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Yahiko viewed from Izumozaki


Teradomari viewed from Yahiko skyline

Today's training: Kashiwazaki ~ Nagaoka ~ Izumozaki ~ Teradomari ~ Yahiko skyline (too hot! easy pace!) ~ Kashiwazaki

150 km, 1050 m climbing

toohot1.JPG toohot2.JPG toohot3.JPG

Monday's training: Tochigahara ~ Shiba Pass loop

81 km, 550 m climbing


















The Yahiko hill climb race will be held in September. Today 5 じょんのびTIMEers rode the course together.

We set out from Kashiwazaki at 5am. 4 of us, Yoshida san, Nishihiro san, Kitano san and me set a good pace keeping it around 40 kmph. Each of us took long pulls on the front. When Kitano san went up front we were bombing along at 45 kmph. It appeared later that he didn't know what speed he was going as his cycle computer is broken!

We met up with Andrew in Teradomari and headed to Yahiko. It was the first time in a good while to ride the climb in a group. The gates were closed meaning no cars and the road to ourselves.


The first climb was up the Nozomi skyline. After the gate we entered the race course. We set a good pace from the start. My heart rate was hovering around 170 signaling that I was feeling quite good.

Just before we got to the steep hairpins I attacked. Yoshida san, out of the saddle, followed. The two of us had a gap. Then from behind, Kitano san bridged across.

As we entered the steep hairpins, Yoshida san fell off the back making it just Kitano san and me.

On the upper reaches of the hairpins, Kitano san also dropped off leaving just me.

I raised the pace to get a sizable gap and kept going till I was out of site and out of mind. After that it was a solo TT to the top. It was the first time to beat Kitano san and Andrew in a hill climb for a while, so I was happy.


The second climb was up the steep skyline. It's steep all the way from the bottom to the top. It's important to find your rhythm on this climb. I settled in at 180 HR and 80 cadence. Yoshida san held my wheel all the way to the top which was impressive as it was his first time to try this side of Yahiko. At the top I got out of the saddle to sprint. My legs felt like jelly. All Out じょんのび!


From Teradomari to Kashiwazaki, the temperature was right up there. I was glad we got in the two climbs of Yahiko while it was relatively cool. Despite the heat, we pushed hard just as we had on the way out. I think じょんのびTIME has two riding speeds, fast and super fast!


Today was great training. After coming back from England, I've gradually got stronger on the bike. Next weekend I'll go to the Ura Bandai hill climb. It's my first race in 3 months so I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be going full gas!

じょんのび5、thanks for the great training today!


Today's training:

Kashiwazaki ~ Teradomari 41 km, 100 m climbing, 36.0 kmph

Teradomari ~ Yahiko x 2 climbs, 45 km, 955 m climbing、26.5kmph

Tradomari ~ Kashiwazaki 41 km, 100 m climbing, 35.1 kmph

Total: 127 km, 1155 m climbing

1265a.JPG 1265b.JPG 1265c.JPG

Saturday's asaren: Komura Pass ~ Ogami Dake ~ Asahi no sato ~ Ishiguro loop

70 km, 1265 m climbing


Friday's asaren: Komura Pass x 3 climbs (controlled climbing: 80~85 % HR MAX)

45 km, 750 m climbing

rest day.JPG

Thursday's training: total rest

tttd1.JPG tttd2.JPG tttd3.JPG

Wednesday evening: all the way to Teradomari for an ice cream

80 km (134 km daily total), 32 kmph, 30C TEMP AV

23a.JPG 23b.JPG

Wednesday's asaren: Sakurazaka - Asahi no sato - Ishiguro loop

55 km, 765 m climbing, 23C TEMP AV

Nota - Sakurazaka hillclimb intervals: 0:45 hard / 2:15 easy x 10 sets

Evening plan: coast road 50 km (100 km daily total)

tr1.JPG tr2.JPG

Tuesday's asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Takayanagi ~ Isonobe ~ Kashiwazaki

62 km, 530 m climbing, 30 kmph

Isonobe - controlled climbing: 85~90% HR MAX

Takayanagi ~ Kashiwazaki intervals: 1 min hard / 2 mins easy x 6 sets


Sunday AM - race time











午後はCS ENOSANでバーベキューをやりました。19Lの生ビールは美味しかったね!そしてスペシャルベジタリアンサラダ!お母さんありがとうじょんのび!



Sunday PM - beer time

Sunday was the じょんのび marathon. Ten laps of that course in that heat takes a lot, so well done to everyone who took part. Enosan put it best, “forget Utsunomia, they should hold the Japan Cup in Nota!”

As always, the first lap was ridden easy and after that... race mode!

I took on a bottle on each lap and ate constantly.

By the 3rd lap the lead group was down to three, Yoshida san, Kitano san and me. When it comes to riding, Kitano san and I really know each other inside out but it was the first time to meet Yoshida san, so he was a bit of an unknown quantity. What can I say, very strong! And his speed when out of the saddle!

The three of us rotated well. I got dropped on one of the climbs but used my weight advantage to claw my way back on the descent!

On the 5th lap I dropped my chain on the steepest part of the course. I was grateful to the guys for not doing a Contador and waiting for me. Thank you

At this race last year I lost to Murayama san on the final climb. The year before that I escaped on one of the downhills on the 7th lap. I was planning a similar strategy this time too with another long attack.

On the 6th lap I had a little dig on the steepest part of the course. Kitano san dropped off the pace leaving just Yoshida san and me.

On the 7th lap I managed to gap Yoshida san in exactly the same way.

After that it was head down and an all out TT to the finish. 6 climbs left, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GOAL! ALL OUT じょんのび!

In the afternoon we had a BBQ at CS ENOSAN. The 19L of draft beer went down really well and surprisingly quickly. And a special thank you to Enosan's wife for making a special vegetarian salad. Okaasan, arigatou jyonnobi!

じょんのびTIME guys thank you for a great day as always! AM and PM too all out じょんのび!


Monday: total rest, evening swim with Luke


Nota circuit x 10 laps

3:35:43, 153 HR AV, 188 HR MAX

115 km, 1665 m climbing, 32 kmph

2613 kcal, 32/36 TEMP AV / MAX

tdw3.JPG tdw2.JPG tdw1.JPG

Friday's training:

AM mountain special: Komura Pass ~ Yoshikawa ~ Ogami Dake (full course) ~ Sakurazaka Pass (1200 m climbing, 75 km)

PM coast cruising: coast road ~ Teradomari ~ coast road (85 km)

Total: 160 km 二日分じょんのび!


new look Cycle Shop Enosan


bike weight check - new Willier frame 1.11 kg!


bargain corner - all 500yen!


autumn lights x3 - GET!




Recently I've been going down the beach every evening with Luke for a swim. He shows no fear and loves playing on both the sand and in the water. Kashiwazaki has both the mountains and the sea, making it such a wonderful place to live!

Today's training: rest day

Tomorrow: Ogami Dake full course – from sea level to the top.....

stall1.JPG stall2.JPG

Wednesday's asaren: Komura Pass ~ Ogami Dake (170HR keep) ~ Sakazakura Pass

54 km, 980 m climbing, 26 kmph / 75 kmph max (Ukawa!)

peach1.JPG peach2.JPG peach3.JPG

Tuesday's asaren: reverse loop - Ishiguro ~ Asahi no sato ~ Sakuraxaka Pass

55 km, 770 m climbing, 29 kmph

step1.JPG step2.JPG

Monday's asaren: Sakurazaka Pass ~ Ishiguro loop

54 km, 760 m climbing

aj1.JPG aj2.JPG aj3.JPG aj4.JPG aj5.JPG aj6.JPG aj7.JPG aj8.JPG aj9.JPG

Saturday night: Rasen >> karaoke >> AJ

Sunday morning: Kashiwazaki ~ Nota ~ marathon course 1 lap ~ Sakurazaka Pass ~ Ogami Dake ~ Yoshikawa ~ Kawatani ~ Ishiguro ~ Takayanagi ~ yo-en-chi ~ CS Enosan

110 km, 1620 m climbing >> AJ

bsl1.JPG bsl2.JPG bsl3.JPG

Today's training: Myoko ~ Arai ~ R30 ~ R253 ~ Yasuzuka ~ Kawatani ~ Sakurazaka Pass ~ Kashiwazaki

84 km, 500 m climbing, 32 kmph

myokohg.jpg Myoko Highland
tf1.JPG tf2.JPG tf3.JPG

Thursday's asaren: coast road ~ Mt. Yahiko ~ coast road

116 km, 760 m climbing, 30 kmph

Andy Vs. Andrew on Yahiko (0-1)

Andy Vs. the typhoon on the way home (1-0)

lof1.JPG lof2.JPG lof3.JPG lof4.JPG

in this world we've got to find the time for the life or riley

soundtrack to a summer: the lightning seeds

5 am

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cdog1.JPG cdog2.JPG cdog3.JPGTuesday's asaren: R353 / 252 loop

59 km, 400 m climbing, 32 kmph

maddog.JPGmad dog the Englishman, rides outside in the midday sun

Monday's training: marathon course x 3 laps, medium pace

54km, 550 m climbing, 31 kmph

sf5.JPG sf4.JPG sf3.JPG sf2.JPG sf1.JPG

new sidis > super feet insoles > cleat setting


shock1.JPG shock2.JPG shock3.JPG shock4.JPG

Sunday's asaren: Kashiwazaki ~ Nota ~ Cycle marathon course 1 lap ~ Ishiguro ~ Takayanagi ~ Isonobe ~ Kashiwazaki

82 km, 945 m climbing, 29 kmph, no sleep

time for bed!



スタート: R53のセーブオンに6スタートします。

コースは: R353 ~ Komura Pass ~ R353 ~ Takayanagi ~ Isonobe ~ R252 ~ Kashiwazaki ?????

今まで: Kitano san, Ohya san, Yokota san, Andy, Yoshida san (?), Nishihiro san (?)



Thursday's asaren: MTB 1.5 h on road / 1.5 h off road

bh12.JPG bh13.JPG bh14.JPG bh15.JPG bh6.JPG bh7.JPG bh8.JPG
yd1.JPGMonday's training: Malham Cove - 3h hiking

Tuesday's training: Gordale Sdcar - 1h fell run

yd2.JPG yd3.JPG yd4.JPG yd5.JPG yd6.JPG



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