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My photos: pre-ride breakfast / here come Ogawa san and Tsuchiya / ALLEZ OGAWA SAN! / wait for me! / post ride lunch (curry and abarage!!!)

DIET WEIGHT.xlsdiet a.jpgdiet b.jpg


1 自転車






Marco Pantani, 1,72 m, 56 kg, 32.56
Richard Virenque, 1,79 m, 65 kg, 36.31
Tony Rominger, 1,75 m, 65 kg, 37,14
Fernardo Escartin, 1,74 m, 74 kg, 42,53
Laurent Dufaux, 1,69 m, 59 kg, 34.91
Alex Zulle, 1,86 m, 72 kg, 38.71
Miguel Indurain 1,88 m, 79 kg, 42.02
Bjarne Riis, 1,84 m, 71 kg, 38.59
Jan Ullrich, 1,83 m, 73 kg, 39.89
Ivan Gotti, 1,73 m, 65 kg, 37.57
Evgueni Berzin, 1,70 m, 64 kg, 37.65
Abraham Olano, 1,82 m, 76 kg, 41.76
Peter Luttenberger, 1,73 m, 60 kg, 34.68
Bo Hamburger, 1,74 m, 58 kg, 33.33
Luc Leblanc, 1,73 m, 62 kg, 35.84
Jean-Philippe Dojwa, 1,73 m, 58 kg, 33.53




じょんのびTIME guys are you in good shape? Or overweight? Or on a diet?

This month I’ve been working hard on two things:
1 riding
2 dieting!

During the off season, I always put on weight. In December I went home to England for Christmas, enjoyed my mum’s good cooking and English beer, and filled out to 88kg. In January and February I didn’t do much riding so I stayed like that, “Big Andy”!

After the start of March I started to ride the bike lots. I also thought more about what I was eating and drinking (beer!) in order to lose weight. Since the start of the month I’ve been checking my weight every day (excel file). At the start of the month I was about 85kg. Today I broke the 80kg mark for the first time this year. I want to get down to 78kg or below for next month’s hill climb race at Yatsugatake.

I’ll do my best!

Of the pro-riders, check out Pantani! I’m similar to Indurain! Great! じょんのびTIME guys, who are you like?

Photos : Andy Indurain / My secret weapon (70% less calories, you can drink loads!)

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Today I did the same ride as yesterday taking in both Yahiko skylines. I was joined by Masaki san today. We left Kashiwazaki at 6:30 in an attempt to avoid the rain.

On the way out it was cloudy and there was no wind for the first time in a while. However, after the 2nd climb the rain started, followed by a really strong wind. It was really tough to get back to Kashiwazaki. It made it the hardest ride of the year so far.

Still it's all good training!

Photos: calm before the storm after the 1st climb / Masaki san takes a snickers break / rising mist brings rain after the 2nd climb

clear road1.jpgclear road 2.jpg


今日は弥彦スカイラインの“とても急”と“ちょっと急” のコースは両方登りました。

今ごろは道の掃除を終わったから、道はとてもきれいです。しかし、車は4月1日まで走ることができません。その前に登ればNO CARで楽しんで走ることができます。どうぞ登ってください!

Today was great weather!

I rode both the “slightly steep” and the “really step” skyline roads up Yahiko. Right now, the road cleaning has finished so the road is really clear.  However, cars can’t use the road until April 1st, so if you go before then you can enjoy riding up in the absence of cars. Go on, ride up there!

Photos: looking down onto the beaches of Teradomari / final turn on the steep side



今日はジムでストレンストレーニングをしました。11月から3月まで毎週3回ジムに行きました(winter weight training) 。3月に入ったら自転車はメインになって、ジムは毎週1回に行くことになりました。





I went to the gym today to do some strength training. From November to March I went to the gym 3 times a week. Since the start of March I've started to get out on the bike more and reduced the gym visits to once a week.

The training I'm doing now is called strength maintenance. The weights are low and the reps are high. When the weather is good, I always want to get out on the bike but I'll try to get down to the gym once a week.

I'll do my best!

But... It'll be sunny tomorrow!!!

Photo: the rack is loaded up for some squats (NEVER thought I'd say that!)




Today I got up early for training. The sun was up but it's still icy cold early in the morning. The morning mist between Ukawa and Takayanagi was really beautiful. I don't usually get up early for training but it feels great to get a ride in before work. This year I want to get more early morning rides in.

I'll do my best!

Photos from the balcony: early morning Mt Yoneyama / sun rising in the east

Kashi 1.jpgKashi 2.jpgKashi 3.jpgKashi 4.jpgKashi 5.jpg


Today I enjoyed cycling around Kashiwazaki for the first time in a good while. I rode easy while taking in the scenery. Kashiwazaki is beautiful isn’t it!?


  1. Yoneyama bridge and Mount Yoneyama.
  2. Rice terracing above Tanne village.
  3. One of the two dams above Tanne.
  4. Mount Kurohime in the distance.
  5. CS Enosan.
roadrunner1.jpgroadrunner 2.jpgroadrunner3.jpg

今日はいい天気でした!弥彦スカイラインでヒルクライムの練習をしました。昨日のTTテストで自分のlactate thresholdは168bpmだということが分かりました。今日はその心拍数をキープしながら3回登りました。トレーナーでは同じような練習をしたことがあったけれど(training diary 1)外でやってみたのは初めてでした。なかなか面白いトレーニングです。このトレーニング法は去年弥彦ヒルクライムで優勝したADAMさんから教えてもらいました。ADAMありがとう!

Today was great weather! I did some hill climb practice on Yahiko skyline. I worked out my lactate threshold HR to be around 168bpm in a test yesterday. Today I climbed Yahiko 3 times, holding my HR at around that value. I've done similar training on the trainer before (training diary 1) but this is the first time to try it on the road. It's interesting training. I heard about it from Adam, last year's Yahiko HC champion. CHEERS MATE!

Photos: entering the skyline / the sun going down over Takahama / sunset in Kashiwazaki

Soundtrack: Jonathan Richman “Roadrunner”




I put my entries in for Yatsugatake and Kusatsu hill climbs yesterday. I have to start practicing climbing for these races!

The above photos were taken on climbs I rode this week.

Where are these 2 roads? じょんのびTIME guys, answers please!

LT TEST.xlsLT TEST1.jpgLT TEST 2.jpgLT TEST3.jpg

今日は2008年に入って初めてLactate Threshold (乳酸が形成され始める境界値)testをしました。30分走れるフラットな道があればいいです。僕はいつも石地と寺泊の間の海岸線を使っています。道は毎日同じですけど風は変わりますね。今日はとても強い向かい風で、大変でした。

Today I did my first Lactate Threshold test of the year. If you have a flat piece of road you can go uninterrupted for for 30 minutes, it's perfect. I always use the same stretch of coast road between Ishiji and Teradomari. The road stays the same, but the wind varies greatly. Today was a very strong head wind which was tough going.

石地までの道で30分ウォーミングアップをします。その後の30分間は全力で走ります。ドロップバーを使いながら90ぐらいのケーデンスで可能な限り頑張って走ります。最初の10分間はLactate Threshold まで心拍数を上げる時間です。そのあとの20分間の平均心拍数がLactate Threshold の心拍数です。今日の平均心拍数は168bpmでした。このデータはいつも正確とはいえないので繰り返し行い平均値を求めると良いでしょう。(エクセルファイル参照)

I basically warm up for 30 minutes on the ride out to Ishiji. I then go hard for 30 minutes. I ride as hard as I can in the drops and hold a cadence of about 90 rpm. The first 10 minutes build you up to your lactate threshold. The second 20 minutes are the important ones. It is the average heart rate in this time which is your lactate threshold. Today I recorded an average of 168 bpm. There are obviously inaccuracies in this test, so it's best to do it regularly for comparative purposes (see excel file).


I hate doing it but always feel great afterwards and felt good enough today for a leisurely ride up Yahiko too・・・

Photos: Coast road with Yahiko in the distance / Completely shagged right after the test! もう疲れました! / Yahiko skyline - no snow in sight!

yahiko fa 2.jpgyahiko fa 1.jpg



Today we rode up Yahiko Skyline. The road opens on April 1st, but there is no snow on the road now, so you can cycle to the top!

I rode hard today, so I can enjoy lots of beer at tonight's party! じょんのびTIME guys let's enjoy beers tonight! Yoropiku jyonnobi!

Photos: snow around the sign at the top / Masaki reaches the summit!

PS - アンドリューさんは“じょんのびTIMEの皆さんによろしく!また今度一緒に飲みましょう!”と言いました。

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Today we rode route 353. It's a national highway, so you can ride it even in winter. Between Ishiguro and Matsudai the road is narrow with lots of steep climbs and descents. Despite being a national highway, cars rarely come along, so it’s a great practice course.

Today it rained but it was unusually warm. Masaki san wore just shorts and jersey. I wore my jersey (3 layers), leg warmers, arm warmers and shoe covers. He beat me!!!

Masaki san, 100km of up and down in the rain – well done!

Photos: clearing the road / Summer boy Masaki in snow country!

wint isonobe1.jpgwint isonobe 2.jpgwint isonobe 3.jpg



The weather is gradually getting better isn’t it? じょんのびTIME guys, you must be ditching the trainer to ride outside eh!?

Today I rode the climb up to Isonobe for the first time this year. Even in winter, the road is kept clear to provide access for the people living in Isonobe village at the top. So far this year, I haven’t had much chance to do much climbing on the bike, so I took it easy and enjoyed the views on the way up. After a bit more hill climb practice, I’m looking forward to going hard on the climb. じょんのびTIME guys, let’s climb it together!!!

Photos: the sign to Isonobe / hairpins on the way up / snow blocks road after Isonobe village

baby sean.jpg

今日は久しぶりアンドリューさんと一緒に走りました。いつもどおり9時半に寺泊のSAVE ONに集合しました。海岸線を通って新潟市まで行って、初めてSEANくんに会いました。とてもかわいい赤ちゃんです。英子さんとアンドリューさんはチームワークが良くて、とてもいいお母さんとお父さんでした。SEANくんは左右交互にキックするのが得意みたいです。将来は自転車が上手になるでしょう!ヒデ子とアンドリューさん今日はありがとうね!

Today I rode with Andrew for the first time in ages. We met at the Save On in Teradomari at 9:30 as usual. We rode up the coast road to Niigata, where I met Sean for the first time. He's a really cute baby. Hideko and Andrew work really well together to make a great mum and dad. Sean seems to love kicking his legs, so I'm sure he'll ride a bike in the future!
Hideko and Andrew thanks so much for today!

Photo: L-R, Hideko, Emi, Shinobu, Baby Sean, Me and Andrew

PS - かわいいエミちゃんはシングルです。じょんのびTIMEのシングルガイズに紹介できますよ!ご連絡ください!

friday 3.jpgfriday 2.jpgfriday 1.jpg

最近金曜日は晴れが続いています。DEJA VUです!先週と同じく、また(!)弥彦山に行ってきました。また(!)マサキさんと一緒に。また(!)彼は早かった。また(!)帰りの風は強くていい練習になりました。また(!)ゴールのNO.1 COFFEEでおいしいコーヒーを飲みました。また(!)疲れました!


Recently every Friday seems to be sunny. It’s Déjà vu! Following the same theme as last week, I went to Yahiko, again (!). I rode with Masaki, again (!). He was fast, again (!). The wind on the way home was strong, again (!) - making for good training. We enjoyed good coffee at Coffee No.1 on our return, again (!). I was shattered, again (!).

I rode my Vitus bike for a long ride for the first time in ages. We intend to ride again tomorrow, so why not come along, yoropiku jyonnobi!

Photos: Masaki’s machine / My machine / Nice art = a nice picture AND a nice frame!

trainer.jpgtrainer table.xls

The secret to a good trainer work out is variety. You need to keep both your body AND your mind interested. There are many different areas of your cycling that you can focus on.

Pedal efficiency work

During the winter, time spent indoors on the stationary trainer is a good opportunity to improve your “pedaling efficiency.” To get the most out of each pedal stroke, you should try to pedal through the full circle (i.e. up as well as down). Here are 2 workouts I do once or twice a week in the winter to improve pedaling efficiency.

1. One leg drills. In an easy gear, cycle with one leg clipped in, one leg resting on the trainer. Pay attention to pedaling smooth circles. Try 45 seconds followed by 1 min 15 seconds easy spinning with both legs. Alternate legs for a total of 6 sets (3 per leg).

2. High cadence drills. In an easy gear, raise your cadence to a level that you can sustain comfortably for 5 minutes. I usually aim for 125 Cadence. Follow each set with 2 minutes of easy spinning. Complete 3 sets.

Endurance work

Endurance work takes time so perhaps the trainer is the not the best place for it. One interesting workout is pyramids.

3. Pyramids. Ride at your riding cadence (for me 90C) in the big chain ring and the 7th easiest gear on the rear cassette for one minute. After each minute, shift up to a heavier gear. Maintain the same cadence. Continue this for all the remaining gears. I try to set the resistance on the trainer so that I bridge my lactate threshold (for me 163HR) in the last minute.

Lactate threshold work

By training at your lactate threshold, it is in theory possible to raise it’s level. Therefore you can work harder without going anaerobic (into oxygen debt).

4. Steady state training. Do 3 sets at your lactate threshold and your riding cadence. Try to hold your HR at a few beats either side of your lactate threshold (for me, between 160 and 165 HR). Once you have found a good gear, you can hold this HR by raising or dropping your cadence slightly. Ride 2 minutes of “Tempo” between sets (for me, between 130 and 140HR).

The excel sheet is a sample workout I did today and last Thursday incorporating all these exercises. The HR details are not important for pedal efficiency exercises.

Give it a try!

Photo – trainer set up in the laundry room, beers chilling on the balcony

ski 1.jpg今日は昼=バイク、夜=スキー、最高!じょんのびTIMEスキーチームは松代スキー場のナイターに行ってきました。エノサンのアドバイスを聞きながらたくさん滑りました。また行きましょう!

Today, day=bike, night=ski, FANTASTIC!The じょんのびTIME ski team went night skiing in Matsudai. We skied lots while listening to Enosan's advice. Let's go again!

Photos: R353 near Ukawa / Flying Masaki / Enosan's ski school

vitus 1.jpgvitus 2.jpgvitus 3.jpg

今日はCS ENOSANで僕が前に乗っていた自転車をまた組み立てました。3年前に新しいフルカーボンフレームを買ったのでそれを組むために古い自転車からパーツを全部付け替えました。古い自転車はフレームだけになり、そのままずっとCS ENOSANで置いてありました。(エノサンすみません!)



Today at Cycle Shop Enosan, I rebuilt my old bike. 3 years ago I bought a new carbon bike and built it up with the parts from my old bike. Since then, the frame of the old bike has been sat gathering dust in Enosan’s shop. (Sorry Enosan!)
Today we finally got round to building up my second bike. I went round to help Enosan, but in reality I ended up just watching and learning. Excluding the pedals, all the parts are used parts found in the shop! Talk about good for the environment!
I was surprised by 2 things:
1. Vitus is bigger than the carbon bike I’m riding now.
2. Vitus weighs in about the same as my carbon bike!

I’m looking forward to getting out on it. I hope it’s sunny tomorrow.

Enosan, thank you for all your help!!!

Photos: Enosan hard at work! / The bikes line up.



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