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Tuesday's training: Komura Pass x1 (43 km, 365 m climbing)


beautiful sunrise this morning followed by rain all day....

Monday's training:

GYM strength work

Warm-up: stairmaster x 8 mins

Barbells / machines:

1 leg squats (20 × 15) 3 sets
Shoulder press (15 × 15) 3 sets
Shoulder pull up (15 × 15) 3 sets
Leg curl machine (48 × 15) 3 sets
Leg extension machine (45 × 15) 3 sets
Bench press (25 × 15) 3 sets
Biceps curl (15 × 15) 3 sets
Back extensions 60

Warm-down: stairmaster x 8 mins


ROLLERS – cycle to the music: Hot Chip's Made in the Dark

(40 mins, 54.2kmph, 111 cadence, 151/167 HR av/max)

int5a.JPG int5b.JPG int5c.JPG

Sunday's training: rollers - cruise intervals

(150 HR x 5 mins) x 12 sets

(60 mins, 50 kmph, 145 / 158 HR av/max)

Musical motivation: the wedding present

Photos: Luke's first ride on a train: Kashiwazaki ~ Kakizaki and onsen


Saturday morning: cross training – Mt. Hachikoku hiking (2.5h)

Saturday night: rollers – speed ramps

(50 kmph x 5 mins) x 4 sets
(52 kmph x 5 mins) x 1 set
(54 kmph x 5 mins) x 1 set
(56 kmph x 5 mins) x 1 set
(58 kmph x 3 mins) x 1 set (172 max HR)
Total: 38 mins






Today I climbed Mt. Hachikoku with Luke in his carrier. Two weeks ago we climbed Mt.Yoneyama, so this was Luke’s second experience of hiking up a mountain. I wonder why we haven’t been doing this much more? It’s great fun. Luke loves the nature and the cracking views of the city, the mountains and the sea. And it’s great training for dad too!


I want to get a few more hikes in together before the snow comes. Once the snow has arrived, I hope we can try out some snow shoeing together. Looking forward to the off-season!

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Friday morning: GYM strength work

Warm-up: stairmaster x 8 mins


Squat (50 × 15) 3 sets
Lunges (40 × 15) 3 sets
Calf raises (60 × 15) 3 sets
Bench press (30 × 15) 3 sets
Shoulder press (15 × 15) 3 sets
Shoulder pull up (15 × 15) 3 sets

Sit ups 25 × 3
Back extensions 30 × 3

Warm-down: stairmaster x 8 mins


Friday night: Rollers – ride to the music The Chemical Brothers Surrender

music that triggers some kind of response….

katakuri1.JPGkatakuri2.JPG katakuri3.JPG katakuri4.JPG

Thursday's training: Kashiwazaki~R11~“?”Pass~Nakadori~R11~Tsukayama Pass~Oguni~Katakuri no mori climb (7.4km)~Tsukayama Pass~Nakadori~"?" Pass~Kashiwazaki

65 km, 770 m climbing


Wednesday's training:

base training loop: Kashiwazaki ~ Nota ~ Ishiguro ~ Takayanagi ~ sabaishi ~ Nota ~ Kashiwazaki

(1:57, 62 km, 510 m climbing, 32 kmph, 136 / 170 HR AV/MAX)


Dumbbells and beer: Strength work

lunges (10kg x 10) 3 sets
shoulder shrugs (10kg x 20) 3 sets
calf raises (10kg x 30) 3 sets
1 leg squat (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
biceps curl (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
shoulder press (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
front raises (2.5kg x 15) 3 sets
side raises (2.5kg x 15) 3 sets

flamin groovies.jpg

Turn all knobs up to eleven. Does rock and roll get any better than this!?

Tuesday's training: cycle to the music ~ Flamin Groovies Teenage Head (reissue)

(50 mins, 51 kmph, 104 cadence, 149/167 HR)


Monday's training:

rollers - leg speed

(5 mins x 55 kmph) / (0:30 towel & drink) x 8 sets

40 mins, 55 kmph, 106 cadence, 139 / 57 AV/MAX HR

Dumbbells: Strength work

1 leg squat (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
biceps curl (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
shoulder press (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
lunges (10kg x 10) 3 sets
shoulder shrugs (10kg x 20) 3 sets
calf raises (10kg x 30) 3 sets

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Saturday / Sunday daytime: Nagano zoo, botanical gardens and dinosaur park

Sunday night training: rollers - leg speed

(5 mins x 55 kmph) / (0:30 towel & drink) x 8 sets

40 mins, 55 kmph, 105 cadence, 148 / 164 AV/MAX HR

cfm1.JPG cfm2.JPG cfm3.JPG

Saturday's asaren: Kashiwazaki~Takayanagi~Ishiguro~Nota~Kashiwazaki loop

(57 km, 425 m climbing, 31.1 kmph)

ncl1.JPG ncl2.JPG ncl3.JPG ncl4.JPG

Friday's training: perfect weather for Isonobe (65 km, 550 m climbing)


Thursday's training:


Endurance work: 150 target HR / 100 target cadence (45 mins)


Dumbbells: Strength work

lunges (10kg x 10) 3 sets
shoulder shrugs (10kg x 20) 3 sets
calf raises (10kg x 30) 3 sets
1 leg squat (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
biceps curl (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
shoulder press (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
front raises (2.5kg x 15) 3 sets
side raises (2.5kg x 15) 3 sets

Photos: Kadoide elementary school, Takayanagi (by car)


Wednesday's training:

on road: Komura Pass x 2 (closed for winter)

(40 km, 575 m climbing)


off road: rollers - cycle to the music - Delphic's Acolyte
(45 mins, 143/157 HR, 98 cadence, 49.7 kmph)


Monday: total rest

Tuesday’s training:


Endurance work: cycle to the music – Supercar’s A 150 target HR / 100 target cadence (50 mins)


Dumbbells: Strength work

1 leg squat (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
biceps curl (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
shoulder press (7.5kg x 15) 3 sets
front raises (2.5kg x 15) 3 sets
side raises (2.5kg x 15) 3 sets
lunges (10kg x 15) 3 sets
sit ups (x 25) 3 sets
back extensions (x 25) 3 sets

A few videos to enjoy a beer too:

I guess a lot of you will have read the book and / or seen the movie about Graeme Obree, but I found this interesting documentary last night:


Graeme Obree documentary

All the interesting anecdotes about Obree can be seen: using washing machine parts, big gear training etc. I was really interested to hear him say he only trained 10 hours a week (3 hard and 7 as recovery).

The relationship with his brother in law is really heartwarming. First you see him motorpace Obree in Scotland. Next you see him in the centre of the track utterly amazed that Obree is going to break a record or catch an opponent.

In the film Chris Boardman is made out to be rather machine-like. A bit like the big Russian compared to Obree’s Rocky in Rocky 4. Obree trained alone with his own training ideas. Boardman had the support team, the technology, the cash. So I checked out a documentary on him too:


Chris Boardman documentary

This was also a cracking documentary. Here we see Boardman as the family man who has hit the big time after his gold in the Olympics. Yes he has the technology at his fingertips but hardly your spoilt rock star.

We see him lining up against amateurs and hear about him setting up bikes in the shed for both him and his mates.

My favorite bit was when he is talking to his wife before a race. They are reminiscing about the good old days when they would go to the pub on a Thursday night, move on to a club and then have a chippy on the way home. So many parallels to my youth! Then we hear about how she first met him: He was crying in the back of a car because he’d come 7th in a race. The reason he came 7th? He’d been out on the booze after winning the junior national title the week before! Far from being a machine!

His relationship with interviewer Rob McCaffery is also interesting when McCaffery is giving him words of support before the hour record. It seems Boardman took advice / ideas from anyone and everyone to make him the best.

After these two great vids I watched Boardman’s 1994 TDF prologue debut:

Tour de France 1994 prologue

Amazaing! How great it would be to have him line up with Cancellara today.

Obree and Boardman, two heroes of the road. Check them out!

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Sunday's asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Oguni ~ Matsudai ~ Takayanagi ~ Kashiwazaki (98 km, 945 m climbing, 30.8 kmph)



desc1.JPGSaturday PM: 4pm to 5 pm free hour - Komura Pass x1 (30 km, 315 m climbing, 30 kmph)
yon1.JPG yon2.JPG yon3.JPG yon4.JPG yon6.JPG yon5.JPG


Saturday AM: cross training - Mt. Yoneyama Hike


Friday AM: strength work - GYM (light weights / high repetitions)

stepmaster 10 mins
squats (38kg x 15) x 3 sets
lunges (28kg x 15) x 3 sets
calf raises (48kg x 20) x 3 sets
bench press (20kg x 15) x 3 sets
back / hamstring extensions x 100
stepmaster 10 mins

Total: 60 mins


Friday PM: endurance work - ROLLERS (cycle to the rhythm of Daft Punk's Homework)

(40 mins, 137/158 HR AV/MAX, 101 AV cadence, 49.1 kmph)


Thursday night's training: the power of music – cycling to the rhythm on the rollers

(60 mins, 47 kmph, 95 AV cadence, 50 × 12 gear, 141/161 HR AV/MAX)

cycling playlist shuffle:

Doves – words
New Order – bizarre love triangle
Les Rythmes Digitales – music makes you lose control
Pulp – babies
Kraftwerk – aero dynamik
Doves – there goes the fear
Rocket from the Crypt – on a rope
Delphic – red lights
Sparklehorse – hammering the cramps
The Chemical Brothers – come with us
Junior Senior – go junior, go senior
Halfby – catch up the housemartins
The Chemical Brothers – star guitar
Sebadoh – got it


Wednesday night's training: first rollers - 50 × 12 gear, 90 cadence, 55 mins

On Wednesday night I did my first ever ride on rollers. Having been a serious cyclist for 5 or 6 years, I’m surprised it took me this long. Thanks to Mike for passing them on to me.

The rollers arrived at 6:30 and I was riding them on the veranda by 7:00.

They take some getting used to. It’s kind of like when you’re a kid and you ride without stabilizing wheels for the first time. It took about 10 minutes to get the confidence to take my hand off the rail on the veranda and ride free.

Keeping balanced takes concentration at first but it becomes easier. Keeping focused on your balance and technique makes the riding interesting and is surely beneficial to riding on the road.

The machine is quieter than the trainer which means I can ride at night or in the morning without disturbing others too much. It’s also easier to set up and get going which is a benefit. The riding is much more like riding on the road and the rollers will take less toll on the bike than the trainer I’m sure.

The benefit of the trainer is you can crank up the resistance for high intensity workouts. With the current 50 × 12 top gear set up, I think this will be difficult on the rollers. This winter I’ll try to keep the trainer (and the stepping machine at the gym) for these higher intensity efforts.

There’s nothing like a new bit of kit to get you motivated again!

Tips for riding rollers


Tuesday's training: stairmaster - pyramid intervals

level 10 - 20 pyramid (10 mins)
level 15 - 20 pyramid (6 mins) x 5 sets
level 7 warm down (4 mins)

Total: 45 mins

bbt1.JPG bbt2.JPG

Today's training: wet but warm - Teradomari loop (89 km, 30 kmph)

time for a rest....











弥彦は急なスカイラインを登りました。11月にキツイです。175HR/85ケイデンス位で頑張って登りました。11月に 5回登る のは信じられないじょんのび!








This weekend we went up to Andrew’s house in Niigata. Both Saturday and Sunday were sunny for the first time in quite a while. On the way up the 3 of us enjoyed some time at the “Lovers' Point” at Tenryo no Sato.

From Andrew’s house you can see both Mt. Kakuda and Mt. Yahiko. The sun setting behind them was really beautiful. At night it was great to be sat in front of the wood stove enjoying a few beers and Hideko’s delicious curry. It was also great to see our boys playing so happily together like little brothers.

On Sunday we had a great breakfast and headed out to Yahiko and Kakuda which were calling us from the window. Having two decent sized mountains just 30 minutes away makes for a fantastic location.

First up was Mt. Kakuda. It’s a really beautiful climb through the forest. Strips of sunlight coming down through the trees made it particularly enjoyable. Kakuda is quite a tricky climb, the kind of climb that if you rode it often, you could really judge your form on it.

Next up was Mt. Yahiko and the steep skyline. It’s hard going in Novemeber. I rode as hard as I could at around the 175 HR / 85 cadence mark. I can’t even imagine taking it on five times in November!

On the way back we took in the persimmon orchards on Mt. Kakuda. We tried out 2 really interesting climbs. During the season this is were Andrew does his intervals. Pretty tough roads indeed!

In just 50 km we squeezed in 1000 m of climbing. If you did that every day as asaren, you’d become really strong I’m sure!


In the afternoon we all headed back to Yahiko. The autumn leaves and chrysanthemum festival were really beautiful. As was the sunset on the drive back to Kashiwazaki.

Andrew and family, thank you so much for a wonderful weekend!


Sunday's training: Andrew's house ~ Mt. Kakuda ~ Mt. Yahiko ~ Kakuda persimmon climb x2 ~ Andrew's house (50 km, 1000 m climbing)

mist1.JPG mist2.JPG mist3.JPG mist4.JPG mist5.JPG

Saturday's asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Oguni ~ Matsudai ~ Takayanagi ~ Kashiwazaki

98 km, 920 m climbing, 30.0 kmph



sru1.JPG stru2.JPG

Friday's training: stairmaster - descending intervals

  • level 10 - 20 pyramid (10 mins)
  • level 20 (10 mins)
  • level 15 - 20 pyramid (5 mins)
  • level 20 (8 mins)
  • level 15 - 20 pyramid (5 mins)
  • level 20 (6 mins)
  • level 5 warm down (6 mins)

Total: 50 mins (40/154/182 av/med/max HR)

musical motivation: badly drawn boy

lom1.JPG lom2.JPG lom3.JPG

Thursday's training: back on the bike ~ Kujiranami ~ Nota ~ Komura Pass loop (48 km, 420 m climbing)

nrun1.JPG nrun2.JPG

Wednesday's training: cross training run - Seki Machi circuit (10km, 45mins, 46/139/161 MIN/AV/MAX HR)



Tuesday's training: cross training ~ Sougou Taikukan 217 m course x 46 laps (9982 metres / 44 mins)

last 10 laps behind a fast guy - pacemaking じょんのび!

ros1.JPG ros2.JPG ros3.JPG

Monday's training: Takayanagi loop (57 km, 550 m climbing) / winter weight training no.2



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