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On Saturday I took part in the Japan Cup Open Race. It was the second time to take part. In 2006 the highlights were hitting a deer, being pulled in for doping control and a big camping booze up. This time there was no deer but plenty of camping beer and another selection for doping control!

The Japan Cup is a great event.On Saturday, you can ride the same course as the professionals will ride on Sunday. It’s a really tough race of 80km. There are 6 laps of the course, which has two steep climbs, a tricky descent and long windy flat sections. Anyone can ride and there are lots of strong riders in the mix.

We left Kashiwazaki at 3.30am and arrived at Utsonomiya at around 8.30am. In the morning the pros were out for photos and autographs. Cunego (Lampre), Basso (Liquigas), Voekler (Bouygues Telecom), they were all there!

The race started at 12 noon. Like last week at Noto, you are straight into the climb from the start. And like last week, I lost contact with the top group somewhere between the top of the climb and the bottom of the descent. I was feeling okay so I’m disappointed about that. The same thing happened in the Japan Cup in 2006. Maybe I need to be more aggressive from the start to hold a good position near the front. It’s something I want to work on for 2009!

The rest of the race was spent looking for company. It’s important not to waste too much energy on the flats as the climbs are so tough. I tried to use the climbs to leapfrog up the field and use the riders I caught near the top of the climbs top get me through the flats.

Early on I was riding with Tazaki san but he disappeared behind at some point. However, later in the race he came back, so he must have been going well (or I wasn’t!) Check out his report at Tazaki's blog

The gap to the front group gets bigger and bigger as the race goes on. I was determined not to get a DNF. My only DNFs to date were my first ever race (Niigata Road Race 2003) and Japan Cup 2006 (200m from the finish line!). To be pulled up 200m from the line was terrible so I rode hard this time.

じょんのびTIME’s Kishino san and Suzuoto san were cheering me on up the climb. That really helped a lot. Thank you so much!

In the end I came in 51st but without a time because of the 5% rule (which I don’t really understand!).

I got called in again for “random” doping control. If you want to now how they select the race numbers, check out the photo above!

At night we had a great onsen and loads of beer and whiskey (Tazaki san!) in the tent. 5 people in a 2 man tent and you can get drunk on the fumes alone! If they had had me in for doping control on Sunday morning, I might have been in trouble!

Thank you Tazaki san, Saito san, Suzuoto san and Kishino san for a great weekend.

See you there next year!

土曜日にジャパンカップオープンレースに参加しました。今回で二回目でした。2006年に出た時のハイライトは<シカにぶつかって車が廃車になる!>、<ドーピングチェックされる!>、<キャンピングとドリンキングをする!>でした。今回、DEER(鹿)には会わなかったけれどたくさんCAMPING BEERがあって、そしてまたドーピングチェックされました!


朝3:30に柏崎を出て、8:30くらいに宇都宮に着きました。午前中スタートエリアに行ったらプロ選手がたくさんいてサインしたり一緒に写真をとったりしていました。 Cunego (Lampre), Basso (Liquigas), Voekler (Bouygues Telecom)、などの有名人がいました!



レース序盤タザキさんと一緒に走ったけどいつのまにか彼はいなくなりました。そしてレースの終盤彼はまた後ろから現れました。彼がすごいのか?それとも僕が弱いのか?。タザキさんのレースレポートはこちらで見れます。 Tazaki's blog








Voekler – sign please!
Doping control’s high tech selection procedure
Race start line
Race start
Where’s Suzuki san!?!?!
In the bunch
Riding alone
Riding with Tazaki san

GetAttachment.jpgDSCN1736.jpgDSCN1735.jpgRSCN1731.jpgRSCN1710.jpgRSCN1804.jpgPhoto's: My new friend - BASSO!
Lampre's / じょんのびTIME’s star rider - KISHINO!
The best supporter in the world - SUZUTO!
Introducing - TAZAKI!
Catch me if you can - ANDY!
In action - BASSO and CUNEGO!
DSC00444.JPGDSC00443.JPGDSC00448.JPGDSC00440.JPG105265.jpgDSCN1675.jpgDSCN1681.jpgDSCN1682.jpgDSCN1688.jpgHR DATA.doc

results link

First things first. Congratulation to Sunday’s BR2 winner Tazaki san! In cycling it’s not always the case that the strongest rider wins. Recently Tazaki san has been really strong and driving the pace at the front in races (Yahiko, Iiida). On Sunday he rode at the front all day and got his just rewards and won. Well done! I’m looking forward to seeing you at a じょんのび event soon!

This year was the first year the Monzen road race has been held. On Saturday I checked out the course with Shuzo san and his Tractor RC teammates. Each lap of the course takes in two passes. The first pass is particularly steep but what’s more challenging is the really difficult descent. It’s full of tight hair pins making for a really scary descent. There are 4 laps of the course taking in about 50 km and 1300 m of ascending.

Recently I’ve been sitting on the back of the front group in jitsugyodan road races (Ishikawa, Iida). At the start line, Takamura san said to me “There’s 8 climbs to be had, don’t go flying off the front, be patient, this is your kind of race”. However, it was probably Shuzo’s advice which was more important “Be near the front at the top of the 1st climb or you’ll likely get isolated on the descent.” He was right!

Only 80 odd riders started which is relatively few in a jitsugyodan race but the road was narrow enough to make it feel packed. The climb begins from the start so there was lots of jostling for position as the weaker climbers fell back. I was working my way through these riders as we approached the summit of the first climb. There was a points competition for the first rider to breach the summit on each lap. As a consequence the pace got hectic going over the top and the group split. Oh know! I bust a gut trying to get back to the front group on the descent and on the flat section before the next climb. I could see the group all the way but I just couldn’t get across. Behind me was a second group but I was stuck in no-man’s land. After that I stayed almost alone on a solo TT (good training for the Japan Cup!). On the flats the group behind would get close but I would put distance between them on the climbs.

Being alone, the gap to the lead group got bigger and bigger on each lap. Also, being alone I didn’t have much chance to rest. If you check the HR data, you’ll see that the HR on the descents and flats is almost the same as on the climbs!

Perhaps the biggest dig of the day was on the final flat home straight as I went as hard as I could to stop the 2nd group from swallowing me up.

I was disappointed not to keep with the front group but was pleased with my strength to go alone. In the end I came in 18th, Shuzo 7th and Tazaki san…… 1st!

This week I’m resting up in preparation for the Japan Cup. I’m really looking forward to it!


BR2は4周で、 50キロくらい(登り1300m)のタフなコースでした。

最近の実業団レースに僕はずっとトップグループの後ろで走っていました(石川ロード、飯田ロード)。スタートラインで高村さんが“登りは8回だよ。トップでがんばりすぎないで、我慢して。あなたに合ったコースだよ”と言われました。シュウゾウさんからも “一番目のクライムにフロントの方で走らないと下りに切れちゃうよ” とアドバイスをもらいました。シュウゾウさんは正しかった。

80人くらいの選手がスタートしました。実業団レースで80人というのは少ないですが道が狭かったので実際よりも多く感じました。スタートからすぐ登りに入るので最初から皆が頑張って走りました。着いていけない選手はどんどん落ちてしまいました。僕はトップグループから落ちないように落ちてきた選手をパスしていきました。毎周回、山頂のポイント争いがあったので、頂上に近くなるとレースがペースアップしました。そしてトップグループは半分に切れてしまいました。やばい!下りもフラットもトップグループに戻るように一生懸命走りました。ずっと目の前にトップグループが見えていたけれど戻ることはできませんでした。時々後ろに二番目のグループが見えました。でも僕は一番目と二番目のグループの間で一人で走りました。ほとんどそのまま一人のTTでした(JAPAN CUPのためのいいトレーニングだ!)。フラットの時に二番目のグループが近くに来ていたけど登りでギャップはまた大きくなりました。

僕は一人だったのでトップグループまでのタイム差はどんどん大きくなりました。そして休むこともできませんでした。HR DATAを見ると下りのHRもフラットのHRもクライミングのHRと同じくらいです!



今週はJAPAN CUPのために休養しています!JAPAN CUPを楽しみにしています!

Checking out the course with Tractor racing
Great views
Climbing on the coat tails of Bridgestone Anchor guys
Trek Marco Polo’ Mark “Hard Gay” Burns!
Tazaki san and Shuzo san in the thick of the action
Congratulating the winner!
BR1 start
Takamura san
BR1 parade


Monday - blue skies over Ogami Dake
Tuesday - cloudy skies over Ogami Dake, Mt. Myoko in the distance
Wednesday - red skies over Nota
Thursday - sun setting behind Ogami Dake
Friday - final bike race check




日曜日のコースはR73~西山~R574~出雲崎~R169~寺泊~シーサイドライン~柏崎 (92km / 295m)






Since Saturday I've had a bit of a cold. I wanted to take part in the じょんのび 200km event on Sunday but when I got up at 6am, I had such a runny nose that I thought “there's no way I can ride 200k!”.

I went back to bed and slept through until lunch. I got up again and felt considerably better so I decided to do a recovery ride. For a recovery ride, a flat course is best!

Sunday's course was R73~Nishiyama~R574~Izumozaki~R169~Teradomari~Seaside road~Kashiwazaki (92km / 295m)

I kept an eye on my HR, rode easy and began to feel better and better.

On Monday I rode with the guys from “Chojin Club” in Joetsu city. We met up in Yoshikawa town at 7:30. When I left home it was so cold that I rode with a can of hot coffee in my hands.

When I climbed Komura pass on Friday it was 28C. On Monday morning it was 9C!

After arriving in Yoshikawa we soon began our training ride. The course took in R240 and R258, forming a 15km circuit. It’s a mostly flat course with a few up and down sections. On Monday we did a 5 lap, 75km training race. We went easy on the first lap, but after that it was race mode in a similar fashion to the じょんのび marathon held in August. With 8 people each taking pulls at the front, we rode at a really fast pace. I was told the average speed was around 37/38 kmph.

By the end of the last lap we were down to 3 people (Mikami san, Yazawa san and me). ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! The 3 of us made it into great race training.

After the race training it was … beer! The “Chojin” guys really live up to their names as “Supermen”! Next week the Chojin guys will go to a race at Gunma Cycle Sports Centre. Do your best and thanks for a great Monday!

Chojin Club report

Sunday’s seaside road with Sado Island in the distance.
Sunday’s Mt. Yahiko – off the menu today.
Sun rising on Komura Pass
Komura pass – 9C
Kashiwazaki’s twin peaks – Mt. Yoneyama and Ogami Dake
Chojin guys, 10am, beers in hand!
Cyclocross-like training around Oike lake
Carbon back in action – new lever, cables and bar tape – thanks Enosan!




コースは小村峠~尾神岳~石黒~353号線(松代方面)~芝峠温泉~じょんのび温泉~磯野辺~高柳~柏崎 107キロ(2250m登り)でした。




Daylight hours are getting shorter recently. During the week it's more and more difficult to get a decent ride in. However, I’ve still got a few races left so even though time is short I’ll try and get some good training in.

On Monday I did an hour on the bike, an hour on the trainer and an hour of football. It's been ages since I played football or rode the trainer so I really enjoyed it. We practice football every Monday, so if any じょんのびTIME guys want to play soccer, why not come along!

On Tuesday and Thursday I did the same short ride taking in 3 climbs of Komura Pass. On both days I rode in the evening so by the third descent, it was getting pretty dark. Watch out for raccoons!

On Friday I had time, so I enjoyed a long ride.

The course was: Komura Pass - Ogami Dake – Ishiguro – R353 (towards Matsudai) – Shibatoge Onsen – Jyonnobi Onsen – Takayanagi – Kashiwazaki. (107km including 2250m of climbing)

In the evening we had a “Futsal” competition. 5 teams took part and we had to play 10 games in total. I was knackered by the end!

I think today’s a day for onsen and beer…

Getting dark at the foot of Komura Pass
Futsal practice
Kashiwazaki's track racing star and football friend Okamura san
Friday’s last climb finished – Isonobe
The last (easy!?) part of Isonobe
Kashiwazaki’s future soccer star Imai Eiji
Kashiwazaki’s future cycling star Ibuki chan




(59km / 800m)

Today I rode a short course with a few small climbs.

Recently there are quite a few new faces on the じょんのびTIME team. If you are a beginner, I think this is a good course. The climbs are not so tough, there are few cars and the scenery is fantastic. I recommend it!

Course: Sabaishi~Ishikawa Pass~Hachioji~turn right~ Tajima Pass~Minami Sabashi~Kashiwazaki Winery~Betsumata~Nota~Komura Pass~Kashiwazaki (59km / 800m)

Ishikawa - looking down
Ishikawa - climbing through the forest
Ishikawa - out of the forest
Hachioji - kayabuki thatched cottage
Komura - looking down
Komura - man at the top



Today's course: Kashiwazaki ~ Teradamari ~ Yahiko Nozomi climb ~ Yahiko Iwamuro climb~ R22 ~ Nagaoka ~ R48 (八石山) ~ Ishiji ~ Kashiwazaki (156 km / 1480 m)

Today's photos:
Andrew at the top of Yahiko
Men in the mirror
2 climbs done


takanoさん、kawagoeさん、 心配しないで、大丈夫ですよ!ROAD RASHが痛いですが今日も走ったよ!心配してくれたありがとうじょんのび!

Today's course: Kashiwazaki ~ Sakurazakura (revenge!) ~ R13 ~ Oshima ~ R229 ~ R405 ~ Matsunoyama ~ Matsudai ~ Shibatoge ~ Takayanagi ~ Budo Mura ~ Kashiwazaki (105km / 1700m)

Today's photos:
Crash point up close
Looking down at the crash site
Kayabuki house at the foot of Shobu Kogen
Kayabuki farm houses on R405
Looking down at Matsunoyama ski area
Mt Kurihime from Shibatoge pass



Today I crashed my bike on the descent of Sakurazakura. There must have been water and leaves on the road as the bike just slipped away from under me. Me and the bike were okay but I ruined a nice set of shorts and arm warmers. Enosan help me out!
じょんのびguys take care on the roads!













One of the best things about my job is that I can join in with P.E. class at school everyday. I can play football, basketball and loads of other sports and get paid for it! (Swimming in the pool in the summer is the best!)

Today I took part in Tajiri elementary school’s marathon.

All of the school’s 560 kids took part. There were 3 courses to choose from: 2, 3 and 4 km. I chose the 4km course.

There was a great atmosphere with lots of kids, lots of families and others from houses nearby.

Race start!

The kids who chose the 4km course were mostly members of the baseball club. The first part of the race was a lap of the school sports ground. From the start all the kids went really fast. I thought “Surely they can’t run 4km at this pace!”. With all of their friends cheering them on from the sides, the kids really dug in and ran hard.

After one lap of the school playground, there was 4 laps of a course around the school. After leaving the sports ground I gradually moved up towards the top 2 runners. All around the course there were old ladies cheering “Gambatte Andy Sensei!”. The two kids running at the front (Masashi kun and Kouya kun) were really running fast. They ran at a continuous and high pace.

I don’t have much experience of running but like a bike race, I tried to take advantage of drafting behind the 2 leaders! I think if I’d have been running alone I couldn’t have kept up such a high pace! Anyway, there were so many people cheering us along that it would have been wrong to give up.

As we entered the 4th lap, Masashi kun upped the pace. He managed to gain a gap on the two of us of about 10m. Kouya kun and I had to dig really deep to get back up with him. However, once we’d bridged the gap, he attacked again! This time I ventured off alone to keep up with him.

Once back in the school grounds, there was about 100m to the finish line. Masashi kun opened up the sprint and we finished just like that, him 1st and me 2nd.

It felt great to run under the blue autumn skies. Today, I had fun running with kids but it made me feel like I’d like to have a go at a real marathon race.

All the kids at Tajiri elementary school enjoy doing their best in class and in sports. It’s a pleasure to visit there!

3km race start line
And they’re off!
Go kids!
3km race Top 5
4km race Top 4!



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