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I bet on sky today. Riding to work it was a beautiful autumn day. Riding home from work was heavy rain.

You win some you lose some.

On the rollers tonight a first listen of Dinosaur Jr.'s I bet on sky. This band grow old gracefully and have been a cornerstone for my winter rollers for the last few years.

These days you can find a lot of "full album"s on youtube. I'm looking forward to hearing some new stuff while getting my training in.

Tuesday's training:

Road (20 km)

Rollers - ride to the music - Dinosaur Jr.'s I bet on sky

1. "Don't Pretend You Didn't Know" - 0:00 - 5:24 30 kmph
2. "Watch the Corners" - 5:31 - 10:30 35kmph
3. "Almost Fare" - 10:32 - 15:24 40 kmph
4. "Stick a Toe in" - 15:25 - 20:44 45 kmph
5. "Rude" - 20:46 - 23:32 50 kmph
6. "I Know It Oh So Well" - 23:37 - 28:18 45 kmph
7. "Pierce the Morning Rain" - 28:20 - 31:04 52 kmph
8. "What Was That" - 31:06 - 36:32 45mph
9. "Recognition" - 36:33 - 40:22 55 kmph
10. "See It on Your Side" - 40:23 - 47:03 35 kmph

chnaging colours1.JPG

As the weather gets colder, the autumn colours begin to appear on Komura Pass.


It's a beautiful sight but it's also a reminder that winter is on the way.

Monday's training: Road (55 km)


Heading out for asaren this morning I bump into grandma on the bank of the Ukawa river. Asaren walking. She doesn't hear me coming as she's got her headphones on. Enka on the ipod shuffle!

Me too, I'm enjoying listening to BBC Radio 6. Great music on this station. And being in Japan, early mornings = late nights in the UK, which = good music. Dinosaur Jr's pierce the morning rain is about as mainstream as it gets. I need a pen and paper to jot down the names of some of the cool new bands. Bands like Death at Sea and Racing Glaciers lock into my memory. Any song with a trumpet solo is hard to forget!


The じょんのび loop today. The cloud cover means it's warmer than yesterday. But the wind is strong. And a few kms into the ride, the rain starts. Head down and push on.

It's time to start putting together a selection of tunes for riding the rollers this winter...

Sunday's training: Road (60 km)


Next week I'll take part in the Giro de Hotaka.

120 km over 3 mountain passes.

On the last two rides I've tried to simulate the effort. Not at full race pace but overall perhaps 80 ~ 90% effort.


On Friday I did the standared じょんのび loop. A bit of rain so a chance to get the head down. It's hard to stay fully focussed for 2 hours on your own but I targeted:

  • Ukawa climb - 170 HR / 80 cadence
  • Ishiguro climb - big ring/ 170 HR / 80 cadence
  • Takayanagi ~ Kashiwazaki - 150 HR TT (22 km)

I felt pretty good after a few easy rides.


On Saturday I was joined by Nishihiro san for a 530 am asaren start. As the weeks pass the mornings are getting darker. And the old man sat on the wall outside Enosan's shop is wearing more clothes (only boxer shorts in summer!).

We do a mountain loop taking in Takayanagi, Matsudai, Matsunoyama, Tsunan, Tokamachi, Takayanagi and home.

Until Matsunoyama we are in thick mist all the way. This promises to be a beautiful autumn day. The further into the mountains you go the colder its gets. It's nice when the sun finally burns through the mist.

The two climbs up to Shiba Toge and Matsunoyama are long and hard. Between Tsunan and Tokamachi I enjoy the speed sat behind Nishihiro san. With the wind on our backs he drives the pace at up to 50 kmph.

By 8 o'clock we're at the bakery in Takayanagi. The best bread in Niigata? Japan? Possibly....

100 km on the clock and I feel I could do 100 km more. Looking good for next weekend...

Friday's training: Road (60 km, 31.6 kmph 141/173 HR, 81 cadence)

Saturday's training: Road (107 km, 31.2 kmph 141/170 HR, 81 cadence)



Autumn skies change like a woman's mind.


Tuesday: rest day


Wednesday's training:

  • Road (42 km)
  • Rollers (112 HR / 103 cadence) 33 mins

Thursday's training:

  • Road (67 km)
  • Rollers (5 mins WU / 30 mins 140 HR / 5 mins WD) 40 mins

the hard work from yesterday


another beautiful autumn day day


the jyonnobi way

After yesterday's hard effort, it has to be a recovery ride today. Like a twisted piece of rope I need to unravel. Spin easy. Breath deep.

Monday's training: Road (40 km, 90 HR AV)


120 km at Gunma CSC today. That's 20 laps of the hilly circuit. The longest race I've done on this course since the J – PRO Tour a few years ago – that race was exciting enough to put Shinobu into labor!

Today my possible targets were:

  • To try and save as much as possible to go all out on the last 3 laps
  • To try to get in a break with Noguchi san like we did in this race last year
  • To help James to secure his overall win of the JCRC race series

I warmed up on the road (hill – 140 HR x 1, 150 HR x 1) and then on the course (two laps – 170 HR on the climb). A flat tyre during the warm up. Better than during the race.


We started at 12:40 under blue skies. Perfect autumn racing conditions.

My lack of road racing this year was apparent from the start. I was struggling to hold position. I wasn't confident through the bends (perhaps after my fall a few weeks ago). I was also off the back on the climb on the first 2 laps. It took a big effort to get back on both times. To waste so much energy so early.....

The pace was high as the Pro riders on the front tried to organize a breakaway. A few laps in, a break got away, and things settled down. Much more comfortable now. Easy to move around the group. Position well on the climbs. Draft where it counts...

On about the 5th lap there was a big crash. In a place where there shouldn't have been a crash. Luckily I was on the right side of it. Noguchi san wasn't so lucky.

About 10 laps in and I was feeling much more comfortable. At the front on the climb each time.


Around this point James' rival from the Sekiya racing team began to hover around the front (second to James on the GC). I followed his moves. I was enjoying following and closing his attacks. When he was driving at the front I'd let a little gap open up. Keeping him hanging in no-mans land. I could feel his frustration time after time as he signaled me through and I just sat up.

I'm not a fan of this kind of racing and was on the receiving end of it at this year's Tokyo~Itoigawa. But my mind went back to two years ago when I helped James on this course (and his appreciation for that) and I knew it was the right thing to do. With 4 or 5 laps remaining, we knew we only had to follow the Sekiya racer's moves.

He was strong and a decent climber so I was surprised he tried to attack on the decent each time.

We closed him down each time. One time, as I was a bit slow to react, and James came by, I nearly took him out...

The laps ticked down. The escape took the prizes. James won the groups sprint. I rolled over at the back of the group.


The glory is in winning. But the satisfaction is in riding well, pushing yourself hard and riding with friends...

Ride data: 120 km, 2,300 m climbing, 35.1 kmph, 159 / 184 HR, 84 cadence, 3155 kcal,


In these days of power meters and heart rate monitors, it's easy to forget that how well you perform on the bike is largley based on how good your legs are.

After a race the winner will say "I had good legs today", the loser, "I just didn't have the legs..."

I've got good legs at the moment. This week I've been pampering myself with a good massage and stretch after the evening bath. The legs feel great as a result. Almost effortless on the bike.


With a 120 km road race on Sunday, I don't want to do too much this week. A wet commute on Wednesday. A rest on Thursday. The standard じょんのび loop today - tempo pace, 170 HR on the Ukawa climb.

Wednesday's training: Road (45 km)

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday's training: Road (72 km)


I've been feeling good on the bike these last few rides. A short test today. A climb of Tsukayama Toge in the big ring.

I like this climb. The way you shift gears. The way your HR responds. The way your legs feel. You can judge your form quite easily.

I equalled my best time today:

  • Tsukayama Toge big ring TT (2.1 km, 5:43, 22.0 kmph, 168 / 179 HR, 83 cadence)

Tuesday's training: Road (39 km)


A recovery ride today. Off the bike I feel a little tired. A little stiff.

On the bike I feel great. The legs spin effortlessly. The breathing easy. Time to recover...

Monday's training: Road (45 km, 108 / 134 HR)


More race simulation today. Thank you Kitano san everytime. 5 laps of the じょんのび marathon course.

Kitano san is strong today. He drops me on the steep climb on laps 1,2,3 and 5. If it was a hill climb, I'd be dead and burried. But this is a course well suited to me. Long gradual climbs. Fast sweeping descents.

But he's hovering on my back wheel all the way. Like a wasp around a jam jar on a sunny day...

  • lap 1 - 11.5 km, 21:02, 32.7 kmph, 141 / 171 HR, 80 cadence
  • lap 2 - 11.5 km, 20:44, 32.9 kmph, 144 / 173 HR, 80 cadence
  • lap 3 - 11.5 km, 20:53, 33.0 kmph, 144 / 175 HR, 79 cadence
  • lap 4 - 11.5 km, 20:52, 33.0 kmph, 142 / 171 HR, 80 cadence
  • lap 5 - 11.5 km, 20:29, 33.3 kmph, 147 / 177 HR, 79 cadence
  • Komura Toge x 1

Just like last week, we push each other to the limit on the last lap.

Once over the finish line, a quick climb of Komura Toge seems easy in comparison.


I've got some good form now. Some speed in my legs. But a little sore after a 5km running race on Thursday.

Next week? Some light training and some resting. Ready to go full gas for 120 km at Gunma next Sunday.

Sunday's training: Road (93 km)


Team asaren was cancelled as heavy rain started just as I was heading out of the door.


Back to bed in full cycling kit minus the helmet!


An hour later I'm on the road.

Rain forces me back on the coast. And then inland.

I chase the sun to Kita Jo. And stumble on a fantastic network of rindo forest roads.


Well paved but steep and slippery. It's great to get lost and eventually find a way out.

Saturday's training: Road (2h)


When I'm short of time I often head to the little pass between Shindou and Kujiranami.

Just 5 minutes from my front door, the short climb of uniform grade is great for hill climb repeats.

Shindou side:

  • 50 × 21 SFR
  • 50 × 19 SFR
  • out of the saddle

Kujiranami side:

  • big ring TT

Friday's training: Road (36 km)


Like last Thursday, two climbs of Tsukayama Toge In the big ring. TT pace.

  • Climb 1 (Kashiwazaki side) (6:09, 21.4 kmph, 22.3 kmph, 157/171 HR, 81 cadence)
  • Climb 2 (Oguni side) (6:33, 2.4 km, 21.9 kmph, 156/170 HR, 79 cadence)

Thursday's training:

  • Run (5 km)
  • Road (46 km)

I can't complain about my commute. 10 years ago I was slogging it out in the London rush hour.

These days. Quiet roads. Head down. Into the wind.

66km of commuting is all the training I need...

Wednesday's training: Road (66 km)





  • Ukawa climb - 170 HR / 80 cadence x 2
  • Ishiguro Climb - big ring x 2


  • Sakurazaka Toge ~ Ogami Dake ~ Komura Toge loop

Sunday: rest day

Monday's training: Road (113 km)


Another 515 start. After a full day on the booze yesterday, I surprise even myself as I get up at 430 am.


100 km in the mountains. As usual we contest every climb. The climb up to Shiba Toge and Matsunoyama are long and hard.


Despite the threat of rain on the entire route, somehow we are lucky and avoid it.


I leave Kitano san at the bakery in Takayanagi. I squeeze three rolls of bread into the back pockets for mum and the kids.

Kashiwazaki ~ Takaynagi ~ Shiba Toge ~ Matsudai ~ Matsunoyama ~ Tsunan ~ Tokamachi ~ Takayanagi ~ Kashiwazaki

Sunday's training: Road (105 km, 32 kmph)


I need to be back by 730 am today for Luke's kindergarten sports day. A 515 start with Kitano san.


4 laps of the じょんのび marathon 11.4 km circuit. At race pace.

This is great training. Go hard on the climbs. Recover on the descents. There are no flats!

All out on the last climb.

  • lap 1 (short) (20:59, 32.0 kmph, 144 / 170 HR, 80 cadence)
  • lap 2 (21:21, 32.0 kmph, 142 / 172 HR, 81 cadence)
  • lap 3 (21:57, 31.4 kmph, 139 / 171 HR, 80 cadence)
  • lap 4 (20:59, 32.5 kmph, 144 / 176 HR, 80 cadence)

Saturday's training: Road (66 km)


Raining one minute. Sunshine the next. I rode through rain showers a few times today.


Isonobe is always a great climb but with spurts of rain it becomes even more special....

Friday's training: Road (66 km)


The first time to push on the pedals since Sunday. A big ring TT up both sides of Tsukayama Toge.

  • Climb 1 (Kashiwazaki side) (5:53, 2.2 kmph, 22.3 kmph, 162/174 HR, 81 cadence)
  • Climb 2 (Oguni side) (6:31, 2.5 km, 22.9 kmph, 159/173 HR, 83 cadence)

About 90 % effort both times.

Thursday's training: Road (46 km)


I crashed warming up for Sunday's time trial. Like Bambi on ice, sliding on my backside at 40 kmph.


Adreanalin got me through two races but once the adrenalin wears off...


The road rash stings. The bruises ache.


It's hard to do anything like real training. Just short rides at tempo pace. Keeping up with Luke is a challenge!

Monday: rest day

Tuesday's training: Road (commute) 38 km

Wednesday's training: Road (commute) 43 km



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