andy: 2011年3月アーカイブ


First family photo!


Hands together


Luke loves his new brother!


brothers  bobjack.jpg

Bobby and Jack

brothers Noel-and-Liam-Gallagher.jpg

Liam and Noel

brothers frank and andy.jpg

Andy and Frank

luke and mark.JPG

Luke and Mark!

Born: March 30th 2011, 13:49
Weight: 3735g
Height: 54cm

Mummy and baby are doing great!


Sean Connery?

james bond roger moore.jpg

Roger Moore?

james bond luke.JPG

Mine's Luke George Wood!


5:45 sunrise


sun rising up behind Mt. Hachikoku


heading for R252


I love asaren and I love Takayanagi, -3 degrees C, two frozen bottles, ice patches, not a car in site


the climb up to Shiba Toge - is it really 10%?


feeding the goats - spring is here at last!

Tuesday's asaren: R252 ~ Takayanagi ~ R12 ~ Shiba Toge ~ return

(70 km, 450 m climbing, 30 kmph)


R252 - slightly uphill and a slight headwind = great base training


cold, frosty, icy, not a cloud in the sky


Isonobe - MTB only


"kayabuki" thatched cottage in Ogonoshima


the view from the office - Mt. Yoneyama

Monday's asaren: R252 ~ Takayangi ~ Isonobe (NG) ~ Ogonoshima ~ R252 return

(55 km, 330 m climbing, 30 kmph)


two flat tyres, one bike change, but only one winner.... Fabian Cancellara 2011 Harelbeke champion

bayw1.JPG bayw2.JPG bayw3.JPG bayw4.JPG bayw5.JPG

Sunday's training:

Road - Coast road, Kashiwazaki ~ Teradomari return

Intervals: Izumozaki ~ Takahama (30 s HARD / 90s EASY) 10 sets

(80 km, 250 m climbing, 32 kmph)

Today's baywatch movies:

kashiwazaki to teradomari.3GP teradomari to kashiwazaki.3GP

Taken with my mobile, apologies for the side on view and the shaky camera work!


1. Bike: 60 km

bfr2.JPG bfr3.JPG

2. Saturday night football:

New Beginners 0 - 1 United 1975 (Andy)



3. Run: Arena 217 m x 46 laps = 10 km


Neil Armstrong was the first to the moon.


The Norwegians were the first to the South Pole.


But who will be the first to the top of Yahiko this year?

The Mountain Goat got close today.

ttu1.JPG ttu2.JPG

training like I used to do - 2 hours in the snow and wind

Saturday's training:

Road: coast road ~ Ishiji ~ Nishiyama ~ R73 ~ Shindou

(60 km, 330 m climbing, 30 kmph, 81 cadence)

btb1.JPG btb2.JPG

Friday's training:

Road: coast road - out & back

out: tempo pace - 132 AV HR / 33.3 AV kmph

back: a little more gas - 140 AV HR / 35.3 AV kmph

(67 km, 250 m climbing, 34.3 kmph, 87 cadence)

mc1.JPG mc2.JPG mc3.JPG mc4.JPG

Thursday's training:

Road: R353 ~ Ishiguro ~ R78 ~ Oshima ~ Return + Ibatake climb

(82 km, 1250 m, climbing)

ps1.JPG ps2.JPG

wanna grow, up to be, be a debaser...

Wednesday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - Pixies' Doolittle

150 HR x 90 mins

Total: 90 mins (145 AV HR, 82 km, 54.5 kmph, 102 cadence)


Musical motivation: fantastic from start to finish, the Pixies


blue skies above Ukawa


resistance training - the bike, me, 2 × 500ml bottles, 1 x big bag (clothes, shoes, lunch...)


snow blocks the road between Tochigahara and Shiba Toge


the じょんのび rollercoaster - open 365 days a year


pure climbing is dirty business in March in Niigata

Tuesday's training:

Road: Kashiwazaki ~ R353 ~ Ishiguro ~ Takayanagi ~ Tochigahara climb ~ Matsudai ~ R353 じょんのび rollercoaster ~ Ishiguro ~ Takayanagi ~ R252 ~ Kashiwazaki

(112 km, 1600 m climbing)

rdm1.JPG rdm2.JPG rdm3.JPG rdm4.JPG rdm5.JPG

...all ways make me smile

Monday: rest day

Kujiranami ~ Naoetsu Aquarium ~ Yuttari Onsen ~ Kashiwazaki


asaren - asasanpo with Grandma and Grandad


"Let's go for a drive"


checking out the competition on the seaside line


feeding the swans at Nishiyama


the swans are still here, so it's still winter

dl7.JPG "putting the sweat back in" - a liquid lunch at ichiryu

checking out the snow ploughs before they get stored away


koi carp at Akasakayama Park


classic bike shot


hill climb intervals - Akasakayama


a Doraemon puzzle at the coffee shop

80ka.JPG 80kb.JPG 80kc.JPG

Sunday's asaren: Teradomari return (82 km, 250 m climbing, 31 kmph, 86 cadence)

msr1.jpg msr2.jpg msr3.jpg

Japanese champion Taksahi Miyazawa makes the early break in today's MSR


These days we seem to have winter conditions during the week and sunshine at the weekends. This gives us a chance to get some well-needed long rides in. This morning I headed up the coast with Kitano san.

The wind was blowing in all different directions making good training.


In Nozomi we met up with Tazaki san and Abe san from Niigata. The plan was to do a loop around Yahiko.

March and April are the only chances I get to dish out a little bit of suffering to Yahiko champion Tazaki san on the climbs. This week, like last week, I was happy to pace him up and over the pass behind Yahiko. This week, like last week, I was happy to get the chance to push my heart rate above 180.

We met Andrew briefly near Yahiko village. I’m looking forward to getting in a long ride together soon.


From Yahiko back down the coast to Izumozaki, Tazaki san and I took turns driving it on the front. Again the wind was a mixed bag but as we approached Izumozaki it was definitely a full on head wind.

On the front, it was head down and forearms on the top of the handlebars making imaginary aerobars. Speed up to 40 kmph. Heart rate up to 170. Pull. Pull. Pull. And back for a rest. Before there was time to recover fully, back on the front again. Great training!


From Izumozaki to Kashiwazaki the head wind was really strong. It was just a case of dig, dig, dig to get home. And again great training!

As winter continues (more snow forecast again next week) the wind is a salvation, adding that little extra something that we usually look for in the mountains.

Thanks guys for a great ride today!



今朝北野さんと海岸へ行きました。 風があちこちから吹いて、良いトレーニングでした。
















Saturday's asaren:

Road - Kashiwazaki ~ coast road ~ Teradomari ~ Yahiko loop ~ Teradomari ~ coast road ~ Kujiranami ~ Nota loop

(142 km, 735 m climbing, 31 kmph, 84 cadence, 137 / 183 HR)


snow all night but the seaside line is good to go


a strong tail wind on the coast today, 40kmph + on the flats with little effort


Izumozaki town and Mt. Yahiko in the distance

Friday's training:

Road - Izumozaki loop

(81 km, 300 m climbing, 31 kmph)

refna.JPG refnb.JPG refn1.JPG

as the water manifests the brightness of the moon, the moon manisfests the clarity of the water...

Thursday's training:

Rollers – ride to the music – Underworld's Barking

01. Bird 1 - warm up
02. Always Loved A Film - warm up
03. Scribble – 150 HR
04. Hamburg Hotel – 150 HR
05. Grace – 155 HR
06. Between Stars – 155 HR
07. Diamond Jigsaw – 160 HR
08. Moon In Water – 160 HR
9.Louisiana – 140 ~170 criss cross HR
10.Simple Peal – 140 ~170 criss cross HR

Total: 60 mins

Musical Motivation: You can't beat Underworld for training music and this 2010 album is their poppiest yet


8pm >> gloves ON >> hat ON >> ON the balcony >> IN the dark >> ON the bike >> ON the rollers >> IN the wind >> DOWN to 1 degrees C >> snow IN my face >> head DOWN >> warm UP >> PEDAL >> PEDAL >> 10 mins >> lock ON TO 150HR >> lock ON TO 100 cadence >> arcade fire ON the stereo >> volume UP >> KEEP >> KEEP >> 90 mins >> time UP

Wednesday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - Arcade Fire's suburbs

150 HR x 90 mins

(90 mins, 146 HR AV, 79 km, 52.5 kmph, 99 cadence)


Musical Motivation: Arcade Fire's third album

in this light.JPG

Tuesday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - Editors' - in this light and on this evening

warm up x 10 mins
150 HR x 50 mins

Total: 60 mins (141 HR AV, 54.3 km, 54.3 kmph, 103 cadence)


Musical motivation: the Editors trade their guitars for keyboards on their 3rd album

bwo1.JPG bwo2.JPG bwo3.JPG bwo4.JPG bwo5.JPG bwo6.JPG

Monday's training: Road - R252 ~Takayanagi ~ R353 loop (62 km, 550 m climbing)

let1.JPG let2.JPG let3.JPG let4.JPG let5.JPG

It's hard to ride your bike after what has happened these last few days. Let alone write a blog about it. It makes you realise how much worse the earthquake we had in Kashiwazaki a few years ago could have been. At times like these we remind ourselves that the only 3 things we really need are our health, our family and our friends.

Our hearts go out to all those affected by the earthquake on the other side of Japan.

Saturday: rest day

Sunday's asaren:

Road - coast road ~ Yahiko ~ Iwamuro Pass ~ coast road ~ Kujiranami ~ Nota loop

(132 km, 610 m climbing, 32 kmph)

no cars1.JPG nocars2.JPG

Friday's training:

Rollers – ride to the music – Arcade Fire's Neon Bible

1."Black Mirror" – 4:13 warm up
2."Keep the Car Running" – 3:29 warm up
3."Neon Bible" – 2:16 150 HR
4."Intervention" – 4:19 150 HR
5."Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" – 3:57 155 HR
6."Ocean of Noise" – 4:53 155 HR
7."The Well and the Lighthouse" – 3:56 160 HR
8."(Antichrist Television Blues)" – 5:10 160 HR
9."Windowsill" – 4:16 150 HR
10."No Cars Go" – 5:43 150 HR
11."Black Mirror" – 4:13 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross
12."Keep the Car Running" – 3:29 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross
13."No Cars Go" – 5:43 140 ~ 170 HR criss cross
14."My Body Is a Cage" – 4:47 warm down

Total: 60 mins (148/170 HR, 53 kmph)


Musical motivation: Canada's Arcade Fire - classical meets punk rock...

inb1.JPG inb2.JPG inb3.JPG inb4.JPG inb5.JPG

Thursday's training:

1. Road - Nota~Ishiguro~Takayanagi loop

(57 km, 450 m climbing, 31 kmph)

2. Weekly strength maintanance - dumbbells

1 leg squats (10kg x 15) 3 sets
squats (20kg x 10) 3 sets
calf raises (20kg x 30) 3 sets
shoulder shrugs (20kg x 20) 3 sets
shoulder press (10kg x 10) 3 sets
biceps curl (10kg x 10) 3 sets

72olymp_cycle.jpg hk1.jpg hk2.jpg

Motivation: The almighty Hennie Kuiper – Paris Roubaix, Flanders, Milan San Remo, Alp d' Huez, World Champion, Olymic Gold Munich 1972

Wednesday's training:

Rollers – ride to the music – Editors the back room

150 HR x 90 mins

(145/158 HR, 52 kmph, 78 km)


Musical motivation: 8pm on the balcony, 0 degrees C, snow and wind, Editors on the stereo, what more do you need!?


Today I had my third go at a 20 minute time trial on the rollers. This time my goal was to beat February’s average speed over the duration:

February’s TT:
· HR: 170 AV / 181 MAX
· Dist: 19.3 km
· Speed: 57.9 AV / 64.5 MAX
· Cadence: 107 AV / 119 MAX
· Gear: 53 × 12
· Bike: VITUS

My strategy this time was to:

  • Hold 60 kmph for the fist 17 minutes while keeping my heart rate below 170
  • Go full gas for the last 3 minutes

I tried a similar strategy in January but decided to back off a little as I felt I was going to blow up. This time I could hold 60kmph relatively easily so I was happy about that. My heart rate stayed in the 160~170HR range for the 17 minute duration.

For the last 3 minutes I upped the speed to 63 kmph and held it there. At this speed cadence rose to above 120 and the bike felt like it was ready to jump off the rollers at times. It would be nice to have a try using a larger 53 × 11 gear.

There’s still lots of snow out there, so no chance to do time checks on my favorite climbs. The 20 minute TT offers a nice alternative for monitoring progress. I feel like I’m coming on steadily from January through to March. What’s more, I’m really getting into these TTs so I’d like to have a try at some TT racing this year if I get the chance.

I’ll do my best!

Today’s TT:

* HR: 164 AV / 180 MAX
* Dist: 20.1 km
* Speed: 60.5 AV / 66.6 MAX
* Cadence: 112 AV / 122 MAX
* Gear: 53 × 12
* Bike: VITUS



February’s TT:
· HR: 170 AV / 181 MAX
· Dist: 19.3 km
· Speed: 57.9 AV / 64.5 MAX
· Cadence: 107 AV / 119 MAX
· Gear: 53 × 12
· Bike: VITUS


  • 17分まで60kmph以上 / 170HR以下をキープ
  • ラスト3分フルパワー





Today’s TT:

* HR: 164 AV / 180 MAX
* Dist: 20.1 km
* Speed: 60.5 AV / 66.6 MAX
* Cadence: 112 AV / 122 MAX
* Gear: 53 × 12
* Bike: VITUS

stories3.JPG stories4.JPG

Monday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - PJ Harvey's stories from the city, stories from the sea

150 HR x 90 mins


Musical motivation: PJ's excellent 2000 album


My first ride with Kitano san for 3 months. My first 150 km ride in how long? And the first time to overload this year!



Kitano san and I rode out from Matsunami with the sun rising to the right. We haven’t ridden together for 3 months but we understand each other perfectly. Sharing the work on the front. Setting a steady pace. Just fast enough for a long ride. Time to chat and catch up. Time to enjoy the benefits of riding with a partner. Short bursts on the front, rests on the back.


We made it to Yahiko in no time. Both feeling good. Kitano san had a 200km brevet last weekend and has another 300km one next weekend, so he’s going good.



On the way back we were greeted with a super strong head wind. The kind of wind that makes you want to stop when you’re riding solo. In a pair though, the training just gets that much better. Hammer it on the front, hide on the back.



It took a really hard effort to get back. When I said bye to Kitano san his legs had gone. As I rode back into town, it was my turn. Classic signs. Head sagging. Mouth open. Thinking of food. Thinking of beer! Overload じょんのび!



Usually I finish a ride wanting to ride more. I always think this is a good time to stop. However, sometimes you need to push yourself over the edge. That’s what makes you stronger. Today’s asaren was one of those rides.

Kitano san, thank you every time!




A ndy, K itano, B ike, 148 km

Sunday's asaren: Yahiko loop / Teradomari loop / Minami Sabaishi loop

(148 km, 690 m climbing, 29 kmph)

shop1.JPG shop2.JPG shop3.JPG shop4.JPG shop5.JPG

Saturday: rest day, chasing Luke around Riverside Senshu!

shooz1.JPG shooz2.JPG shooz3.JPG shooz4.JPG shooz5.JPG shooz6.JPG

Friday's training:

1. Snow shoe hiking - Mt. Hachikoku (2h)


2. Rollers - 150 HR x 45 mins


Technique: style, class, but most of all... bike technique


Brotherhood: Luke, Shinobu (and Mark)

Thursday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - New Order's brotherhood and technique

new order broth.jpg

1. Brotherhood - 150 HR / 100+ cadence x 30 mins


2. Technique - 155 HR / 95~100 cadence x 30 mins

Total: 60 mins (150HR, 100 cadence, 51 kmph)

k top.jpg

Niigata is a great place to live. There are the mountains and the sea. There are also four clearly defined seasons. As a training cyclist, the nature of Niigata plays a large role in my yearly training plan.


k wint.jpg

The winter on the Japan Sea coast is characterized by heavy snowfall, the heaviest in all of Japan. Chances to ride outdoors are few and far between. Nature tells you to cross train to keep your fitness, to work on important bike skills on the trainer and to build strength.


k spring.jpg

As winter leads to spring, chances to ride outdoors increase. However, the mountain passes are still blocked with snow and inland roads are likely to have ice in the mornings. Nature tells you to ride on the coast. Rolling terrain, strong winds and good scenery, perfect for long slow distance (LSD) training.

Once you have this base fitness and spring is here in earnest, nature tells you to get into the hills. Shorter rides of greater intensity are the order of the day. The variety of gradual and steep climbs, all on our doorstep, are great for fine tuning the engine.



k sumb.jpg

Summer brings heat and humidity. In the absence of daylight saving in Japan, it gets light early but still goes dark quickly in the evenings. Nature teaches you discipline. Asaren, or early morning training, is the way to get in good training before the heat is too unbearable. Early nights are essential for those 430 AM starts. Again nature tells you to head for the mountains where shade and altitude offer some respite from the heat. The wealth of natural cold springs, offering ice cold water even in summer, are your course markers in the summer months.


k aut.jpg

As we enter autumn, and the days get shorter, it’s time to wind down a little. Nature tells you to ride as much as necessary to keep your year-earned fitness. The weather is perfect for cycling. It’s the time to enjoy cycling and look back on the year past.


In addition to all this, nature in Niigata gives us onsens, the beach, good rice and of course… sake. Niigata, what a great place to live!



8pm on the balcony, 1 degree C, race in / race out!

Wednesday's training:

Rollers - ride to the music - Battles' Mirrored x 2

1. Race : In - warm up
2. Atlas - 50 kmph
3. Ddiamondd - 55 kmph
4. Tonto - 55 kmph
5. Leyendecker - 50 kmph
7. Bad Trails - 55 kmph
8. Race : Out - 55 kmph
1. Race : In - 1. Race : 50 kmph
2. Atlas - 55 kmph
3. Ddiamondd - 55 kmph
4. Tonto - 50 kmph
5. Leyendecker - 55 kmph
7. Bad Trails - 55 kmph
8. Race : Out - warm down

Total: 60 mins (143 / 157 HR, 51 kmph, 97 cadence)


Musical motivation: what else would you listen to Battles for!?!?


Tuesday’s training:

1. Strength work:

Stepper x 8 mins warm up
Lunges (40×10, 50×10, 55×10)
Squats (60×10, 70×10, 75×10)
Calf raises (80×20) 3 sets
Bench press (25×10) 3 sets

2. Run:

Arena 217m x 46 laps = 10km


今日はジムでNiigata Albilex Juniorsの子供たちとランをしました。マイペースで走りたかったけどとても賑やかな雰囲気だったのでガマンできませんでした!





Today I ran with the kids from the Niigata Albilex Juniors' football team at the gym. I wanted to run at my pace but with all the excitement going on, I couldn’t resist!

Images from Rocky 2, when he’s running through Philadelphia, sprung to mind. Like Rocky, it wasn’t long before I had a big group of kids strung out behind me. How kids love a battle! But just like Rocky, even if they are only kids, I ain’t losing! Just like Rocky, I raised the pace! Great fun! And how fast are these kids!

At the end, Rocky puts in a big effort to drop the kids as he climbs the Town Hall steps. In a similar fashion, I put in a big dig in the final lap.

What great fun! I may be 36, but I’m just a kid at heart…

Motivation: training scene from Rocky 2


Norikura 2006





toito startb.JPG

Tokyo ~ Itoigawa 2007

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of me coming to Japan. 10 years? It’s flown by!

There have been many changes in my life since I came here.

When I arrived here 10 years ago, I weighed 86kg, was a heavy smoker and a heavy drinker too. After discovering cycling I shed 10 kilos, kicked the cigs and… carried on drinking like always!

More than that, I met Shinobu, we got married, we had Luke, the happiest times of our lives. This month we’ll be even happier with the arrival of Luke’s younger brother.

じょんのびTIME guys, here’s to another 10 fun-filled years!


Tsugaike 2008



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次のアーカイブはandy: 2011年4月です。





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