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A special course this morning. 2 loops around Mr. Kurohime. Taking in lots of different roads. Lots of climbs.


Following on from yesterday. Riding hard all the way. A 50 kmph sprint at the end.

All out じょんのび!

Saturday's training: Road (102 km)


It's been a hard three weeks. Tiredness after Tsugaike HC. A crash. 3 races at Uchinada....

Finally I have good sensations on the bike.

A 500 start with Nishihiro san. Cool temperatures. Good company.

The Takayanagi loop (anticlockwise).

Chat on the flats. Go hard on the climbs.

It's the rolling sections which provide the best training though.

Keep a heavy gear. Pull up. Push down. Momentum over the top. I've missed this kind of training.

Later I do the same loop solo (clockwise). This time I focus on a steady effort. In the zone. 140~150 HR.

Feeling good on the bike. Good sensations...

Friday's training: Road (130 km)

This year I'm really noticing how much longer it takes me to recover. A race on the weekend? Come Wednesday and I'm still tired.

I use the bike every day. Just commuting to and from work. No power in the legs though.....

Monday: 50 km
Tuesday: 40 km
Wednesday: 20 km

I finally feel like pushing it today. 3 climbs of Ishikawa Pass:

  • Climb 1 - TT (11:36)
  • Climb 2 - LT 165~170 HR (12:57)
  • Climb 3 - out of the saddle

Thursday's training: Road (55 km)


The third time to enter this race. This time the full monty:

  • team time trial
  • individual time trial
  • road race

After last week's crash I wasn't expecting too much. But you do your best with what you've got!

Team Time Trial (20 km)

Aim: The plan is a steady 45 kmph rotation. Last year's winning time. This should get us at or near the top.

Andrew is out of action after last week's crash. Nadachi san takes his place.

We practice the course and talk tactics: rider order, rotation, hand signals, verbal calls.

The order is Andy<Nadachi san<Ohno san<Tazaki san.

Start! All riders in line. "Go!" I do a long pull down the home straight. Hold it at about 46 kmph. As my effort fades, I signal Nadachi san through. Nadachi san, then Ohno san keep the pace at 45/46 kmph. Now Tazaki san on the front. It's a little faster around 48 kmph. I feel nervous after last week's crash. God forbid to bring everyone down again.

A few more rotations.

Safely through the first corner. "Go!" A strong head wind now. Second man. Difficult to hold his wheel though. Trying to get some draft. 180 HR. I can't go much harder.

The back straight. My turn again. It's harder now. The wind still blowing at us. A few more rotations.

At the end of the long straight. Tazaki san is on the front. I can't hold his wheel. He's slipping away from me. Another team come up beside us. "Slow down! Slow down!" But there's too much noise. And I'm not strong enough...

Nadachi san and Ohno san chase Tazaki san down. But I just can't go with them... They look back. To go or to stay? Only three men have to finish. They make the right decision.

A lonely solo second lap. I keep going as fast as I can. Just in case something goes wrong with the three of them. On the back straight I'm passed by a group of Team Silbest old guys. I sneak on the back for a cheeky tow to the finish...

Average speed 45.6 kmph. The winning time? It's 40 seconds short of 1st. 30 seconds short of 3rd. 8th on the day.

We probably lost 10 seconds due to my mix up. And with a bit more practice? We can be right up there next year.

uchi 13b.jpg

Individual time trial (10 km)

Aim: 41, 42 kmph?

After the TTT, there's only time to fill a bottle and your off again. And to be honest, I just don't fancy it....

But I'm here. And it's a challenge. Line up then. On the start ramp. 3-2-1 Go!

About 45 kmph down the home straight. I know the wind is on my back though. Try to ride the wind as best as I can.

Make the turn. Oooh that's a strong wind! The back straight. Where to hide? Up the right side as much as possible. It's frustrating to see the heart rate won't respond. The speed's not so good either.

Through the S-bend. David Johnson comes past. He started over a minute back (winner and averaging over 45 kmph) What's he doing that I'm not? It looks so effortless....

200m to go. Out of the saddle. Hammer it home. A crowd pleasing finish to a mediocre ride.

Average speed of 39.7 kmph. I'd be happy with that in training. But I'd like to have raised it a notch for race day....

Champions Road Race (50 > 40 km)

Aim: Stay in the front group

Power to weight ratio means nothing in this race. Pancake flat. It's power to the floor.

I've done good rides in this race before. You need speed to stay near the front. And you need to be able to accelerate out of the corners.

The race is shortened to 4 laps (40 km) after a crash in the previous race.

Start! Flying down the home straight. The road is wide here. But after the first corner, it's narrow. The expected accelerations start as we approach the corner.

Safely through. I know a few wheels to watch. And try to hold good position. I'm near the back though. A dangerous place to be. Riders drop off slowly but surely.

As we approach the home straight for the second lap I hear a car. Look back. Shit! I'm last man!

Through the corner and I'm off the back. Dig. Dig. Dig. It takes about 2 km but I get back on. Completely shagged!

The next corner. Still near the back. But keep hold of the group.

The next corner into the back straight. The group almost stops. A standing start to chase back on. I just don't have it.

Sayonara! A Rider 661 signals to work together. I nod. A two up time trial. For a while I think we'll get back on. But it's a long drag into a head wind.

2 more laps to go then. A training ride. The two of us rotating. He flicks his elbow. I just pull as long as I can. Get the most out of it.

1 km to go. He asks me "Are you going to sprint it?". I was day dreaming of ice cream. "Haha! I'll lead you out if you want!"

We cross the line shaking hands...


5 minutes before us. Tazaki san crossed in first place. He jumped the group. Caught a breakaway. Jumped the breakaway. Took a pro-keirin rider with him. And beat him in the sprint. Now that's what I call bike racing!

I love this event. I wasn't prepared physically or mentally this year. But I'm not going to get down about it. It was a great day. And a great weekend in Kanazawa.

Time to start preparing for the next race....

Sunday: Uchinada RR (120 km)


Another TT effort today.

After an inactive week, I decided to do two short efforts yesterday and today.

I'm not firing on all cylinders. But I don't expect to be.

Shindou TT circuit:

  • Lap 1 tempo
  • Lap 2 TT (5.4 km, 8:14.7, 160/171 HR av/max, 39.2 kmph, 84 cadence)
  • Lap 3 TT (5.4 km, 8:14.9, 171/177 HR av/max, 39.2 kmph, 84 cadence)
  • Lap 4 tempo
  • Lap 5 tempo

So I was pleasantly surprised to get a new PB. 1 second up on each lap!

Edit: Ooops, just noticed PB is 8:13! Next time!!!

Friday's training: Road (55 km)


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Shindou TT circuit x 2:

  • lap 1 (8:35 163/169 HR av/max, 37.4 kmph, 82 cadence)
  • lap 2 (8:40, 167/173 HR av/max,37.3 kmph, 83 cadence)

(PB 8:13, 39.4 kmph)

Not fast enough to win a time trial. Just glad to be on the bike.

Thursday's training: Road (40 km)

After Saturday morning's crash I spent the weekend on the booze at the Enmaichi festival. LSD - long slow drinking. Like being on an IV drip of pain killers!

Back in work on Monday. Stone cold sober. Ohhh the pain. The dull pain of bruised muscles. The stinging pain of road rash.

I try a recovery ride. But it doesn't help.

Rest is the only answer. Complete rest Tuesday and Wednesday. See how I feel on Thursday...

Monday's training: Road (45 km)

Tuesday & Wednesday: rest
After 3 days of easy riding. Can you call it easy in this heat? About 35 degrees again today. Still, it's time to put the foot down.

Next up Uchinada on June 23rd.
  • Team TT (20 km)
  • Individual TT (10 km)
  • Champions Road Race (50 km)

Today I did some TT practice. First thing is to get comfy on the bike. When I asked Takei san (4th in the national TT championships) for advice, he sad "enjoy the pain". That's the key. A 10 km painful but sustainable effort.

Two 10 km TT efforts. One into the wind. One with the wind on my back.

*10 km TT x 2

I can't get in the zone today though. It's a struggle into the head wind. But the heart doesn't respond. No chance with a tailwind then. Cruising all the way.

Put the disc wheel on tonight. Dug out the aerohelmet. A short TT effort tomorrow. Team TT training on Saturday. Rest on Sunday...

Thursday's training: Road (90 km)

Sunday's hillclimb was just an hour. A hard hour. But an hour.

It's left me really tired though. Aching muscles. The hot weather too. Powerless on the bike.

No real training. Just commuting. A cold shower is the reward....

Monday ~ Wednesday: Commute (55 km, 45 km, 45 km)

Tsugaike 2013. The 7th time to enter this race. It used to be the cream of the hill climb calendar. A hill climb race in the morning. The top 100, regardless of category, would do a hill climb TT on the upper reaches of the same course in the afternoon. Your chance to ride against the best. Ride against the pros. A time of under 1h would usually get you into the second stage.

Unfortunately that format has gone. Now it’s just a straight up hill climb. 4 categories. JPT, E1, E2, E3. In the E categories 53 minutes will get you on the podium. I was aiming for 55 or 56.

In two weeks I’d put my focus into hill climbing. Some good times on local climbs. Concerned about the distance though. A 1 hour climb. The biggest I’d done is 20 minutes. But if I could sustain that 20 minute effort for an hour....


Race time!

The usual warm up. Raise the HR four times. A niggling cough. But no excuses.

On the start line. E3 – the last group to start. Go!

Steep from the start. The usual plan on this course. Damage limitation! Keep an eye on my position. I can afford to drop back. But I need to be in a group to get across on the flatter section through the village.

Before breaching the the steep section, I lock on to rider 620. He's strong and guides me through the riders. I do a few pulls but he does the lion's share. We pick through steadily. By the time the road rises again, we are what I think is the front group. Team mate Watanabe san is here too.

6 km (of 17 km in total) on the clock. I've been at 180 HR and 80+ cadence the whole way. I used to hold this for an hour no broblems. But it feels too much. I'm struggling to hold on.

Unlike road racing, in hill climbing there is no chance to recover. The risk of blowing up is always there. Rider 620 is first to go. I thought he'd be guiding me to the finish....

Then it's my turn to drop off. I don't blow up. Never do. Just lose the desire to follow the wheels. In hill climbing you need to be mentally focussed. And it hurts like hell to follow stronger riders. You need to really really want it. Do I really want it? Part of me is relieved when they pull away and I can slip into time trial mode.


I've set some good times recently "in the zone" at 170~175 HR / 80~85 cadence. So much so, that I think this will give me the 55, 56 minute time that I long for.

A steady climb then. Nothing fancy. Ignore the other riders around me. 3 km to go. I look back to see Andrew closing in on me. The desire comes back. Push harder. He's gaining. But he's running out of road.

On the line we are both completely spent. I can't move. The muscles in my bum locked tight. The "Yatsugatake Bum". I always get this after the first long hill climb. Like Stephen Roche. Flat on my back. Gasping for air.

The time? 1h 30 secs. My worst time yet! I'm sure it was better! The effort was there. I'm still aching on Tuesday. But maybe, maybe, I could have gone harder. Next hill climb is JBCF Norikura in July which is harder still. Bring it on!

Sunday: Tsugaike Hillclimb (E3, 1h30, 31st)


As I've switched my focus from a 300 km TT to a 17 km hillclimb, my training has also changed. Shorter rides of higher intensity.

One last blast before Sunday's race. A TT on Ishikawa Pass.

The initial effort is always the hardest. The lungs. The legs. Screaming at you to slow down. My breathing is not so good this week. Takes a while to find a rhythm.

Still the heart rate rises quickly. 170 by the bridge.

In the past my target was always 180 HR / 80 cadence. But recent efforts lead me to think that 170~175 HR / 80~85 cadence is a more sustainable effort.

Attack the corners. Concentrate on putting my weight into the pedals. The last 500 m. Time to drive it home. Focus on keeping 20 kmph+.

Max effort to the line. Stop the watch. 11:11.

(11:11, 171 / 184 HR AV / MAX, 18.2 kmph, 83 cadence)

A new personal best. Happy with that!

A rest day tomorrow. Race on Sunday.

Friday's training: Road (37 km)


Tsugaike 2008, Arthur second left helped me get my 54 min PB

Tsugaike on Sunday. This will be my 7th time to enter the race. The last two times to enter were in 2010 and 2011. Looking at the times, I was perhaps a minute off the pace each time. Although I some how sneaked onto the podium in 2011...

  • 2006 Stage 1 59:49.6 (130) / Stage 2 DNQ
  • 2007 Stage 1 56:01.9 (73) / Stage 2 43:15.5 (92) / Overall 1:39:17.4 (90)
  • 2008 Stage 1 54:39.2 (43) / Stage 2 43:44.5 (90) / Overall 1:38:23.7 (66)
  • 2009 Stage 1 55:51 (54) / Stage 2 43:08 (88) / Overall 1:39:00 (77)
  • 2010 Stage 1 57:28 (38th in 1st group) / Stage 2 42:38 (81)
  • 2011 Hill climb 57:28 (5th in E2)

This year, I want to ride hard and aim for a 55 or 56 minute time. Looking at last year's E3 result 55 would get me on the podium. 56? Maybe...

Probably be another 57 though!

After 3 days of climbing, a recovery ride today.

Thursday's training: Road (40 km)


Asaren with Nishihiro san this morning. Thank you every time! Training with someone always gives you motivation.

Today's main dish? Isonobe. A TT at race pace.

Isonobe is one of the toughest climbs. Steep all the way. But the gradient changes. Steep or super steep. The road surface is really rough too. All this makes it difficult to find a good rhythm.

The climb is never easy. It's difficult to pace yourself. Usually it takes you to the max. Your legs feel so heavy that you can't get out of the saddle.

I've always said if you can climb this climb, you can climb any climb.

I hit it hard today.

(19:46, 171 / 179 HR, 82 cadence, 5.5 km, 16.7 kmph)

The time is not so important (PB 18:36 way back in 2007). Just being in the zone for 20 minutes is important. I have to hold it for almost 60 at Tsugaike....

Later, I have a chance to do some more climbing on Komura Pass. It's hot now though....

  • Climb 1 - intervals 30 s hard / 90 s easy x 7
  • Climb 2 - tempo

Wednesday's training: Road (118 km)


76.8 kg on the scales this morning. The first time to go below 77 kg this year (or the last few years?).

Back on Ishikawa Toge today. I want to raise the HR again. I plan to climb at lactate threshold / 170 HR.

170 HR by the bridge. I ease off a little. Holding a constant heart rate teaches you how to pace your effort. Ease off on the steep parts. Push a little harder on the easier parts.

Out of the forest. At about 173 HR. The heart rate creeps up. Once it crosses 175 HR, I decide to push harder. The last kilometre at race pace.

180 HR on the line.

(11:36, 168/180 HR, 84 cadence, 17.5 kmph)

11:37 is an excellent time considering I was holding back on much of the climb.

One more hard effort on Isonobe tomorrow. Then ease off a little before the weekend.

Tuesday's training: Road (37 km)


JBCF Tsugaike Hillclimb next Sunday. A bit of race simulation today.

77.2 kg on the scales this morning. Bike set up with GS Astuto Hillclimb combination wheels (60mm rear, 30 mm front). Just a saddle bag and mobile phone add extra weight. F(t)Racing kit. Race mode!

Three climbs of Ishikawa Toge

Climb 1 - TT race simulation

The breathing is a struggle at first. But up to speed quickly. 170 HR by the bridge.

Try to control it from here. Try to keep 80 to 85 cadence. The fine line between grinding and overspinning. I want to break 11:00. 11:15 and 187 HR on the line. 1 sec off my PB A good effort!

(11:15, 3.4 km, 172 / 187 HR AV/MAX, 84 cadence, 18.1 kmph)


Climb 2 - 170 HR lactate threshold climb

Raise the HR slowly. Getting to lactate threshold is the hard part. Once at 170 HR I have to hold back. HR @ 172, 173 and I want to push harder. A good sign.

(12:33, 3.5 km, 166/173 HR AV/MAX, 80 cadence, 16.7 kmph)

Climb 3 - dancing out of the saddle.

150~160 HR. This feels easy. I'm not a dancer. But it's good to work the muscles...

A good effort today. I just hope I can go the distance (Tsugaike, 17km, 7% Av, 10% max)

Sunday: rest day

Monday's training: Road (46 km)


Ogami Dake dominates the horizon like Ayers Rock. A big rock it is too. About 700 m high.

There are a few approaches to the panorama view point at the top.

A climb of Komura Toge. Drop down to the dam. The first climb of Ogami Dake. Steep, recover, steep recover. Intervals the natural way.

Climb number 2 from the point in the photo. 8.5 km. A relentless climb. This is the preparation I need for Tsugaike. No HR today. I need to feel it. That hill climbing feeling.

Drop back down and back over Komura Pass. A great mountain session before breakfast.

Saturday's training: Road (Komura Pass x 2, Ogami Dake x 2) (87 km)



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