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LCD Soundsystem : the perfect training music

① warm up 5分
② 7ギア/7分ピラミッド(90のケイデンス、3セット、レベル1,2,3)
③ heavy pedaling 10分 (50のケイデンス、レベル6、アウタートップ)
④ warm down 5分
Total: 45分

① warm up for 5 minutes
② 7gears / 7minutes pyramids (90cadence、3 sets, levels 1,2,3)
③ heavy pedaling 10mins (50 cadence、level 6、biggest gear)
④ warm down for 5 minutes
Total: 45 mins


starring: Atsushi "Kurosawa" Suzuki, Andy "Ullrich" Wood and ..... Koichi Nakano


Komura Pass


3.5km, 225m climbing, 6.4% average grade


heart rate zone 4 controlled climbing x 3 (HR 158~168, 675m climbing)


"Yeeeeh! This balcony's on fire!"

①warm up 5分
②120以上のケイデンス 10分
③140~170HR クリスクロス 30分 (90ケイデンス)
④20分位CRUISE INTERVALS (ハートレートゾーン4で90~95ケーデンス)
⑤warm down 5分

Today’s trainer work out:
① warm up for 5minutes
② 120plus cadence for 10 minutes
③ 140~170HR crisscross for 30minutes (90cadence)
④ 20 minutes CRUISE INTERVALS (HR Zone 4 with a cadence of 90 to 95)
⑤ warm down for 5minutes

Musical motivation: Kings of Leon

Today's course: home~coffe no.1~home (5km?)


"Daddy, take me for a walk"


"Where do you want to go?" "Coffee No.1!"


Coffee No.1, probably the best coffee in the world.....

Kashiwazaki~Takayanagi~Kadoide~Takayanagi~Kashiwazaki (60km)

takayanagi light up.JPG

one month to go: Christmas lights in Takayanagi


students line up for "kyudo" archery


thinking about next year's targets.........


Ishikawa Pass: 3.3km, 245m climbing, 7.4% average grade - heart rate zone 4 controlled climbing

alcohol free.JPG

tonight's dinner - alcohol free じょんのび!


Kashiwazaki~Takayanagi~Nota~Kashiwazaki(50km, 200m climbing, 0L beer)


Photos: racing home before dark


春に田崎さんが来た時、 mountain pass special をしました。今回はbig mountain specialでした。

柏崎~海岸~西山~新道~野田~小村峠~尾神岳~あさひの里~石黒~cafe suzuoto~野田~柏崎~salt spa~bar andy(オタクパラダイス)(110キロ、1730m登り、ビール10L)


Grounded tanker ship on the beach at Takahama

スターティングメンバーは Vamos さん Miyaken さん Tazaki さん Andy プラス Pika さん アンド Suzuoto 。皆さん、遠い所から柏崎まできてくれてありがとうじょんのび!


In search of Pika kun, starring Tazaki, Vamos, Miyaken.....


where is he.JPG

Komura Pass: "Is that Pika kun down there!?"

柏崎~イソノベ~柏崎~ramen shop (58キロ、550m登り、ビール1L)


no answer.JPG

Ogami Dake: moshi moshi? Pika kun????

イソノベで田崎さんと100mくらいのギャップができました。最後の1キロを頑張って、90m, 80m, 70m, 60m, 50m, 40m 田崎さんがダンシングを始める、がんばらなくちゃ!30m行きそう!20mオールアウトじょんのび!10m道もうちょっとで終わる!5mオールオーバーじょんのび!




Mt. Yoneyama from Ogami Dake's take off point

When Tazaki san last came to Kashiwazaki in the spring, we did a “mountain pass special”.

This time we did a “big mountain special”.

Sunday’s course:
Kashiwazaki~Coast road~Nishiyama~Shindou~Nota~Komura Pass~Ogami Dake~Asahi no sato~Ishiguro~Cafe Suzuoto~Nota~Kashiwazaki~Salt Spa~ Andy's Bar (a.k.a. geek’s paradise)(110km、1730m of climbing、10L of beer)


Andy's Bar a.k.a "Otaku Paradise". Entertainment courtesy of Nobutomo san

The starting members were Vamos san, Miyaken san, Tazaki san, Andy PLUS Pika san AND Suzuoto. Everyone came from far places to ride – Thank you じょんのび!

Check the links above.


Isonobe photograph series number 113

Tazaki san’s pace was too much for me in the off-season! I also realised the importance of taking on extra food when it’s cold. I got the hunger knock or bonk for the first time じょんのび! I was really grateful for Suzuoto’s family who put out a great selection of food – Thank you じょんのび!

tazaki suzuoto.JPG

Suzuoto: "1 more?" Tazaki san "What? Beer?"

Monday’s course:
Kashiwazaki~Isonobe~Kashiwazaki~ramen shop (58km、550m of climbing、1L of beer)

The starting members were Tazaki san(Sunday’s Drunkard All Out Ranking No. 1), Suzuoto (No. 2)、Andy(No. 3, first time じょんのび!)

On Isonobe Tazaki san got a gap on me of about 100m. In the last kilometre of the climb, I dug deep to bridge the gap, 90m, 80m, 70m, 60m, 50m, 40m. Tazaki san got out of the saddle. I’ve got to go harder! 30m I can do it!20m All Out じょんのび!10m We’re almost at the road’s end!5m All Over じょんのび!

I’ll get you next time!

laid back, I'll give you laid back

over and over and over and over and over
like a monkey with a miniature cymbal
the joy of repetition really is in you

stormy skies.JPG

stormy skies today

Today’s trainer work out:

①warm up 5分
②120以上のケイデンス 10分
③40分位CRUISE INTERVALS 6セット:(6分ハートレートゾーン4で90~95ケーデンス / 2分ゆっくり走る)
④warm down 5分

trainer set up.JPG

on the balcony, the driest place to be

Today’s trainer work out:
①warm up for 5minutes
② 120plus cadence for 10 minutes
③ 40 minutes CRUISE INTERVALS 6 sets:(6 minutes in HR Zone 4 with a cadence of 90 to 95 / 2 minutes ride easy)
④ warm down for 5 minutes

Musical motivation: hot chip over and over and over and over ………

Today’s trainer work out:

①warm up 5分
②120以上のケイデンス 10分
③12分1 LEG INTERVALS、3セット:(1分左足、1分両方の足、1分右足、1分両方の足)
④140~170HR クリスクロス 30分 (90ケイデンス)
⑤warm down 5分


striving for the perfect pedal stroke

Today’s trainer work out:

① warm up for 5minutes
② 120plus cadence for 10 minutes
③ 12 minutes 1 LEG INTERVALS、3 sets:(1minute left leg、1 minute both legs、1 minute right leg、1 minute both legs)
④ 140~170HR crisscross for 30minutes (90cadence)
⑤ warm down for 5minutes


the muscles to be worked on

Musical motivation: dinosaur jr


Today's trainer workout:

· 5分ウォームアップ
· 10分ハイケーデンス
· 40分位CRUISE INTERVALS 6セット:(6分ハートレートゾーン4で90~95ケーデンス / 2分ゆっくり走る)
· 5分ウォームダウン
· トータル:1時間位

CRUISE INTERVALSの時にはハートレートゾーン4に入ってからタイムを計り始めました。僕の場合はゾーン4は157~167HRです。今日は165位のHRをキープしながら走りました。


Today's trainer workout:

· 5 minutes warm up
· 10 minutes high cadence
· 40 minutes CRUISE INTERVALS 6 sets:(6 minutes in HR Zone 4 with a cadence of 90 to 95 / 2 minutes ride easy)
· 5 minutes warm down
· Total: approx 1 hour

During the high cadence part I rode at a cadence of around 120. For the CRUISE INTERVALS I started the timer as I moved into zone 4. For me Zone 4 lies between a HR of 157 and 168. Today I tried to keep my HR at around 165 for the interval.


Photos: the science behind Lance Armstrong
Musical motivation: the killers Andy you're a star!

Today I did my first trainer session this off-season:

① warm up 5分
②120以上のケイデンス 5分 (3セット)
③ 7ギア/7分ピラミッド(90のケイデンス、3セット)
④140~170HR クリスクロス 20分 (90ケイデンス)
⑤warm down 10分


(③のピラミッドはアウターで、ラスト7ギアを1分ずつギアアップして走ります。僕のトレーナーは負荷を変えられるので最初のセットは“1”そして“2”から “3”へ負荷を上げていきます。)


blurred vision.JPG

Caution: 120 cadence can caused blurred vision

Today I did my first trainer session this off-season:
① warm up for 5minutes
② 120plus cadence for 5minutes (3sets)
③ 7gears / 7minutes pyramids (90cadence、3sets)
④ 140~170HR crisscross for 20minutes (90cadence)
⑤ warm down for 10minutes

(Between each set, cycle at “tempo pace” for 2 minutes. The total time is 1 hour 30 minutes .)

(③Pyramids – for this exercise, ride in the big chain ring. Progress through the last 7 gears at 1 minute intervals. On my trainer I can vary the resistance, so I do 3 sets at resistance levels “1”, “2” and then “3”.)
(④Crisscross – for this exercise, I raise my HR to 170 while riding at a cadence of about 90.At first I raise my HR up to 140 and then start timing the exercise. From here I increase the gears and cadence to bring my HR up to 170. Once I see “170” on the computer I ease off the cadence and move down a few gears. Once the HR drops back down to “140” on the computer, I raise my HR back up to 170. In a 20 minute exercise, this process is repeated a number of times.)

hamster food.JPG

Healthy food for a hungry hamster

Musical motivation: Neon Neon

heavy rain + strong winds + bad cold = no riding this weekend...


stormy skies over Mt. Yoneyama


stormy skies over central beach


"Daddy's got a cold but I'm okay!"

first food.JPG

Luke's first food - おいしいじょんのび!


fallen leaves in the hills around Betsumata


a quick spin on the Betsumata Rolling Course

画像 059.jpg

Happy Birthday Luke! 6 months old today...

cold komura.JPG

cold Komura Pass - 8 C at the top - 寒いじょんのび!


new protein - banana flavour - おいしいじょんのび!


home training - one legged squats

racing home.JPG

racing home before it gets dark

healthy dinner.JPG

a healthy dinner for a hungry cyclist

colours b.JPG

autumn leaves at the top of Isonobe

colours a.JPG

autumn leaves at the photo point on Isonobe

ishikawa andrew.JPG

Andrew on Ishikawa Pass

ishikawa view.JPG

the view from Ishikawa Pass

yoneyama sunset.JPG

Mt. Yoneyama sunset

akasakayama light up.JPG

autumn leaves lit up at Akasakayama Park, Kashiwazaki

cold morning.JPG

sunrise in Ishiguro - a beautiful but verrrrrrry cold morning......

my shadow.JPG

Shadow boxing? Shadow cycling! Today's training partner......

snow yoneyama.JPG

first snow on Mt. Yoneyama

snow ishiguro.JPG

snow on the road above Ishiguro

first blog.JPG

first blog!

home gym.JPG

home gym


winter skles and the first snow on Mt. Kurohime, Takayanagi


1st time = light weights x 20 times, 3 sets


step by step じょんのび!



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