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same course, same wet weather, same great training

Wednesday's asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Nota ~ Ukawa ~ Sakurazaka Pass ~ Asahi no sato ~ Ishiguro ~ Ukawa ~ Nota ~ Kashiwazaki

55 km, 785 m climbing

cl2.JPG cl3.JPG cl4.JPG

Tuesday's asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Nota ~ Ukawa ~ Sakurazaka Pass ~ Asahi no sato ~ Ishiguro ~ Ukawa ~ Nota ~ Kashiwazaki

55 km, 755 m climbing


Today's training: Shindou R73 climb x 6

26 km, 500 m climbing


6 climbs:

50 × 25 sitting (easy) / 50 × 23 standing (hard)

climb 1: 0:30 sitting / 0:30 standing
climb 2: 0:40 sitting / 0:40 standing
climb 3: 0:50 sitting / 0:50 standing
climb 4: 1:00 sitting / 1:00 standing
climb 5: 1:10 sitting / 1:10 standing
climb 6: 2:00 sitting / 2:20 standing


乗鞍スカイラインヒルクライムに行ってきました。前日(土曜日)に行ってキャンプしました。乗鞍に着いたら雨でしたから温泉へ!夕方は大雨になりました。キャビンの中でたくさん食べて少し飲んで、気持ちよかった。明日は雨だったら僕のチャンスかなと思っていました! 美ヶ原に出る田崎さんにメールしたら、松本では雨が降ってないようでした。やっぱり山の天気は違いますね。 夜は大雨で興奮しているのかルーク君があまり寝ませんでした。キャンプデビューは楽しそうでした! 日曜日の朝もそのまま大雨でした。レースはやっぱり中止でした。雨でスカイラインが通行止めになりました。 レースに出られなかったのは残念でした。でも一週間位のビルドアップ〈〈トレーニング、レスティング、準備など〉〉もトレーニングの一種ですね。スタートラインまでは良い調子で行けたので、次のレースも同じように行きたいと思います。がんばるじょんのび!


This weekend was Norikua Skyline Hillclimb. We went the day before (Saturday) and camped. When we arrived it was raining so we headed straight for the onsen! By the evening the the rain had turned to heavy rain. It felt great to be in the warmth of the cabin eating a feast and drinking a few too. I thought if this rain continues, I'll be in with a chance tomorrow!

I mailed Tazaki san who was riding at Utsukushigahara and apparently it wasn't raining in Matsumoto. I guess the weather in the mountains is quite different to that down at the bottom.

Heavy rain fell throughout the night and Luke was so excited he didn't sleep much. He seemed to really enjoy his first camping experience.

The rain continued through the morning and I wasn't surprised to find out the race was canceled.

I was disappointed not to be able to race. However the week of build up to the race (training, resting, preparation) is all good training in itself. I arrived at the start line in good shape and I hope to do the same for my next race. I'll do my best じょんのび!


Tempting? The entrance to Norikura skyline, 18 km to the top!


Camping bungalow - Who's upstairs?


Welcome home daddy!

just1.JPG just2.JPG just3.JPG just 4.JPG

"Do you ride your bike the day before a race?"

"Just enough to remind my legs that I'm a racing cyclist" Robert Millar

Saturday's asaren: Komura Pass x 1

30 km, 305 m climbing

komura pass lower reaches.3GP komura pass upper reaches.3GP

Thursday: total rest

Friday's asaren: Komura Pass - warm up practice / easy climbing

56 km, 900 m climbing

ct2.JPG ct3.JPG ct4.JPG
dp1.JPG dp2.JPG dp3.JPG

Today's asaren: Betsumata rolling course ~ Skurazaka Pass ~ Komura Pass (cancelled - heavy rain)

45 km


Today's training: Isonobe x 2

58 km 825 m climbing


Climb 1: 170 target HR


Climb 2: intervals 0:40 hard / 2:00 easy


Monday: rest day
Tuesday: Isonobe
Wednesday: Isonobe
Thursday: rest or easy spin
Friday: Komura Pass – warm up practice and easy climbing
Saturday: Kashiwazaki asaren or Norikura course check
Sunday: race

Photo: Norikura 2008 my report Adam’s report


Today's training: Kashiwazaki ~ coast road ~ Mt. Yahiko Nozomi skyline ~ Mt. Yahiko steep skyline ~ coast road ~ Kashiwazaki

125 km, 1200 m climbing, 30 kmph












二人shoulder to shoulderで上がりました。最後に田崎さんがペースアップしたのでついて行けませんでした。でもすぐゴールしたので、田崎さんに写真を撮る隙を与えなくて済みました!


帰りは風がアゲインストでした。150HR / 90 ケイデンスをキープしながら走りました。



Today I rode out to Yahiko. From Kashiwazaki I was accompanied by Nishihiro san. It was the first time to ride together so I wasn’t really sure at what pace to ride. He seemed quite happy sat on my wheel at around the 34 kmph mark so I tried to stay around that speed. Just before we got to Izumozaki he said “I’d like to have a go up front”. He’s fast! From there to Teradomari, we worked in rotation. When it was my turn on the front we were doing about 38 kmph. When it was his turn the speed rose to about 40. We covered the ground from Kashiwazaki to Teradomari in an hour!

At Teradomari we met up with 4 friends from the F(t)Racing team. Nishihiro san’s bike was stuck in the big chain ring so he passed up on Mt. Yahiko this time. Let’s ride up together next time!

The remaining 5 of us headed for Mt. Yahiko.

The first climb was up the Nozomi skyline. As we passed through the gate, Tazaki san put in a small attack. I was out of the saddle to close the gap. As I got onto his wheel, he seemed to back off a little. I looked back to see nobody there. I looked in front to see nobody there! He’d gone again! I rode hard to bridge the gap. As I approached his rear wheel he seemed to slow down again. I thought he’ll be off again if I’m not careful, so I continued on past him to drive the pace at the front.

We got to another steep part and he attacked from behind again. I got through the steep bit and put the bike in the big ring to cross the gap. Again I resisted the temptation to slide onto his wheel and went to the front.

Right, here come the steep hairpins. Another attack! Wouldn’t you know it! I rode as hard as I could through the steep section. I can still see him! I can still see him! I can’t see him! He’s disappeared into the clouds!

From the top of the hairpins I got into the big ring again and dug in through the clouds. I could see I was closing in on someone as a silhouette appeared. Great! But no it was someone else. Then another silhouette! Another different guy!

At the finish line I was pretty close and was happy enough that Tazaki san didn’t have the time to get his camera out! Thanks for the great training every time!

The second climb was up the steep skyline. I gradually raised my pace from the start. Again Tazaki san and I became a twosome. He came around and I noticed he wasn’t spinning the pedals like he usually does. A closer look and he’s in the big chain ring. He did the whole climb from top to bottom in the big ring! What’s the average gradient? 10%?! Fantastic じょんのび!

The two of us rode up shoulder to shoulder. As we closed in on the finish, Tazaki san upped the pace a little. I couldn’t go with him. However, I was glad again to keep the leash short enough to prevent him getting a photo!

On the way home there was a really strong headwind. I kept a heart rate of 150HR and a cadence of 90 for the duration.

Today was great training. Thank you F(t)Racing. Thank you Nishihiro san!

Oono san’s blog

Tazaki san’s blog

why not.jpg

"you have to race in the rain, so why not train in the rain?" Zac

Today's asaren: 300AM~ England Vs Algeria (0-0)!; 430AM~ Kashiwazaki ~ R353 ~ Takayanagi ~ R252 ~ Kashiwazaki

57 km, 420 m climbing, 30 kmph

rain course: non-technical, no cars
rain wear: arm warmers, leg warmers, rain jacket
rain food: banana x1, jam sandwich x1, mugi cha x 1, Ukawa spring water x 1
use of brakes: zero - no braking じょんのび!


Paris~Roubaix? Takayanagi~Isonobe!


Friday’s asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Isonobe ~ Kashiwazaki


58 km, 485 m climbing, 30 kmph


Tuesday: day off (recovery)

Wednesday: day off (rain)

Thursday: asaren – Komura Pass x 4 climbs

53 km、985 m climbing

Climb 1: easy pace


Climb 2: intervals 0:30 hard / 1:30 easy


Climb 3: intervals 0:40 hard / 2:00 easy


Climb 4: intervals 0:50 hard / 2:30 easy

Heart rate file: komura pass june 17 2010 intervals.doc

Photo: thanks Andrew!

Heart rate data: race 180HR keep / TT 175 and falling.....

tsugaike 2010 hill climb and time trial HR data.doc

Monday’s training: active recovery – Nota loop x2 + Enmaichi (gasoline in!)

40 km, 100 HR AV


Betsumata elementary school and Mt. Kurohime


Luke’s first Enmaichi


The crowds gather on “Enma dori”


Tsugaike TT, 600m to the finish! All out?! Sunday cycling!

Photo: thanks Paul!









残りの15キロ位の登りもガマンじょんのび!180HR / 85-90ケイデンスをキープしながらタイムトライアルみたいに登りました。また他の選手の走り方を無視して、マイペースで上がりました。ゴールまで前にいる選手をちょっとずつパスしました。






②アンドリューさんのアドバイス通り"TRY TO RELAX"で走りました。TTでは本当にマイペースでしか走れないのでリラックスすることはとても大事ですね。アンドリューさん色々なアドバイスありがとう。



On Sunday I went to the Tsugaike hill climb time trial. In the morning is an 18 km hill climb race. The best riders from around Japan attend and it’s a chance to rub shoulders with the pros. The top 100 finishers in the morning race can go on to an individual time trial in the afternoon. Climbing the same mountain twice makes this one of the toughest races on the calendar.

It was my 5th time to enter the race so I pretty much know how to ride it.

My strategy for the morning race is:

① Raise my heart rate to 180 for a short interval at the end of my warm-up. By doing this, I was confident I could ride the course at the same heart rate.

② For the first 2 really steep kilometers, hold out じょんのび!I resisted the urge to go over 180HR and controlled my pace. This meant ignoring many of the riders around me who can fly up this section.

③ On the subsequent 1 km of flat road, hold out じょんのび! I resisted the urge to go up front and took advantage of drafting the other riders around me.

④ For the remaining 15 km, hold out じょんのび! I rode steady at 180HR / 85-90 cadence in a time trial fashion. Again I had to ignore the riding of those around me and gradually picked off riders as I rode to the finishing line.

This year I was really happy with the way I rode the morning race. It was more a case of “almost all out” than “all out”. However, my time was slower than previous attempts at this race. I think my condition is pretty good so maybe I need to give more time and attention to rest and recovery.

My strategy for the time trial:

① With a shorter warm up, get my HR up to 180 for a second time. As is the case each year, I couldn’t raise my heart rate in the afternoon. I got it as high as 175 and decided that that would be the HR I would be trying to hold in the TT.

② Andrew’s advice included "TRY TO RELAX". In a TT there is nothing to do but ride at your own controlled level of exertion, so it’s really important to relax and try to enjoy it. Andrew, thanks for all the advice!

At Tsugaike I think I rode my best within my own abilities. Next up is Norikura skyline in two weeks time. I’ll be doing my best there too. Looking forward to it….


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tsu1.jpg tsu2.jpg tsu3.jpg tsu4.JPG tsu5.JPG tsu6.JPG tsu7.JPG tsu8.JPG tsu9.JPG

Saturday's asaren: Komura Pass - equipment check / warm - up practice / 160 HR easy climbing

40 km, 650 m climbing

wu2.JPG wu3.JPG easy climbing: komura pass june 12.3GP

2006 Stage 1 59:49.6 (130) / Stage 2 DNQ


2007 Stage 1 56:01.9 (73) / Stage 2 43:15.5 (92) / Overall 1:39:17.4 (90)


2008 Stage 1 54:39.2 (43) / Stage 2 43:44.5 (90) / Overall 1:38:23.7 (66)


2009 Stage 1 55:51 (54) / Stage 2 43:08 (88) / Overall 1:39:00 (77)


2010 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Thursday's training: total rest

Tomorrow's training: total rest????????


Today's training: Kashiwazaki ~ Takayanagi ~ Isonobe (x2)~ Tochigahara ~ Shiba Pass ~ Takayanagi ~ Kashiwazaki

100 km, 1300 m climbing


Climb 1: Isonobe - controlled climbing - 170 target HR


Climb 2: Isonobe - intervals 0:30 hard / 1:30 easy x 10 sets


Climb 3: Shiba Pass - enjoy climbing!


Monday’s training: Kashiwazaki ~ Takayanagi ~ Isonobe (x 2 climbs) ~ Kashiwazaki

64 km, 865 m climbing


Climb No. 1: controlled climbing (170 HR / 85~90 cadence)


Climb No.2: intervals 0:30 hard / 1:30 easy x 10 sets


Easy Rider Luke George Wood: born to be wild


Today's training: active recovery - Nota loop x 2

40 km, 180 m climbing, recovery heart rate 102 AV / 134 MAX


Monday: hard climbing – Isonobe
Tuesday: recovery spin
Wednesday: hard climbing – Isonobe
Thursday: rest day
Friday: moderate climbing – Komura Pass
Saturday: rest day OR recovery spin

Sunday AM: hill climb race
Sunday PM: hill climb TT (????????)














Recently I’ve been training hard at hill climbing. For hill climbing, you can do good training alone. However, if there are 2 of you the training gets even better.

The last two Sundays, I’ve done a Yahiko double-header with Andrew.

Last Sunday:

The first climb was of the steep skyline. I locked myself onto Andrew’s wheel as we took on the climb. My heart rate rose to 180. The previous week Andrew had been in a hill climb race, which may explain why he was riding so strong. The elastic eventually snapped on Hairpin No.6 where I just couldn’t keep up. All out じょんのび!

The second climb was of the Nozomi skyline. This climb suits my diesel engine more. This time I took up the initiative and went on to the front to try and control things a little. I managed to stay up front all the way to the final reaches of the climb. With the sun sitting above the Japan Sea, I could see Andrew’s shadow behind me as we turned the last corner. Keeping my eye on his position, I could see him coming round. I upped the pace to hold him there. 10 seconds later here he comes again! I upped the pace again. It was another case of all out じょんのび all the way up to the finish!


This Sunday:

The first climb was of the Nozomi skyline. We set off at a good pace right from the start. As we went through the gate and the road steepens, Andrew attacks! He’s out of the saddle! Like Pantani! I’m out of the saddle! Not like Pantani! He’s too fast! I can’t keep up! He got a gap of about 15 metres. I got back in the saddle and went as hard as I could to bridge the gap. With a HR of around 180 I gradually clawed him back. I was sure he would have another go on the next steep section, so I did as best as I could to try and recover. A few weeks ago with Tazaki san I was dropped on the steep section through the hairpins and I was sure this is where Andrew would make his second attack. We got to the hairpins. I decided to try a little dig before he had chance to attack me. Somehow I got a gap. I pushed on and rode as hard as I could all the way up the remainder of the climb. All out じょんのび!

The second climb (Andrew’s third!) was up the steep skyline. At the foot of the climb Andrew, with a smile on his face, said “Let’s try some of your “controlled climbing!””

Andrew doesn’t bother with any kind of cycling computer so it was up to me to take the controls!

I rode at race pace, around 175~180 HR, all the way up. I kept my cadence at around the 90 rpm mark. For some reason, I always assume around 80 to be the best climbing cadence. However today a higher cadence, with the 34X21 and 34X24 gearing, felt pretty good and I got a good rhythm going. At the top it was yet another case of all out じょんのび!

Andrew thanks for the fantastic training every time. Let’s go all guns at Tsugaike next week!


Today's training:

Kashiwazaki ~ coast road ~ Mt. Yahiko Nozomi skyline ~ Mt. Yahiko steep skyline ~ coast road ~ Kashiwazaki

123 km, 1225 m climbing, 31 kmph


Today's asaren training:

Kashiwazaki~Shindou~R73~Nakata~R11~“?”Pass~Nakadori~R11~Tsukayama Pass~R291~Takeishi Pass~Kitajo~R252~Sabaishi~Ishikawa Pass~Oguni~R171~R25~Tajima Pass~Minami Sabaishi~R252~R56~Osawa Pass~R341~R403~Oguni 7-11~R291~Takeishi Pass~Kashiwazaki (98km、 1180m of climbing)


柏崎~新道~R73~中田~R11~?峠~長鳥~R11~塚山峠~R291~武石峠~北城~R252~鯖石~石川峠~小国~R171~R25~田島峠~南鯖石~R252~R56~大沢峠~R341~R403~小国7-11~R291~武石峠~柏崎 (98キロ、 1180m登り)

pass3.JPG pass4.JPG


when I get to the bottom, I go back to the top of the slide, where I stop and turn and I go for a ride, till I get to the bottom and I see you again...

Today's training: total rest

In April and May I was riding mostly flat and rolling courses as training for Tokyo~Itoigawa. I trained on my VITUS bike using aeorobars.

This month I’ll enter two Jitsugyodan races, Tsugaike and Norikura Skyline. Both are hill climb races, so hill climb training has become my main focus. I’m training on my carbon bike with compact cranks.

It’s my first time to try out a super light gear – 34 X 27. I can keep a cadence of 80 even on the steepest parts of Isonobe and Ogami Dake. However, as you clear the steep sections, it takes discipline to shift up and keep the 27 for those “emergency” situations only.

I’ve been doing controlled climbing and other kinds of intervals but I’ve mostly just been enjoying pushing myself up the many beautiful hills in and around Kashiwazaki.

Now is the best time of year to be out on the bike. I want to train well and do my best at the upcoming hill climbs. Ganbaru じょんのび!


great views from Komura Pass

Today's training: total rest




CONTROLLED CLIMBING, INTERVALS など、色々なトレーニングをやっています。でもほとんどは柏崎の美しい山を楽しんで登っています。



nice climb up to Tochigahara, Takayanagi

musical motivation: the beatles does rock music get any better than this?


we took off that sunny day, packed our things and went away, me and friends in daddy's car, to find out how summers are, found a card to send from wherever we went……

Luke’s drivetime music: the cardigans

hcq.JPG hc2.JPG hc3.JPG hc4.JPG hc5.JPG hc6.JPG

Today's asaren: Komura Pass (x 3 climbs), Ogami Dake (x 1 climb)

67 km, 1400 m climbing

5301.JPG 5302.JPG 5303.JPG 5304.JPGToday's asaren: Isonobe (57 km, 510 m climbing, 30 kmph)

Today's training: Komura Pass (Kashiwazaki side) ~ Komura Pass (Kakizaki side)

45 km, 650 m climbing, 30 kmph

kd2.JPG kd3.JPG



前のアーカイブはandy: 2010年5月です。

次のアーカイブはandy: 2010年7月です。





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