbs

It's great when the body responds...

Tuesday's training: Road (100 km)


As I get older, I am much more thoughtful about rest days. During training weeks? One day off. When I have a race? The day before. The day after.

Back on the bike today. The body’s tired. Still running on adrenaline.

The legs feel good though. They often do after race. Pedaling smooth and fast.

It’s important not to get carried away though. Tempo today.

One or two hard sessions during the week and then rest again for Saturday’s race at Gunma….

Monday’s training: Road (60 km, 105 HR)

Photo: Kenta - thank you!


JCRC road race at Gunma CSC today. First race of the season. A winter of snow shoeing up mountains, endless laps in the pool and Wednesday night futsal. A great month of on the bike training in March. Ready to go!

Top seed, S-class. 10 laps (60 km) of the hilly circuit.

I had a lot of confidence going into this race. My plan was to ride at the front. Shadow any moves. And if I’m still there, to attack on the climb under the bridge on the 8th lap.

A nice warm up with Andrew. The heart rate responds well.

11:00 start. Shinobu and the kids on the start line. The first 5 laps pass by. I try to stay in the front 10. Avoid any crashes. Be ready to join any breakaways. A few individual attacks off the front. Nothing much to worry about.


Each time as we come through the home straight I move to the front. Pull the peloton. Wave to the kids. Blow a kiss to Shinobu. This should get me an award for “most romantic rider”. In the end I’m happily surprised to receive an award for “most aggressive rider” for these efforts.

I ask a guy in pink:
“What lap is this?”
“Lap 6.”

I feel really comfortable. Particularly on the rolling sections. The GS Astuto 60 mm rims are great here. You can rest as others pedal. Swoooosh! On the front of the group. Driving it.

On the 7th lap, 3 guys get away. I play it patiently. See if we draw them in. Gradually they draw away.

Stick to my guns. 8th lap. Under the bridge. Out of the saddle. Max effort.

I’m surprised how easily I gap the group.

Over the top. The rolling section. I know they won’t catch me here. Up the climb. Can I hold them off?

A guy in black joins me over the top. A good climber. We rotate together. Into the last lap. I tell him I’ll pull him on the rolling sections if he leads me up the climbs.

We are drawing in the breakaway. On the last climb we pass 1 guy who’s dropped off. Surprisingly, I drop the guy in black.

2 guys up front now. They split. Cool! I draw in the second guy. Tell him to latch on. A guy in white comes from behind. From nowhere! A few words exchanged.

Three in pursuit of a solo leader. The final straight. SPRINT! I gap them. Close on the leader. Throw the wheel over the line!

Ding ding ding! What’s that?! The bell for the last lap! “1 more lap to go!” Now that’s a big mistake!

I’m in pieces. They’re going forwards. I’m going backwards. 4th on the road now.

The guy in white is flying away. Recover. Recover. Dig deep. I manage to get up to a the third placed guy. We rotate well.

The last climb. Look back. The peloton are coming! Catch the second placed guy at the top of the climb. More words. If we work together, we can hold them off. Through and off. Into the home straight, I’m on the front, the worst place to be in a sprint.

The guy in white crosses the line.

The sprint for second place! I finish 4th. I’m just glad to hold the group off…


One of my best rides on the bike for sure. I felt really comfortable. Like I could go at anytime. Aggressive but in control.

I’m happy with how I rode it and I think the strongest guy won in the end.

Next race, the JBCF at Gunma CSC next Saturday!


The first race of the season at Gunma CSC this Saturday. 10 laps (60 km) of the hilly circuit.

I used to break myself in with hill climbs: Yatsugatake and / or Kusatsu. A shock to the system for sure!

I feel ready for this one though.

I have good legs. The distance is no problem. I have some top end for attacking and following moves. The climbing is okay (should be good enough for this course). And the bike is set up nicely....

One last spin today. A rest day tomorrow.

Thursday's training: Road (45 km)


The week before a race. How hard to push yourself? A difficult question. Wednesday is a good day to push hard.

Nothing too much. Raise the heart rate. 3 times.

Attack the climb. Grind it up to 170 lactate threshold HR. Descend. Repeat.

Wednesday's training: Road, 50km


A warm day. Chance to shed a few layers. Lighten the load.

The legs feel light too. Spinning effortlessly.

Light training after yesterday's hard effort. 105 average heart rate. Karuku ...

Tuesday's training: Road (83 km)


A rest day Friday. Hard training Saturday. A rest day Sunday. I'm ready to go again.

The plan is a few laps of the marathon course in Nota. Stiff climbs. Sweeping descents. But there's a lot of snow and debris around. Don't want to risk the tyres. Just 1 lap.


Move onto Nakayama Toge. Straight as an arrow. 10 to 13% grade. Here's a place to hammer it.

Intervals. Out of the saddle. Full gas. Turn around. Descend. Go again.

  • 30 secs hard x 3
  • 40 secs hard x 3
  • 45 secs hard x 3

Monday's training: Road (approx. 60 km)


Next Saturday (20 th) is the JCRC at Gunma CSC (60 km). The following Saturday (27 th) is the JBCF (36 km) also at Gunma CSC.

Today is a chance to test my new GS Astuto wheels. And of course my legs.

A 5am start. With Nishihiro san and Tojo san (who left Arai at 4 am to join!).

The forecast is sunshine. But it’s wet. We make Teradomari in good time. But we’re cold.

1 lap of the race circuit. The climb feels good. The descent like February.

On to Maze to meet the Niigata guys. About 20 of us in the group. The race circuit is a bit dangerous. Just 1 lap today. Followed by a drag race to the 7-11 behind Yahiko.

I want to squeeze everything out. Push hard on the climb. Deep rims are perhaps not suited to an explosive climber, but for a steady grinder like me, they work well. Crest the top with Numa san.

Clunk, clunk, clunk. Hammer the descent. You can’t beat deep rims on a descent. Rotate with Numa san along the flat. Hold the group off as long as possible.

We regroup at the bridge and then head for the 7-11. A flat straight road. This is where these wheels make a difference. Once on the front, I can turn the screw. Grind it up 40~45 kmph for what seems like a few kilometres. I want to ride so hard that no one can come round.

Once back in a rotation I recover for a minute. Then push to the front again. Full gas again. With the goal insight, Ito san attacks. Wait a few seconds. Out of the saddle – go! Gap the group. These wheels accelerate too.

Draw him in slowly. Pursuit time. The key is to have enough momentum to ride over the rider and not just latch on. Pass him wide. Head sagging. On the limit. Goal.

Back to Kashiwazaki. We rotate at high tempo. Race pace into a head wind. This is the basis of good training.

On the last climb. Contested as always. I want to see if I can ride them off my wheel. A heavy gear. Push, pull, push, pull. 32 kmph @ 183 HR over the top.

The legs are good. The form is good. The wheels are good. Just a week to go…

Saturday’s training: Road (125 km)


More crazy winds today. Cold too. With rain threatening.

The little pass between Shindou and Kujiranami offers some shelter. And only 10 minutes from home. I can escape the inevitable rain.

At 1.3 km long and with a constant grade of 5~6 %, it's great for hill climb repeats.

10 climbs today:

  • climb 1 - tempo
  • climb 2 - standing (outer)
  • climb 3 - sitting SFR (50 × 21)
  • climb 4 - intervals - 30 s hard / 60 s easy x 3
  • climb 5 - TT (outer)
  • climb 6 - tempo
  • climb 7 - standing
  • climb 8 - sitting SFR (50 × 21)
  • climb 9 - intervals - 40 s hard / 60 s easy x 3
  • climb 10 - TT (inner)

The legs are a little heavy. The HR a little sluggish. But good sensations overall...

Thursday's training: Road (60 km)


A change of scene today.

Since the start of March, my training has shifted from cross-training to almost exclusive bike work.

Today it's nice to do a run. 10 km at tempo pace.

Wednesday's training: Run (10 km)


The wind! It's great fun being blown along. But when the wind is in your face, you wonder if you'll ever get home...

Tuesday's training: Road (95 km)


I've trained hard these past two weeks. Up at 4:30 for 80 km. Raising the HR each time.

Sunday was a rest day. I needed it.

Yesterday was a chance to ride. The wind was crazy. Still hanging around after the typhoon. Not much fun to be had on the coast. I seeked shelter inland.

Exploring the beautiful roads around Tanne. Nice and easy....

Monday's training: Road (55 km)


A nice day today. Rain tomorrow. That dictates when to ride and when to rest.

Today marks the end of a two week block of hard training.

Last night I had heavy legs. Rub in some tiger balm. Sleep with the legs up on a few cushions. It helps a bit.

This morning a 5am start. Ride the 50 km to Maze nice and easy with Nishihiro san.

There we meet up with the guys for some race simulation.

The Bunsui circuit. 1 lap at tempo pace. 3 laps at race pace.

There is an attack on the climb each time. 2, 3 or 4 riders getting away. I pull the group over the top. Confident we can get them on the descent.

I'm riding sensibly today. I don't have the legs to do super long pulls.

This will end in a sprint. On the home straight on the second lap I calculate the distances of different road signs from the finish. A "50 kmph" sign at 500 m to go. "I'll go from here".

On the last climb 4 get away led by Tazaki san. On the descent I work with Honda san to pull them back.

If riders attack you and drop you on a climb, you don't owe them anything when you get back on. Force them to rotate the front. They have the desire anyway.

On the home straight. Follow the moves. A few attacks. The pace high.

500 m to go. 5th man. Outer top. Swing into the middle of the road. Full power. TT mode. Can anyone hold my wheel?

The rising sun casts shadows. Tazaki san has my wheel. I know it's him.

55 kmph. 189 HR. Full gas. All I can do is drive it home.

Here's the line. Here's Tazaki san. And Numa san. Neck and neck. Throw the wheels over the line.

I wasn't first. But it was a great lead out! Great training! The hardest I've gone this year!


Saturday's training: Road (130 km)


Another 4:45 start today. Another half hour on my own. Legs feel heavy after yesterday's effort. But heart rate responds well.

Meet Nishihiro san at 5:15. A little slower - 28 kmph on the first climb. 171 HR over the top.

We rotate well keeping good speed. Almost the same speed as yesterday- 34.3 kmph av.

The last climb. Again I try to take it on differently. This time: follow and counter attack. I drop the pace after the tunnel. Wait for an attack. Follow the attack. Shadow him. Shoulder to shoulder. My turn to attack. AJ over the top...

Another great training session.

Friday's training: Road (80 km)


A 4:45 start today. A half hour on my own. Legs feel good. Heart rate responds well.

Meet Nishihiro san at 5:15. I can hold 30 kmph on the first climb. 181 HR over the top.

We rotate well keeping good speed despite the wind.

The last climb. Each time I try to take it on differently. This time: attack / recover / attack / recover. 4 out of the saddle efforts. Feel the burn in the legs...

Another great training session.

Thursday's training: Road (80 km)


Asaren rollers today. It's warm despite the rain. Shorts and cycling jersey. Sweating buckets.

Some muscular endurance work today. Hold 50 kmph for 45 minutes.

It's interesting to see how the HR responds. 130s, 140s, 150s by the end of the session. Muscular endurance training....

Wednesday's training: Rollers (65 mins)

  • warm up x 15 mins
  • 50 kmph x 45 mins (50.0 kmph, 45 mins, 148/158 HR, 97 cadence)
  • warm down x 15 mins
the power of two.jpg

A 5 am start with Nishihiro san today. Riding as a two is so much better than riding alone.

On the first climb, Nishihiro san passes me as we breach the top. Like Cancellara, give him a gap and he'll be gone. I feel like Sagan trying to get back on on the flat at the top and the long descent....

Rotating through and off we can cover ground quickly.

We contest the last climb as usual. I try to approach it differently each time.

This morning I take it easy up the first part and through the tunnel. As the road picks up again I drop two gears and grind it. The gear is heavy. The heart rate rises quickly.

200 metres from the top Nishihiro san comes around. I drop a gear and spin frantically to grab his wheel. Draft briefly. 100 m to go. Drop 2 gears again. Out of the saddle. Kick for the line. 182 HR over the top.

Great training as always!

Tuesday's training: Road (75 km, 142/182 HR, 33 kmph, 83 cadence, 1732 kcal)


After yesterday's effort in the cold and wet, back on dry land today. A tempo effort on the coast.

I drag myself out of bed. Just a few hours sleep. An early bed tonight!

Monday's training: Road (70 km, 30.5 kmph, 80 cadence, 1500 kcal, 82 cadence)



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